It’s a wreath thing….

December 17, 2009 § 7 Comments

More wreaths? you ask.
I can’t help it, I say. I took pictures of ’em and so gosh darn it, gonna share ’em.
It’s Christmas and I haven’t toured my own house yet with the camera, much less anyone else’s although we’ve been to several parties, but hey, you don’t just whip out your camera at a party, though maybe with the new etiquette, it’s ok? Well, I haven’t.

So wreaths it is!

Have a look at more of those wreaths from the Missouri Botanical Garden where they, each year, present a Hall of Wreaths. A few more, for your aesthetic happy holiday eye!

this one: JINGLE BELLS!

hmmm…this one:  CARDINAL CHRISTMAS!!! (hey, this is St. Louis, ‘member?)


LOOP DE LOOP  (no, that’s not the real name; I forgot what it was…but this one is FUN!)


Oh, maybe this is the FEATHER BERRY AIRY…

and a shoutout for another JINGLE BELLS!!!


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§ 7 Responses to It’s a wreath thing….

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