*BFFs on the roof, looking around – (*best friends of a feather)

January 27, 2010 § 5 Comments

KOO:  What are they doin’ down their on the sidewalk?
CLAE:  I dunno. Looks to me like they’re just walking and talking.
KOO:  Ya’ think? what kind of a pasttime is that anyway?
CLAE:  I dunno.. It’s just kinda what humans do, I guess.
KOO: They’re not hunters, are they? You don’t think they’re hunters, do ya’? Ya’ know, with guns, wherein they might mistake us for clay pigeons or something?
CLAE: Pigeons? PIGEONS? Us? Ha.  Nope, those are not hunters; those are tourists.   You know, I keep forgetting this is your first time ‘goin’ south.’
KOO:  Yeah? Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask you – do you think we came too far south?
CLAE: (clucks and shakes her head)   What do you mean “too far south?!.” Honey, my wings love this sunshine and my down feathers never felt less a hindrance.
KOO:  I don’t know. I kinda miss the snowline, I miss the clear crisp days.
CLAE:  Crisp? CRISP? did you ever see such sun as this? when’s the last time you took a picture in this daylight? honestly, this is the best light ever. This is crisp, girlfriend. This is gorgeous!
KOO:  Mmmm…speaking of taking pictures, I lost my camera.
CLAE:  What? you lost it?
KOO:  Yeah, I did. It was on the last leg of the journey. We were sitting on that wire in Georgia, remember that day? It was kinda windy, kinda like something strange was going to happen. Then along comes that silvery gull from I don’t know where. Oh, he was a looker, he was. And he said, “Hey you want me to take a picture of you and your friend….remember? And he kinda winked or whistled, and I went all swan-y and  said “sure” and he took my camera and took our picture, remember? and then he took my camera, , I mean he took it, and flew off.
CLAE: What? really? why didn’t you say anything?
KOO:  Why? what would you have done? chased him through the air, swatting at him with your umbrella?  Besides you were doing so well talking to that big blackbird and I thought, well, I don’t want to bother her and then it was time to leave – the flock was flying off and I thought, ah, well, I don’t do so well with a camera anyway, you know, we don’t have thumbs and all, so, I just let it go.
CLAE:  Harumph.
KOO:  Life goes on. Here we are on a roof in one of the hottest hippest coolest places in the universe.
CLAE:  And you don’t have the camera to get pictures for us to take back north.
KOO:  Perhaps we won’t go back north. Maybe we’ll just stay and soak up the Miami heat while our ankles get big and we’ll just take it easy. Who knows? For now, let’s just be in the moment. Hey, look at that cute bird over there, the one standing there, kinda staring off. Let’s go chat him up, see where he’s from. See where he’s going.

And so they did.
And if you should  see a bird of a very sweet demeanor, not too big, not too small, flying back north with a camera strapped around her neck, it just might be Koo. She’s a bird of very clever means. Because once a bird has had a camera, even for a little while and snaps photos in mid-air, and sells even just one to the Bird press,well, there’s just no going back.


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