Wreath me…

December 16, 2009 § 9 Comments

We had to make our own wreaths, we just had to. It became a “thing,” a family tradition to hie ourselves to the Garden and take the wreath-making class. And so it was last weekend.

The class seemed smaller but we recognized a few other wreath-returnees. HM loves the class. For the third year in a row, he’s the only guy in there other than one of the “teachers” and he’s OK with that. The women give him plenty of space and any assistance if he looks so  much as flummoxed for even a second. In truth he goes for the family experience. I smile and continue to wrestle with my own clutch of branches. Nory works at her own table. She starts out knowing what she wants hers to look like.  I never have a plan. It’s me and the green. HM merrily goes about the business of making a free-wheelin’ wreath after the instructions, which he tolerates.

We all receive the identical tools and supplies.

And the Douglas fir boughs are all different in their bends, curls and patterns.

Everyone gets a wire form/structure, boughs, a huge red bow, boughs of holly and holly berries, sageberries and pine cones. And every single wreath comes out looking different.

The instructors had Xmas music playing, it smelled glorious in there. It drew others who were walking past the workshop room to approach and see what we were all doing.  We were a funny little group, elf-ish in our work.

We went a little Christmas-y in aspect; I wore the reindeer sweater I snagged from HM years ago. Nory and I wore Xmas garland in our hair, just for fun. Oh, and our slouchy boots! (yup, tres elf-ish!)

HM double-bowed his wreath.  Nory has the fun and funny pictures of us with our finished wreaths.
Oh you should smell the wonder of them. Because the outdoors is decorated already, we’ve hung them throughout the house.
More pictures to come! Stay tuned!

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§ 9 Responses to Wreath me…

  • litlove says:

    What a lovely, Christmassy thing to do! And I’ll bet the room smelled absolutely gorgeous. Your wreath looks beautiful and all the more so for being hand made.

    • oh says:

      Hey, Litlove! I’ve been a blog “dropout” for several weeks and I’m way behind on reading, too, but so glad you’re still there.

      And yes, the scent of the Douglas fir tree is wonderful – gives us a “lift” every time we walk past them.
      And we’re still decorating – one of my favorite things at holiday.

  • Lisa D says:

    This is such a cool tradition for you guys! And I love that your husband joins along in the fun. Um, he’s probably WAY craftier than I am. I think i have the crafting ability of a 5 year old. And that might be pushing it!

    I saw the slouchy boots pick on Nory’s blog – LOVE THEM! You both look tres stylish!!

    • oh says:

      Hi, Lisa!

      I know, it’s kinda remarkable that HM goes to wreath making. He gets a kick out of doing it – but no, he’s not really crafty. (Nora just said his wreath is kinda “wild” – that’s him. He does however love Christmas.

      thanks for the kudos on the “slouchy” boots – kind of an early gift but hey, they go with lots of stuff, actually, especially wreath making!

  • shoreacres says:

    There’s nothing like the smell of fresh greens – and what a fun project. There must be such things in Houston, but down here – well, it’s mostly stringing lights in the rigging!

    It’s neat that this has become a tradition for all of you.

    • oh says:

      Hi, Shore – ah, but the lights in the rigging look awesome. I’ve always been a sucker for Christmas cards that show decorated boats. Some kinda magic, and you also get all that refleciton on the water. And it’s WARM! (I do love the cold and the winter sports but I do not like to BE cold.) Merry merry merry Christmas. Hey, and I got my Mom a shiny bright red and green wreath, too…?!

  • Nora says:

    I think I like your write-up better than mine =)

  • jeanie says:

    What an amazing, wonderful family thing to do! I love the idea of looking all holly jolly and elfish! But really, how beautiful — and what a terrific sense of satisfaction to hang up something you MADE instead of picked up at Home Depot or wherever. (Says the woman who has bought her wreaths, though periodically jazzed ’em up!). I hope this is a tradition you hold onto forever!

  • What a great class! Sounds great…have a fantastic and safe xmas Oh.

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