Real Life: time out for the “honest scrap” meme…

October 4, 2009 § 9 Comments

Thank you, Andi, who bestowed the Honest Scrap Award and although neither of us is sure what it’s for, exactly, it does require that the winner  list “10 things  others don’t know about him/her.”


Following my little list, I am asked to name 10 more people but always find that difficult so will dish up at least 5 hoping some of them are new to you!

So here’s my 10 things you didn’t know (and really, don’t need to!) off the top of my head: 

1) I hate sleeping late (past 6 a.m.) and going to bed early (before 11:00). No, of course, it doesn’t always work out.
2) I adore black dogs, who, according to the humane society, are often the last to get adopted.
3) I’m a sugar-holic, but working on breaking that. 
4) I love Tiffany; I love Etsy.
5) It takes me two days to unwind after a work week, so by Sunday evening, just when I’m stretching and smiling…..!!!
6) I love accents, British, Indian, Spanish, Irish, southern, Asian – all of them!
7) I have to put a tablecloth on the table for dinner. I do not like the rattle of dishes on a bare table.
8) I love blogworld, the people I’ve “met” and the stuff I learn, and I often wish we could all dine and converse at a medieval size table.
9) Bake, yes. Cook? no.
10) Love fashion, every bit and detail. Every mag. Every show. It helps me climb through corporate world. But I am denim in downtime. My search for the perfect jeans has recently landed me in “Not Your Daughters Jeans”  and my best denim jacket is Mossimo from Target!!BPqH32gCGk~$(KGrHgoOKjYEjlLmS1ctBJ0sTSbMG!~~_35

And now, the award passes to the following whose blogs are wonderful – please play if you like, but no pressure!
Crafty Green Poet
Books n’ Border Collies
Madeleine’s Book and Photo Blog
Justice Jennifer Reads
Lisa’s Yarns


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