Real Life: Fall, falling…

October 31, 2009 § 9 Comments

Sure, autumn has its “warts,” like leaves to be raked, confusion over appropriate garb, frosty mornings requiring a scarf and afternoon sun that forces removal of said scarf,  the shift in bird population (cardinals are still here, but these are now the northern cardinals from Michigan and Minnesota, not the cardinals that criss-crossed the pool all summer),  a mix of comfort food and the letting-fo of summer salads and certain fruits, the pushme-pullyou of buying decorations (for Halloween, Thanksgiving and/or Christmas?) and the desire to stay home and read a book on the couch or do the fall cleaning before winter sets in and the fireplace becomes the aesthetic choice over the TV or romps by the pool, now totally and officially closed.

Gotta love it.

It also bring a change in blogging as holidays near, deadlines arise and nanawrimo whispers “yes, participate, write, pick up your pen at midnight on the Oct 31-Nov 1 and do it, do it, do it!” in the background.

This is no time really for shorter days and yet, the blessing of it all, of the seasons and reasons!


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§ 9 Responses to Real Life: Fall, falling…

  • Lisa D says:

    You know how Nora is freaked out by marks? Warty pumpkins scare the bejesus out of me. I don’t know why, but they totally make me cringe big time!!

    I love fall. But we totally got robbed of fall this year in Minnesota. It went from 80-90 in Sept to 30-40 in October. Then it snowed. Then it rained. What the heck? Sounds like it’s been a wet, icky fall for you guys in StL, too.

    I hate the shorter days, too! I already leave for work and come home in the dark so the days feel too short as is! Love getting an extra hour of sleep tonight, but I hate to think of losing another hour of day!

    Wow, this is a complainy comment. I really do not have a sour outlook on life. I promise.

    • oh says:

      Hi, Lisa – You weren’t complain-y! In fact you made me LOL. So now that we’ve all been cheated weather-wise, let’s see what winter has in store.
      I’m about to sit down and pick up the pen! Happy Sunday!

  • shoreacres says:

    Heigh-ho, Ms. Oh ~

    Are you at it yet? Still adjusting to the time change? Recovering from a sugar high?

    Best of luck through this NaNoWriMo time. I’m thinking about having a personal little LoStoWriMo instead. That would be “Local Story Writing Month”.
    More achievable, and just “pushy” enough for the boundaries. We’ll see.

  • jeanie says:

    First of all, I adore pumpkin with zits. Just love ’em!

    You really are in madcap time, aren’t you? I gave Nano some good thought till I thought, No, I can’t even finish the projects on my table!

    Glad the Michigan cardinals are still in MO — maybe I’ll see some at Thanksgiving!

  • oh says:

    Jeanie- Always good to hear from you. Will probably write more to you tomorrow via email. This early dark evening has me making some coffee and picking up the pen now that dinner is done and cleared away…

  • Becca says:

    Good to know where my cardinals went 😉

    And good luck with NaNo!

  • Nora says:

    I forgot about the warty pumpkins. I STILL need to get those photos from you =)

  • Arti says:

    Just love your last paragraph! No, what we need is not shorter days. You’re spot on about all the fall projects we need to do, or just plain enjoy the changing of the seasons. But we’re in it together… this year, as your neighbor up north, we’re adjusting our time following your country!

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