Flower Power…

March 6, 2010 § 14 Comments

I have already made two lists and opened the laptop to do some “work” while the household sleeps and yet in  my longing for Spring (which I continue to insist is just around the corner…but WHAT corner?), I am compelled to look at flowers with their inner light and their pop of color which they do oh-just-so-naturally and I wonder about what’s pushing up through the ground already and if Arti in Canada and Jeanie in Michigan and Seachanges in Cornwall and Shoreacres in Galveston are seeing new shoots of any sort at all, already…

We ventured to the Missouri Botanical Garden Orchid Show last week. It runs through the end of March having started in February – it’s six weeks of screamingly gorgeous flowers great and small and they rotate the orchids in and out and this year’s them is “Parisian” and called Cafe de Monarque (after the butterfly, not a king like Louis).

I had the remains of a wiley virus (aka “cold”) and couldn’t smell a damn thing despite upclose inhaling of several accomdating blooms, but that didn’t really matter. You could get high on the color, just because it’s so real and on the dips and details of each of the flower species. (HM and I got into a discussion; we couldn’t remember the “order” of things like phylum, genus, species, class and we got laughing over what we were really doing during our respective biology classes – no, I didn’t even know him back in school days and we probably wouldn’t have spoken to one another then anyway.)

Little matter about the names although we enjoyed one called “Splendidum.”  We were smitten by the beauty and my camera did not begin to capture what we were seeing, but that’s ok. There was an attempt at chronicling nonetheless and herein, a few snaps to heighten your anticipation of Spring!

The above orchids were named simply “Navy Blue.”

This one might be a cousin to the Venus Fly Trap, the beautiful cousin, the shy cousin…

This one loved the spotlight – what an actress.

…and so did this sugary beauty.


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§ 14 Responses to Flower Power…

  • anno says:

    Totally fabuluscious! I sure enjoyed this jolt of color — thanks!

  • oh says:

    Dear Anno, Miss your blog, your writing – but so glad you’re there! I can only imagine the stories unfolding on your acreage and your tales of school!

  • ds says:

    Glorious! “Navy blue” does not begin to do that flower justice. The MIL grows orchids (a FLA thing, I think); these would make her heart soar!
    As they did mine. Thanks.

  • Lisa D says:

    Those are beautiful. I love that there was a Parisian theme. I am kind of sort of obsessed w/ all things Paris!

    I wish i could grow orchids. But I know myself. I can only keep cacti alive. I tried to care for a peace lily that my mom sent home with me after my grandpa’s funeral. Total fail. Luckily my mom was able to bring it back to life! My mom is an awesome gardener but I just did not get those genes!!

  • Care says:

    If I had been driving today when I saw FORSYTHIA blooming in Providence RI, I’m sure I would have wrecked. WHAT?! beautiful. I live only an hour away and I don’t know if I even have buds on my Forsythia?!?! I still wonder if I imagined it…

  • Bellezza says:

    Oh, your pictures are fantastic! I feel I finally have a taste of spring, which is taking just as long to reach us here in Illinois as it is, I’m sure, in Missouri. Taking oneself to the Botanical Gardens was a brilliant idea!

  • typehype says:

    I love orchids! They’re so mysterious. I used to raise them when I lived in CA. I love your photos, and was especially intrigued by the cousin to the Venus Fly Trap. I’ve never seen that one. Thanks for the post, which has made me feel so Spring-ish and put me in the mood to spend the day outdoors. A perfect day to do just that since today it’s supposed to be a balmy 56 degrees in the city 🙂

  • ruth says:

    Navy blue stole my heart. Thank you for filling up the page with this scrumptious spring tease.

  • shoreacres says:

    Such scrumptious photos! And you’re right – it’s time for color.

    I’ve been following a Kansas photog who’s been posting every day in a “Vernal Equinox” project. We’re at day 65 – sixty-five days of snow, ice, gray, brown. It’s been amazing to follow. He’s made me long for color in a completely visceral way. We’ve few flowers yet, but at least we have green and narcissus and dandelions.

    It looks like you’ve got another week of cool, wet and gray ahead. Good that you got this respite!

  • Jeannine says:

    What glorious photos oh! Funny, you’re waiting for spring and here, on the other side of the world, we’re getting tired of the endless summer heat.

  • jeanie says:

    Kingdom, phylus (sp), class, order, family, genus, species. Do NOT ask me how I remember that, because I don’t think I remember anything else from biology.

    Ah, signs of spring — the best I can offer from Michigan is receding snow from the lawn and the break-up of some ice. I’ve HEARD there are bulbs popping out, but they must be in neighborhoods with better sun exposure than mine!

    These photos are lovely! Every single one!

  • These a gorgeous, we are waiting patiently(not) for the cooler wheather over here…

  • Nora says:

    I like the purple “show” flower the most. So ready for spring!

  • Arti says:

    You know, we got up to 12C yesterday, which means no need for jackets, so warm. But today, the temp. dips down below 0, and light snow. VIsiting your blog has that transporting feeling. Who cares about snow, when there are orchids in my mind.

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