Things you shouldn’t tell a bookaholic…

March 10, 2010 § 15 Comments

“Your passion for paper and books is killing trees.”
      Book lovers/readers don’t intend or mean to kill anything by owning, borrowing and enjoying books. They look at it quite another way so button up the impassioned faux green speech and pay attention to a passionate reader who likely has a hot tip on a great read AND maybe even lend it to you (thus saving another tree. eh?)

“The library is closed. It’s a holiday.”
     What? We’ don’t have to work on holidays so why aren’t things open? (yes, we know the rational answer, but still…) Oops, there we go, that’s us, headed to the second-hand bookstores, the book chains for coffee and browsing and to visit friends who are readers from whom we can borrow a nice little novel something. Touch our TBR pile? hmmmm….nope, we’re saving those books in the TBR stack for a rainy day.

“There’s only $1.49 left on your B&’N gift card.”
    What? That’s not even enough for coffee. BTW, my birthday’s coming up and you know what I’d like? 

“Reading isn’t cool. Visual media rules.”
     Mmmmmm. What’s going to hold up better in the annals of history? things that need to be plugged in or run on batteries, or books?

“You need to exercise more.”
     Sure, you CAN tell them this but should offer a headset with books-on-tape or book podcasts to listen to while walking, running, treadmilling, etc. But face it,  by the time a bookaholic has settled into reading, all other major things have been handled. Relax. Have a seat. Put your feet up. Read.

“You always have your nose in a book.”
     I’ve never liked that expression. It insinuates that I have a big nose or that I have only my nose in the book. Or, something. But overall, I don’t care. I enjoy “being in a book.” Do you have anything else to tell me or can I get back to reading now…?

And this one will make the bookaholic fall down in a near faint and you will have to rush them to the nearest bookstore to revive him/her.
“You already have too many books.”
    Not even worth addressing.


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§ 15 Responses to Things you shouldn’t tell a bookaholic…

  • Lisa D says:

    Ha!! Love this post. I can so relate to all of them.

    I have gotten the ‘nose in a book’ comment quite a bit. I’ve been told I am unimaginative and that it’s odd that I could sit and read for hours on end. Well, I think it’s odd that some people don’t read for pleasure at all!

    People have tried to talk me into getting a Nook. I think they are great and all, just not for me. I need to feel the heft of a book in my hands. I then need to be able to place that book in the hands of a friend, look them in the eye, and say – ‘you must read that’. I can’t do that with a Nook.

    Ahh, so nice to know fellow bibliophiles that ‘get me’! 🙂

  • i love this! my favorite is the last one… don’t ever ever tell me that I already have too many books… because it is my passion to collect more and more of them…

    • oh says:

      Dear L, I tried writing back to you via your blog an.d couldn’t get to it…which is likely a tech error on my part. That aside, just want to say “hi” and thanks for stopping by! do visit again

  • you’ve met my husband haven’t you? LOL, seriouslt, too many books, what does that mean anyway? And sure i have my nose in a book because they smell divine!!

  • ds says:

    I’ve heard those last two, and my response has been to bury my nose even deeper into said book, and to run to the nearest library or bookstore. Two other remarks that I hate? Why do you have to read about it? (no possible polite response to that) and You spend too much time reading, you need to get outdoors. For that one, I just took the book outside…

  • jeanie says:

    Ha! BIG HA! I think I’ve heard all of those, and heaven’s, what’s it to them? I hope you get your card upped soon! Meanwhile, that second hand store is always good! (Is that the one you showed us a few posts ago, or is that a new book store? It seems like it should have it all!)

  • typehype says:

    I love this post. I can so relate. I enjoyed it all and laughed out loud at these two:

    “The library is closed.” (Me and another woman, just the other week, stood staring at the locked doors and darkened interior — and it wasn’t even a holiday! It was a “snow. day.” What?)

    “You already have too many books.” (Were you, like, hiding out in my apartment and eavesdropping?)

  • qugrainne says:

    I hear from young people all the time: “Books are boring…” in a whiny tone. YIKES! How can they talk about my best friends that way?
    Your nose comment is hysterical, though. lol

    I am going to allow myself 20 minutes a day for blogging, as a treat…. it is good to be back talking to blog buddies. Happy Spring!!

  • Arti says:

    Why do we even have to justify our love for books to begin with? I’d say, ignore them all!

  • shoreacres says:

    Absolutely! What Arti said!

    Actually, I don’t hear any of those any more, since I don’t read the way I used to. But my entire childhood was lived to the refrain of “GET YOUR NOSE OUT OF THAT BOOK!”

    My mother banned books at the breakfast table, so I started reading the cereal boxes. She still doesn’t realize I demanded a switch to raisin bran because I’d memorized the cornflakes box.

    Now, the truth is that if you substitute “write” for “read” and make a few other adjustments, I hear the same sort of comments. “You need to get out more.” “Didn’t you just post a blog entry a week ago?” “Who reads that stuff, anyway?”

    Anyone with a passion for anything is going to be criticized by people whose interests lie elsewhere, or who (shhh!) have no passions of their own.

    No love needs to be justified! Read on!

  • Mel u says:

    great post and topic

    here is one I hear a lot

    “Why do you need more books, you have not read all the ones you have already”

    “I would rather learn from real life than a book!”

    • oh says:

      MelU! I forgot the big one you mention, “why do you nee dmore books…you have enough already.” OMG, I totally forgot that one. And it’s a major one.
      And it is, oddly, the one to which I never have an answer. Why indeed do I need another book when my TBR stack threatens to overrun my nightstand shelves? sigh.
      Well, we just do.

      • Mel u says:

        or here is another annoying one (said by someone visiting you looking over your book shelves with a puzzled look)

        “Do you actually read these books?”

        or “A friend of one of my cousins likes to read a lot also”

  • What a light hearted, heart-felt post from someone I can only assume is a grand bibliophile (much like myself).

    My favorite line, “Do you have anything else to tell me or can I get back to reading now…?”


  • mandy says:

    Once can never have too many books, that would be like telling someone they have had too much oxygen. Both are vital to my overall well being.

    Love this list. And it makes me want to go to the park and read.

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