Good Friday … Great Friday … Pt 1

April 2, 2010 § 3 Comments

How sweetly luxurious to have this day “off.” No alarms either. Which means I wake up ealier than ever. The birds assisted on that one. Waking to birdsong is a major event after a silent grey winter.

Though I couldn’t capture them on film because they are dun-colored and green and grey and do that blend thing so well, I will try to capture a wee bit of what I heard.

The Robins were arguing loudly screech-chirping in the holly trees outside our bedroom window, which was open.  I didn’t mind at all. They worked things out after a great deal of flapping and hurling themselves around in the branches.

Dit! dit! dit! dit! dit! dit! dit! dit!  That was the delirious bird that sounds like my alarm clock. It’s funny to hear him, especially on a day when I don’t have to get up. Maybe my clock is supposed to imitate that bird but don’t ask me about that on a work morning. There is nothing natural about my batter-operated, blue-blinking alarm clock, small enough to pitch out the window should I so desire.

Zip zooey zip zooey zip zooey.  Indeed this bird, whichever one he or she is, would likely be embarrassed to hear me describe his song that way and would refer me to Audubon for the correct spelling to imitate his pround notes. 

Now imagine a whistle done first on a high C, for four beats,  then on A, just below it,for only two beats . In groups of three. Again, I don’t see the songster.  We have all kinds of trees and bushes on our property; it’s hard to narrow it from my window view and know precisely where to look to see this merry morning bird.

 They are all so clever at being dun-colored when they need to be.
Consider the mighty cardinal who cleverly sits high in the branches to sing so that when you look up, he is backlit by the sun and you cannot see his scarlet costume. You must recognize his silhouette (or song).

The bonnie robin, unworried and busy eating in the front yard. photo taken last spring. Need to start carrying the camera around again!

In the backyard bamboo, there were all kinds of waking up sounds, some scuffling of wings. I think the Canards (ducks) are back and they, along with some shiny starlings and then the tiny birds (wrens and sparrows) wants to live in the green dusk and lushness of the bamboo and are constantly calling out their little territories there. 

I’m sure I heard some young cheep-cheeping.

I couldn’t sleep while all such song went on outside the windows and so the day burst wide open for all kinds of celebration, from the spiritual to the poetical to the savoring the greening of the outdoors.

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§ 3 Responses to Good Friday … Great Friday … Pt 1

  • I like your renditions of the birdsongs and your photo of the robin is lovely too.

  • jeanie says:

    Are we going to have more duck stories from you this year? I hope so! I liked the Cannards! I can almost hear those birds!

    In your later post you mentioned shooting inside when it’s dark — I’ve had good luck just shooting without the flash, even when it says to do so. In fact, I hardly ever use my flash anymore. Maybe it’s just my camera, but give it a try, even if it tells you not to — you never know!

  • Arti says:

    Looks like you’ve had a leisurely and relaxing weekend. This is a wonderful photo of the robin… she looks like she’s just got out of bed, totally relaxed too. Very creative in capturing the birdsongs. Thanks for all the interesting pictures in these Easter posts, oh!

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