Merry Golds

September 9, 2009 § 9 Comments


A basket of “rescued” flowers from the back garden. They are now indoors and away from the huge slapping raindrops. that had hammered them into the garden bed. 

Now they aren’t gritty ditty dirt blooms. They’re all cleaned up and scattered around the house in squat square vases which handily showcase the big-headed chunka munkas. 

OK, every book I CAN think of with flowers in the title is kinda sad, disturbing, albeit poignant.  Like, I Never Pomised You a Rose Garden or Flowers for Algernon or The Orchid Thief.

And then there are all the ones I haven’t read yet, like Flowers in the Attic by VC Andrews, or, The Flame and the Flower by Katherine Woodiwiss, or,  The Complete Book of Flower Fairies by Cicely Mary Barker (which looks darling).

Wait, by jove, I’ve got one:
A Child’s Garden of Verses by Robt Louis Stevenson. It’s ageless in its way.
                                              The rain is raining all around
                                              It falls on field and tree
                                              It rains on the umbrellas here
                                             And on the ships at sea.
                                                                                             (by RL Stevenson)

(and it falls on the marigolds who are bright against the storm’s gray.)


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§ 9 Responses to Merry Golds

  • Hi Oh 😀
    The flowers look beautiful!

    I recently started reading Stevenson and I’ve been enjoying him so much. It’s neat how different things move you at different times in life.

    You have such a pretty blog 😀 Have a Happy Day!

  • anno says:

    I love the way you restored and beautifully used flowers that around our house this time of year might have ended up on the compost heap. It’s actually very inspiring — some day I am gonna learn how to decorate!

    Beautiful picture & just the right words to go along with it. The combination somehow made me think of Linnea in Monet’s Garden, too. Even without the water lilies.

  • shoreacres says:

    Did you ever make “carnations” with kleenex and bobby pins? They were beautiful and poofy like your marigolds.

    And “A Child’s Garden of Verses” is just perfect – it was one of my favorites. We have the long-awaited rain today, so the selection’s apropos, too.

    But I must confess – when I first came to your page, I thought it was food in that basket. I don’t know – hush puppies, maybe, or tempura. They still look appetizing – has anyone ever deep-fried marigolds?

  • ds says:

    Beautiful, cheery marigolds (merry golds is right!). And a great poem, even though it isn’t raining here. I still like Stevenson. Thanks.

  • jeanie says:

    Beautiful pairing of flowers and poetry! The photo is spectacular. Next year, I think I must plant marigolds! If they looked a tenth as good as yours, I’d be happy!

  • Joanne says:

    Merry Golds. Perfect post title! Love the poem too. I’ve read The Orchid Thief and certainly learnt much about Florida, orchids, orchid enthusiasts etc, a fascinating read.

  • Nora says:

    I remember that poem from when I was little!!!

  • oh says:

    Nora – can’t believe you remember that poem! So glad we read so many things over and over.

    Joanne – Thanks for the notes on Orchid Theif. I keep intending to get it…and then pause and am distracted by some other shiny object (book) but may stop in the library this weekend….

    Jeanie – the marigolds spread! I didn’t realize. They really got big and bushy. Yes, plant some. And it’s true – the critters don’t seem to like them and are keeping away from my hostas, too, which are encircled by the marigolds.

    Hi, DS – well, that’s it. We had a 2-day deluge and
    now we’re back to dry here in STL. But it’s glorious weather nonetheless – there, too?

    Shore – HM said the same thing about the photos – that at first glance, he saw “food.” Deep fried? I wonder! If we see them at state fairs next year, we’ll know they’re blog readers!

    Anno – ah, Linnea. I must go have a look at our “monet” books somewhere on the shelf. In fact, I think the shelves could use a bit of re-arranging. I may be a little late for work this morning…

    Chic Geek! (I love that name) So nice of you to stop by. And glad you like the flowers. My kids are soooo impatient with my flower pictures so I end up posting them in my blog from time to time. I can’t help it – they’re such “characters!”

  • Celeste Maia says:

    These explosions of merigolds are beautiful.
    I have been off the last two days, but now I am catching up. I made a note of the books you mentioned. I am going to investigate them and place an order with Amazon.

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