Wreath fashion …

December 12, 2009 § 5 Comments

It’s wreaths on parade at the Missouri Botanical Garden.  Artisans and florists come up with all kinds of “wreath” interpretations and honestly, they’ll put you in a holiday swoon. This one was done by the St Louis Herbal Society.
Neat spin.

This one was THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL which is a fairy tale that doesn’t come up much though you can’t help but think if Disney got their hands on it, they might change the ending. Which really would be OK.  It’s a beautiful wreath.

Loved this one. It was named something about “Mistletoe.” Great idea. That’s the great thing about art; it redefines  and stands the ordinary on its head.

More to come…

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§ 5 Responses to Wreath fashion …

  • qugrainne says:

    Someone bought “The Little Match Girl” book for my kids one Christmas. I could never bear to read it to them; I hid it away in the basement and I never bring it up with the rest of the books. I would love a Disney version!
    The first wreath is my favorite! Gotta love that fleur de lis wherever it shows up.

  • Bellezza says:

    Oh, those are so beautiful! We have similiar displays of decorated flora and fauna at the Morton Arboretum, and I always enjoy the fresh perspective of decorating for Christmas that these pictures give. Lovely!

  • ds says:

    Beautiful wreaths. Odd–was thinking of “The Little Match Girl” just the other day…
    You are so right about art. It does indeed “stand the ordinary on its head.”

  • Heather says:

    I LOVE them all. Now just need to find someone to make one for my door!

  • shoreacres says:

    I’d completely forgotten The Little Match Girl – I had to google it to recall the story. Now that I’ve refreshed my memory, I’m thinking there may have been reasons I preferred to forget such a sad tale!

    But the wreath is wonderful – they all are. I bought a new one for my mom this year – brilliant red and green metallic foil, just as sparkly and beautiful as can be, and great for outdoors. Only $4 at Walgreen’s!

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