wednesday…a (somewhat) disjointed mishmash on everyday life without a single mention of books!

March 24, 2010 § 5 Comments

(photo taken at the Orchid Show. Yes, I went a second time and took my Mom who enjoyed it and we spent the entire morning there, admiring and snapping a few (100) pictures. She, too, carries a camera in her pocket. Somehow, it all looked more lush this time. The show runs for two months and during it, the “gardeners” keep the flowers fresh and swap the orchids in and out of the garden room, constantly refreshing it and giving us a direct emotional line to the welcome of Spring. I have not, however, been snapping away as I usually do since during this Lent season, I have been pursuing writing rather than photography and writing (go see Ruth for a stunning combination of both, and visit Jeanie who manages to work, recreate, create art, do photography AND write! egads, my – I’m a tad “rambly” this evening but eager to stay in touch somehow with everyone. 
I just know I’m going to have writer’s regret after this entry…!)
About time…
It is to my constant disappointment (yet I am not a woeful type) that time is so militant, frogmarching me from sleep to work to thank-goodness-family-time to hobby (yay!) and household stuff (thankful) and then to bed again.

I have now penciled a particular night each week (in my old fashioned organizer) for “communicating.” Crazy. I must squeeze in more “things” I love to do. So, this should work. On Wednesdays, I’ll blog. On Sundays, I’ll write letters. (send me your address if you’d like a letter! you can send it to my email which is on my sorely outdated “About” page.)

Meanwhile, the projects at work are piling high and higher as we approach semi-annual all call, all office meetings. I must now go and sharpen my PowerPoint pencil. If I can get music, something that rocks, attached to my PPT, so that no one yawns and maybe takes something unique from the PPT which will be one of a half dozen, then maybe, just maybe…

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§ 5 Responses to wednesday…a (somewhat) disjointed mishmash on everyday life without a single mention of books!

  • anno says:

    Wow!! Amazing picture! Glad you enjoyed some respite from the frogmarching, hope all the meetings are soon behind you, nothing but summer skies ahead…

  • mandy says:

    The orchid display sounds lovely. I am taking trip over near Philadelphia in a little less than a month, one of my favorite places to visit is Longwood Gardens. Its always incredibly refreshing to walk amongst the flowers.

    I have to remember to “communicate” as well, I love sending cards and emails. Good for you for scheduling time to complete things that are important for you.

  • qugrainne says:

    Oh my what a LOVELY photo – spring spring spring….. as the cold, north wind blows.

    Time. Grrrrr. I am trying to devise a way to go without sleep. After I work that out, I will devise a way to not have to work. Will let you know the tricks when I have worked it out.

    And letters? You are writing letters? I’d almost forgotten what a lovely tradition that was. If only I had saved all the correspondence between my grandma and me. We wrote once a week after she and grandpa retired and move to their home on the lake.

    I am trying to work out that perfect schedule, but new assignments keeping dropping in to gum up the works. grrrrrrrrr! Good luck to you with the attempt.

    I am thinking about taking a train trip. That would slow things down, wouldn’t it!?

  • wow, that photo took ages to load but was well worth the wait – beautiful!!

  • jeanie says:

    I love your free association and just amso very glad you are back on the blog! That photo is drop dead gorgeous! And I admire that you are able to compartmentalize unlike me, who is all over the place and not necessarily in a good way!

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