Snaps (#1) …

April 11, 2010 § 12 Comments


(two different realities, two different “siren” songs)


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§ 12 Responses to Snaps (#1) …

  • shoreacres says:

    Well, ok. I hate to do this in public but… what’s the pink thing on the right? It must be a tech gadget, huh?

  • oh says:

    Yeah, it’s my cell phone. I thought a pink one would be easier to misplace. Regardless of the color, it seems to have come with an invisible tether. It seems to find me, always to be at hand when I DON’T want it or don’t feel like talking, as in when I’m trying to have a quiet moment of reading. Pheh.

  • anno says:

    and here I thought it was an i-pod… how’s the book? Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful sunday afternoon!

  • mandy says:

    I just spent most of the weekend unplugged and with the cell phone turned, it was beyond glorious. I am convinced its something I need to do more often. Hope you had a great weekend.

  • qugrainne says:

    My kids made me get a cell phone because they could never track me down….. hmmmmmmmm.
    They said it was for emergencies. Right.
    Sometimes, it accidentally gets turned off. I don’t know how it happens.
    So how was Thunder and Lightening? I am using The Right to Write, right now, to dictate my daily (journal) writing. You inspired me greatly!
    How is your daily writing getting on? Any hints about what you are working on?????

    • oh says:

      Q – The book is kind of lonely. I’m nearly finished with it and will be able to explain better afterwards. The daily writing continues although this week (which I may blog about…or not) has been pure challenge – major three-day corporate meetings and also freelance deadlines. Writing? Um, yeah but not the exercise kind.
      As to what I’m working on, well, it’s a collections of stories I thought were for kids but maybe they’re not. And now, back to the corporate scene…sigh.

  • jeanie says:

    You are SO on a roll! Reading “Outliers” and he says it takes 10,000 hours of practice to reach the heights of a profession. Looks like you are WELL on your way!

    • oh says:

      I think my roll just slowed down but I’m ready to pick it up again.
      ten thousand hours. wow. Do you recommend Gladwell’s book?

  • Arti says:

    Don’t we all need a respite from all our gadgets every now and then in order to read from a real book? You’re right, I can add many more items on the “Things that do not go together list”… first thing is this Mac laptop I’m typing on right now!

    • oh says:

      Hi, Arti! oooh, what a week! I have to come over and read what’s happening at Ripple Effects! You make me smile to hear you say that you and your Mac laptop are 2 things that don’t go together. I’m thinking a wall size screen and a stand up podium at which to type might suit me (my posture and my eyes) a lot better right now. So glad it’s Friday!

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