Real Life: … in the kitchen…and the closets…and the drawers

October 12, 2009 § 5 Comments

Got that Fall thing going on
cleaning up and cleaning out
sighing over memories
memorizing them again
then, tossing the bits and binders of paper on which they’re marked

awash in photos of then and now, however,
I cannot be so blithe
and so will change the way of working te photo albums and journals,
marrying them,
allowing them to become totally non-chrono

because what is a life?
It is not a stream straight from here to there
it’s layered and zigs and zags.

This picture, though, of a kitchen towel and three limes?
It’s to be future ephemera, lost on a CD of saved pics
maybe I’ll print it and pile it up and later sort, on a someday, sort the photo pile
and we’ll laugh and remember the moment
at the store when HM and I purchased the towel
much needed (we use them like crazy in the kitchen)
and thought we’d get just one, just one at first,
to see how it held up, to see if later in the wash, the color would run out of it.
Just to see, we bought one.

And the limes? they smack of summer.
We’re on the verge of ignoring them.
They’ll make it into a fajita dish.

We’re on, going on ahead, on to the apples now.

Soon there will be something to report.
I am reading the ARC of CLEAVING, Julie Powells’ new book.
Oh, are you all in for a surprise!!!
And reading concurrently Eleanor Lipman’s THE WAY MEN ACT.  I haven’t read her before. I like her writing.
More on both  later.

Oh, and there are all those New Yorker magazines to catch up on.

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§ 5 Responses to Real Life: … in the kitchen…and the closets…and the drawers

  • Lisa D says:

    I didn’t realize Julie Powells’ new book came out… Hmm, I might need to buy that. I also have a few of Lipman’s books on my to read list – should check one of them out!

    My stack of magazines to catch up on is OOC. I started throwing them out last month. It was stressing me out to look at them. Who gets stressed out by a stack of harmless magazines that are supposed to be fun? Apparently I do.

    • oh says:

      Lisa, Powell’s new book will be out Dec 1. Just in time for Christmas! Haven’t finished it yet, but when I do, I’ll post a review.

      I can’t remember how I found Lipman. But something about her stuff, I like.

      And I think you’re right. I should just toss some of the magazines because for whatever reason, that “harmless stack” does cause a certain amount of concern – maybe I’ll take one or two to work today, for lunch hour?

  • jeanie says:

    When I read this: because what is a life?
    It is not a stream straight from here to there
    it’s layered and zigs and zags.” I suddenly felt better.

    I’m drowning in stuff. Stuff I like, which makes it harder to give a toss to. Magazines. Photos. Yarn. Art supplies. Decorations. I need a solid week of FEELING GREAT but home (last time I said I needed a week at home, I got one and I couldn’t move; our thoughts are prayers…). Home to sort, play, remember, rest, and do it again and again till it’s done!

  • Nora says:

    I’m thinking that perhaps in the Zen Room I’ll have to make a crafty table for myself! I get stressed out that my crafty things (yarn, scrapbooking and etc) are all hidden away in my closet where I can’t see them, can’t create. That bothers me endlessly.

  • shoreacres says:

    I’m imagining a sort of B-grade movie for the literati: “When Magazines Attack”….

    The worst are the two boxes of Cooking Light. I must have five years’ worth, and somewhere in that stack is the recipe for a red pasta sauce using smoked salmon that I can’t find on their website.

    I WANT that recipe. Oh, dear…..

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