A boxing we will go…and there’s a bit about a book here, too

April 21, 2010 § 26 Comments

Oh, the darn mirrors!  I realize they help observe “form” but egads…

Nory won an opportunity to take ten friends to a boxing class and asked me and we didn’t know what to expect other than we might be out of our comfort zones (totally) and one of my great friends came along (so I wouldn’t be the sole middle-ager) and we got there and milled around a bit, asking questions and waiting for the second trainer to arrive and then there were real training gloves to don which was very cool and immediately transformed my attitude and energy and then the music came on and our trainer began demonstrating and shouting out directions and there we were jump roping and punching bags (as pictured above) and scooting around aerobically and kicking and punching and cardio-ing and weirdly, everything started to get easier as we went along except for the fatigue part where you think your arms will fall off and then we were “on the floor” doing crunches and crazy planks on our sides and then we were back up to punch and kick and starting to get the hang of it even though turning to rubber at the same time and glad I didn’t have to do 15 rounds in a ring which I still can’t imagine, and then we were up and down and up and down with tips and encouragement along the way and then suddenly, we were done.

Forty-five minutes went like this (insert snapping of fingers) and then there we were all pathetically drenched in sweat and no one minded and no one cared about their hair and everyone felt lighter, relaxed, and very worked out.
So thank you Nory for opening another door!

Denouement: We’re signing up for class once a week. “Once a week will change your life,” said the trainer. 

Me, Nory and friends, post-workout!

The Pugilist at Rest
by Thom Jones has been on my shelf for years. I read it as soon as  I purchased it, read it all the way through, searching for why he was considered a prize winning story-ist (he won an O Henry for his title short story). I don’t think I “got it” at the time. I think I need to go back and read him now. Though there was a lot of pain as well as boxing and also the Viet Nam war in his stories, I am curious again about his style and craft and overall what caught Updike’s eye when he included Jones in a Best Short Stories anthology.

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§ 26 Responses to A boxing we will go…and there’s a bit about a book here, too

  • mandy says:

    That sounds incredibly intense and fun. I’m not very good at getting outside of my comfort zone when it comes to exercising. I typically walk the dog for a mile or two and call it a day.

  • oh says:

    Mandy! Walking the dog is great, and one of the greatest things about it is the dog’s excitement at being included on a walk. A true bonding thing. It’s good to move around, especially outside. I think the only reason I would do the boxing again is because the trainer kept us so busy, I didn’t notice the (excruciating) passage of time!

    Now, I know it’s against blog rules but I’m going back to this entry to add a little more about a book I read!

  • Ruth says:

    Awesomely rendered in the run-on paragraph, I felt winded! This must be a great rush, even if tiring, and I would love it just as you described it.

    Fun to see you there, Oh! You’re gorgeous.

    • oh says:

      Thanks, Ruth! It’s nice to treat exercise as “play” rather than rigor/routine. It’s also nice to curl up with a book on a rainy day, like this one. I’m changing “TGIF” to “TGFW” as in thank goodness for weekends.

  • Nora says:

    I could use a punching bag today. Would be divine!

  • madeleine says:

    Thank-you for your comment about “THE CHILDREN’S BOOK”, I liked this novel a lot. When this happens it is difficult to get into another story as happened maybe with THE LOTUS EATERS wich is a good story but swas just not anything I could get into. I would have loved to read about the first photo journalist in Vietnam rather than a made up composite.

    I to walk my Oliver (JR) he loves it when he sees the leash 😀

  • madeleine says:

    Oh yes I could use one of those bags in my home these days (divorce issues)

    • oh says:

      Dear M, Actually, the two trainers we had in the boxing class emphasized that overall it was good for people to have a punching bag – that’s what attracted them to the “sport” first, being able to work out their frustrations. (PS Ya gotta wear gloves, though. It makes your hands crazy.)

  • I’ve done a couple of kick boxing classes and they always kick the crap out of me! Such a great workout. You definitely use muscles that don’t seem to get used when doing other forms of exercise!

    Wish I live in StL so I could join you guys! And I am impressed that ou all look so good in that last shot. I look frightening after a good workout.

    • oh says:

      Lisa D, You always get me to laugh somehow. BTW, close up, one or two of us DID look frightening. You know that if you come to STL, you have a place to stay here at our house!

  • ds says:

    You are one brave (and yes, beautiful) woman! I could never do that. Joyce Carol Oates is apparently a big fan of boxing also & wrote a book; think it is called “On Boxing”…she might “hit” you better than Mr. Jones.

    Great new “new look”!

    • oh says:

      Thanks, DS! And I will check on the Oates book…had no idea…geez, she’s remarkable the breadth and width of her topics and books.

  • Judy says:

    Oh, this is awesome. I’m proud of you. I don’t think I could do boxing but then again…maybe I should. I hear naming the punching bag and beating the crap outta it is very theraputic.
    As for my blog…I was shocked at how many names and riders I forgot…well I’m gonna say forgot and I”m stickin’ to it.
    Writing is great…have an agent interested (that can go south quickly) and am working on Book 2. along with yard work and house work and life. ugh where’s that punching bag ??

    • oh says:

      Yay – you’re working on book 2?!! and great news on having an interested agent!!!! come on, this could be it, why not? In the meantime you have all those wonderful distractions to keep you busy. OK, back to writing…

  • qugrainne says:

    OMG! How brave you were. There is usually (in my imagination) so much testosterone floating around in those gyms I am not sure about wading in!

    Well, it looks like you survived in good form, and you are GOING BACK! Yikes, and good for you!! I walk the dogs four times a day… I hope that makes up for not indulging in pugilism (my dear grandmother’s favorite spectator sport – go figure).

    I did buy a jogging stroller last night for my new lifestyle – will report back on that!

    • oh says:

      Q! You got one of those cool strollers with the big wheels? Excellent. Didn’t have those when my kids were babies. Yeah, we’re going back to boxing, but you will be out there in the fresh air, speeding along and the baby will chuckle with glee.

  • Heather says:

    Wow, I’m impressed! I think have a punching bag and gloves handly might be very theraputic on a daily basis! Maybe I can convince Susan to buy what is needed and put it in our server room!

    • oh says:

      Excellent idea, Heather. Doesn’t take up a lot of room. Just need the punching pillar and a pair of gloves and you’re set.

  • CLo says:

    I wanna go. Especially if I’d be the only guy…

  • jeanie says:

    Definitely out of THIS one’s comfort zone! But I’m glad you have fun — sometimes that’s the best kind, too — unexpected fun. (But what KIND of contest did she enter! That’s a bizarre prize!)

    • oh says:

      Actually, it was a marketing event and the sponsor provided free tee shirts and products but we were not required to promote it nor were we paid. Very cool event!

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