Good Friday … Great Friday Pt 2 (deux)

April 2, 2010 § 8 Comments

We had an unscheduled schedule. Down to The Hill for lunch at Zia’s. (no pictures here, too dark and didn’t want to startle anyone by using a flash. Sure there was outdoor dining, but somehow, sitting down to eggplant parmigiana and baked mastacioli (etc) didn’t go with outdoors and umbrellas. We stayed indoors for the linen and silverware. And crazyass conversation on religion, yup, there on The Hill, in front of God and everyone, we discussed (softly) religion with some fervor but more a discovery thing on what and how each of us interpreted the Bible and this on Easter! Honestly, if we didn’t have kids, we’d have to rent them. They’re so fresh and have an ability to shred complacency. And they do want to talk, to discuss things.)

From there, we wandered up the street for gelato.

Snarl and Nory consider gelato. Are they hungry enough? Yes!

If you want to be anonymous, don’t take a picture of a reflective surface!

Then we crossed the street to St. Ambrose. It’s a mini-cathedral. It had a makeover several years ago. Unsure whether or not a service would be in process, we went in to light candles. The sanctuary was empty, waiting.

And then after some time on the front steps of the church which happens to share a four cornered intersection with some happening places (food, jewelry, new loft/condos and Amighetti’s bakery), we walked to the Missouri Baking Co., a traditional stop on Good Friday, thinking ahead about how good sweets will be on Easter Sunday.

This was the only “uncrowded” spot to photograph!

And from there a leisurely walk back to our car and a search for a cigar shop – The Hill Cigar Co.  HM and Nory were sure there was one in the neighborhood somewhere and sure enough, we found.

The bookstore is to a bookaholic as a cigar store is to a cigar aficionado – there were several out front on the patio, smoking and schmoozing.

HM and his band are getting together tomorrow for a cigar and some conversation…and this prompted some serious yard, porch and patio clean up when we got home with all hands on deck, sweating, sweeping, mowing and moving things around. The glory of getting in touch with the land upon which one lives!

Good Friday rocks on…with an incredible sweetness and its layers of tradition.


§ 8 Responses to Good Friday … Great Friday Pt 2 (deux)

  • CLo says:

    Clarification: I remained on the steps of aforementioned church.

  • oh says:

    Right. “We,” by default,refers to parental units. Nory, for her part, zipped in and out. Better?

  • qugrainne says:

    Good Friday traditions!? That is something I don’t have, tradition laden though I am. Sounds like a lovely day for all. The only thing missing, in my estimation, was the coffee shop!
    Hope you have a nice Easter, with lots of sweets!!

  • Bellezza says:

    Oh, I loved taking this mini tour with you and your family…tasting the gelato and visiting the cathedral and bakery; those would be all of my favorite things! I loved your photographs as well as the glimpse into your life. Have a blessed Easter, with the enthusiasm of your kids, and the discussions you have together, could anything be better? Blessings, M.

  • typehype says:

    I enjoyed touring a little bit of St. Louis with you and your family (it’s the city where my husband grew up as a boy) and learning about “The Hill.” Thanks for providing the link, too — which I clicked on — and discovered, with delight, that “The HIll” is St. Louis’s version of Little Italy! Always my favorite part of any city, Little Italy, partly, because I’m half-Italian and, partly, because that’s where you’ll always find the best eating. Happy Easter!

  • seachanges says:

    What a great tour with you and your family – I don’t know St Louis but now have some fond memories thanks to your pictures 🙂 It sounds like the place to wander around in and have philosophical discussions. Great stuff. Hope your Easter is just as rewarding and enjoyable – here the cold is keeping us inside. Easter has come too early 😦 Never mind, gives us all the time in the world to do some blog travelling!

  • jeanie says:

    What a wonderful day! That angel is beautiful (and I saw your “Hitchcock” in the colorful Gelato sign!) I’m so geeked up about this gorgeous spring and warm Easter — I don’t know it’s ever been so nice, but certainly not for a very long while!

  • Carrie says:

    What a great day!

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