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May 4, 2010 § 24 Comments

Yes, I shopped at the Greater St Louis Bookfair (it’s annual) and I shopped for you, too!The Greater St Louis Bookfair runs for three days and a half days. If it went much longer, I’d be sunk, no, wait, the opposite. I’d be so high on a mountain of books that the term TBR stack would become nonsense. 

Why, you might ask, do you need to buy books? I don’t know. I have a “problem.” But honestly this annual booksale beats my virtual wish list on Amazon, or my longing looks at the shelves at B&N and it far outdistances the overdue book charges that I’ve racked up at libraries in no less than seven states. And the money all goes to a St. Louis charity.

The books on the more than 50 long tables of books, semi-divided into categories to render order of a blissful book chaos, are priced from $1 to $5.  Really, if you have a little patience and the ability to trip carefully through rows and rows of books, you can snag great books at the $1 price point and while cruising the tables, you can get a good feel for the reading public’s taste, what we love, what we loved and dumped and what lasts and lasts and lasts. 

I went at lunchtime on Friday for a power sweep and then Nory talked me into going again on Saturday. Here’s how she talked me into it:
“Want to go to the book fair for a few minutes, Mom?”
“Just say ‘yes’,” she said while swiping her car keys off the counter and opening the door.
“After you,” she said.
And we jumped in the car and squeezed in an hour at Macy’s, then the bookfair where we cruised (successfully) at the memoir/nonficiton, ficiton and comic book tables…then a stop at the tailor’s, and a five-minute stop at Bread Co for breakfast to take home and treated the house to bagels and books we got.

 OK, let me  just say that no one there could help themselves. I mean, there were people there with shopping carts.  And huge boxes. And shopping carts with boxes in them. Really. Oh geez, in retrospect, Nora and I were quite circumspect (even though we broke our shoulders filling the bag we each carried.)

And honestly, there is  a good and valid reason for every title pictured above. There are stories about the stories. Later.

So, I’m giving away two books. This is my first giveaway so I might be a wordy girl here trying to explain and make it clear. Here goes –  join in the fun!

Win AS Byatt’s POSSESSION which is one of those books you leave on the shelf for weeks, maybe months and then one day you pick it up and read it and wonder why you waited. (Be fair. Get several dozen pages into it before you make any judgements. But I’m telling you, it’s a winner.)
Win Peter Mayle’s HOTEL PASTIS which is a fine little beach read or plane pastime, un petit mignon, to spin you into summer! 

First, you must love books,  maybe decorate with them, stash them here and there so you can read them, talk about ’em, blog about ’em, you know…living the book thing! (OK, I’m not strict or serious about any of that other than that you likely love books or you wouldn’t be sitting there reading this!)
Second, you must live in the USA or Canada to enter.

WINNERS (2) will be drawn and announced on Sunday, May 9 at midnight, my time (CST).

You can enter twice. 
1) Leave a comment here, naming a ficitonal hero or herione  you might enjoy being for one day and tell why.
2) Blog about this giveaway and leave a link to your blog about it here.
(Each comment must be separate to be counted.) 

Hey,now go on over to Nora’s blog . She’s running a book giveaway as well. (Yup, that’s her in my picture of the bookfair at the top of this entry.)


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§ 24 Responses to shop-a-book-aholic – GIVEAWAY!

  • Oy vey I hope I win. 🙂 I love Peter Mayle’s writing! I bought one of his books before my Paris trip. Can’t remember which one because I bought like 10 books about Paris/France/being French. I should do a blog post about that, with a picture of the stash.

    I might need to come to StL next year for this event. $1-$5/book. I’m sold. I would probably have to bring an empty suitcase, though! 🙂

  • shoreacres says:

    Oh my, oh my… I’ll sit the giveaway out and cheer from the sidelines for a variety of reasons which mostly boil down to the fact that for the past ten days I’ve been busy BEING a fictional heroine and I don’t think I ever want to do it again!

    More about that on my blog, of course. Eventually. As soon as I get settled in. Suffice it to say it’s complicated, but did involve beignets, Louisiana, the po-lice and Spanish Moss. All good things.

    I’m not sure any of it was better than your sale, though. That is SERIOUS book biz! Can’t wait to hear the stories behind your stories! Since you’ve taken Virginia Woolf, I’ll be the Nora Ephron of commenters! 🙂

  • mandy says:

    I read about this book fair this morning. Oh my word. I would be in so much trouble. I love that the proceeds go to charity, such a great idea.

  • pussycat2 says:

    Oh Jeez – you really wanna’ know my heroine?? O.K. – could be “Claire” from Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander.” Ah, to know me Jaime!! Or Sookie Stackhouse?? I know, I know – not the best writing, but a true Guilty Pleasure. Or Scarlett O’Hara. Or Scout. So many heroines, but that’s what makes a book grab our innards. More than a movie, a book sends us out of ourselves into a world of word pictures and emotions. Sticking with a two hour movie is fine. Not being able to put down a book ALL NIGHT is better!

  • Ruth says:

    Ok, I’m in! After hearing AS Byatt interviewed on NPR last week, I’ve wanted to read one of her books. So . . .

    It’s a cliche, but I can only say Elizabeth Bennet. To have the hootzpah to tell the richest man in the county to take a hike because of how he treated me and others at a time when no woman in her right mind would do that, would be grand. I have the inclination, but not the hootzpah.

  • I love book giveaways…though I never win!

    And, since I’m going to Provence, for the first time, this summer, I’d love to try out the Peter Mayle book.

    What character would I like to be for one day? I read lots of children’s books (I’m a children’s librarian at a primary school), so I’ll say that I’d like to be Anne of Green Gables. She’s full of life and love, a thoroughly exuberant character!

    But just for one day…after all, I’m Queen of the Library! I’m needed there.

  • […] In other news, Darling (aka my fabulous mom) has a book giveaway for you to enter as well. Check it out and enter for a chance to win more summer reading books! Her contest ends this Sunday, is open to US & […]

  • Arti says:

    This is huge! Must be exciting to find all that loot. You know, I got Byatt’s Possession a few years back at a book sale just like this one… I’m afraid it’s still there on the shelf. But, hey, we’re always looking for more and more books … so, hope that I could win the French one. I’ve never read Peter Mayle.

    As for fictional heroines… who else other than… oops, she’s been taken. But why not, we need more Lizzy Bennet’s!

  • jeanie says:

    Oh, my! Well, of course I must enter (especially for Peter Mayle!). And what fictional heroine would I like to be for a day? Well, that’s a toughie, but I think I’d have to say “Tuppence” from the old Agatha Christie Tommy and Tuppence series. She was fun, witty, had a madcap kind of life, a wonderful husband, lived in a great period and had all sorts of adventures! (Actually, she also sounds like Phyrnne Fisher of the Australian series, but I said Tuppence first, so Tuppence it is!)

    This is fun — I’ll enjoy reading the comments!

  • jeanie says:

    OK — the drawing is posted on (both in the current post and the one coming up!)

    Do I have to say another heroine?!

  • Booty is right! You cleaned up!

    What a fantastic idea.


  • Carol Wong says:

    So very jealous, nothing like that here. I found big cheap book sales in Indiana and California but not in northern Texas yet.

  • diane says:

    You have no willpower when it comes to books, do you?? Seriously, I’d have done the same thing at those prices. enjoy

  • qugrainne says:

    Okay, I am going to let you in on a secret….. in another life, I am Leslie Frost, otherwise known as Frost the Fiddler. Covert agent, motorcycle rider, world renowned violinist, indulger in passionate affairs around the world with powerful men, independent, and very, very, rich. What more could I ask for?

  • madeleine says:

    Ah, Oui, Peter Mayle although English of birth he has adopted my beloved Provence.
    Pastis is a drink forbitten in the US but oh so refreshing, it has a taste of anisette.

    madeleine444[at]gmail[dot] com

    thank-you for the giveaway 😀

  • madeleine says:

    I do not know which character specifically I would like to be for 1 day, I would let Margaret Atwood choose, she is one of my very favorite authors.


  • Veronica says:

    I would totally love to be Zoya from Danielle Steel’s Zoya. The character goes through so much, but through the entire thing she holds her head high, and tries her best to make all the right choices. And who wouldn’t want to be a duchess!

  • Charity says:

    I would love another copy of Possession. I own one and every time I get the itch to read the book, I can’t find it.

    And sign me up for Elizabeth Bennet–gosh, there will a lot us wandering around in regency dress. Do you think there will be enough Mr. Darcys to go around?

  • jen says:

    i would want to be Shelia from the secret of the unicorn queen series, unicorns? magic? parallel universe…sign me up!

  • Bellezza says:

    It’s so true what you said about Possession, which is one of the books on my personal Top Ten list. But, it took forever for me to get into it; once I got past the first few pages, I was In, and I LOVE IT!

    A fictional heroine for me? I think I’d like to be Dagny Taggart in Atlas Shrugged. She was such a strong woman, and in the end, she did find John Galt.

  • Terri B. says:

    Wow! You really scored with all those books! I see you found a copy of Blue Highways. Haven’t read it in ages, but I remember really enjoying it at the time.

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