May 15, 2010 § 12 Comments

Trash, treasure or stick it on a piece of paper? I’m cleaning, sort of. And leaving my notebook open in case I have a writing attack, a thought, a whim, a worthy bit of paper scratching to do. And sticking things in it (yes, with glue!) only because I don’t want to throw something away. (such a combination of  minimalism and shabby chic, we are in this house.)

(have always loved cartoons from the New Yorker; couldn’t throw this one away, but I am cleaning, honest, I am)

And you know you should be doing some housekeeping, as in tearing through the house with colorful cleaners, polish, rags and vigor. And then grocery shopping, you really love that, too, you really do.

But that’s not to say, if someone asked you to go to Macy’s (having an outrageous sale) or for a walk, because the grass and trees outside are outrageously gorgeous with the intermittent sun on them right now, between the wind and rain storms and tornado sirens, that is not to say that you wouldn’t  gladly answer “yes.”

And probably take a picture on your walk, hoping for something.

(Archie is back, darting around the patio, picking up seeds and seemingly celebrating spring in his own squirrel-y way)


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§ 12 Responses to Cleaning…raining…doodling

  • Bellezza says:

    I’d rather do anything than clean! But, oh the joys of a sparkling house when it’s finished! Like you, I’m easily enticed away.

    I’m loving the new look of your blog, very fun! I especially like the icon/gravatar whatever-you-call-it of the stack of books. Quite striking, my writing/reading/blogging/do-we-have-to-clean?-friend!

  • shoreacres says:

    Me, I’m just glad to see Archie again! But amazement here – I remember that New Yorker cartoon.

    I’m in a quite different mode – clean out, give away, get rid of, sell, toss. The world is too much with me – at least the material part of it.

    A two foot stack of New Yorker magazines – gonzo! Three sets of dishes – poof! That whole stack of clippings and coupons and membership invitations and junk mail and interesting articles I “Might” read “Some Day”? Open trash bag. Insert. Remove immediately before the change of heart.

    It’s wonderful. Freeing. I can’t even remember now most of what’s gone. Guess I didn’t need it after all!

    • oh says:

      Yipee! it’s going well here, rather quickly. Bags to toss! Lost the urget to keep “treasure” and have banished piles of paper. Now there will be room to “organize” shelves and closets. (true confession: I am saving the COVERS of all my New Yorker magazines. The rest – to the recycling bin. That satisfies. Crazy, huh?)
      Guess we’ve moved “spring cleaning” to “pre-summer cleaning.”

  • qugrainne says:

    We are on a roll, baby. I think I am going to sell my house….. and who needs three sofas anyway!!?? I am done with cutting grass and shoveling snow and cleaning the pond and and and. Which means going through TONS of stuff and GETTING RID OF THE BAGGAGE!

    And the new look is nice, and clean. Very nice.

    • oh says:

      Bravo, Q! You’re thinking big move – I LIKE that! It’s funny what gets us to go through our stuff. Keep us posted on what/how you’re doing. And Teagan, too!

  • typehype says:

    I like your annotations next to the clipping from Vogue: “hair,” “dress and sleeve length,” but especially “use of apron.” That cracked me up. I don’t know why. I just loved it.

    • oh says:

      Dear T, glimpses into my shallow side! I can’t help it. Love fashion. Miss it, too. It’s true that we are several years behind here in the Midwest. It’s a slow ripple effect. That being said, however, a classic is still a classic. Might have to fly east to find a not-too-vanilla classic however. Can’t beat the urban streets for fashion funk and flair.

      Hope all is well in the big city this evening. Honestly, we’ve had a week of rain here and if it weren’t for pictures of it, one might forget what “blue sky” means.

  • mandy says:

    I have been “meaning” to do some major spring cleaning for several weeks now but sitting outside in the sun reading, taking my teenage cousins for Mexican food, and drinking on the deck. At the rate I’m going, my spring cleaning might get done around fall (and I’m really ok with that).

    • oh says:

      You know what? You’re on the absolutely right track to be outdoors, enjoying mexican food and being “in the moment.” You already know that cleaning will wait. And if it’s in the fall, so be it! If it weren’t raining it’s head off out there, I’d get outdoors myself. I did manage to steal a half hour of calm skies and get some flowers planted, though!

  • ds says:

    Ha! There’s a bag of books & puzzles destined for the library tomorrow, and another bag of books for Mr. L-S to take to work as a donation for something (Yes, I cull. I have to. There’s no room, otherwise.) And it’s possible to walk through the garage–rare and wondrous feat–boxes are gone from the upstairs hallway, and stuff was planted. So organization has happened. But actual cleaning? *shudder* Maybe tomorrow…

    Love the new look: sleek and dashing. And the color–ahhhh.

  • jeanie says:

    First of all, love the new blog look! Very clean and spring and lovely! Like the dates! And your journal is wonderful! Of course you would rather do fun than clean, but that makes cleaning more fun! Sounds like a productive weekend!

  • Don’t you loooove cleaning?! (*Sarcasm*)
    I hear ya! My laundry pile is getting pathetic… so I really need to buckle down and get on it. So, good for you and your cleaning expedition. I should follow suit. Soon!

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