Miami Nights…

January 22, 2010 § 5 Comments

All the energy on South Beach’s Ocean Drive blurs the picture…

The waiters and cigarette girls line up, chittering and whispering about their food, their restaurant as you walk by: “eat here, best service ever, food you’ll never forget, we’ll make your dinner an eating experience…”  But we had eaten dinner already, at Lario’s, Gloria Estefan’s restaurant. It did not disappoint. And so after a raucous dinner – there were 25 of us! – HM and I melted outdoors into the Beach crowd and walked the Drive, headed east toward the ocean and in search of the Adrian Hotel where we had stayed about a decade ago. It was right across the street from Versace’s mansion. Which is still there.

The Adrian is not. 
It  has morphed from hotel to apt lease property. It has colored from maroon and pink to soft white.
It’s still lovely, though.
We looked up at the windows of the rooms where we stayed.
Lots of light. It was someone’s apartment now.

HM turns off Ocean Drive and down the sidestreet, flanking the old Adrian.

Miami is a kaleidoscope. We enjoyed having a look and staying in its oceanic embrace.

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§ 5 Responses to Miami Nights…

  • CLo says:

    Oh, we get the picture. You got to enjoy sunny Miami! Ha, looks fun. I bet a 21-year-old guy would love it now, eh?

    • oh says:

      There is no doubt a 21-year-old guy would like it! Sea air, lots to look at, people to talk to, fresh cigars, open air clubs, live music, international menus, and the good old no-fail cafe sitting, drinking and people watching. Not to mention all the stories you hear in the babble around you…

  • shoreacres says:

    I’m just laughing – “…eat here, best service ever, food you’ll never forget, we’ll make your dinner an eating experience…”

    Only in Miami do they promote their restaurants as though they’re promoting…umm…something else 😉

    It’s such a beautiful, beautiful city. For someone who loves Art Deco the way I do, it’s one of the best visits ever. Check out this poster for the 2007 East Meets West Art Deco Weekend!

  • jeanie says:

    Isn’t South Beach fascinating? Love all the deco and the food is to die for! Glad you’re having a fun time!

  • oh says:

    I’m thinking of posting some art deco pictures but maybe I’ve done enough Miami-ing here for awhile? Hmmm…

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