Play … (real life)

June 22, 2010 § 6 Comments

It’s ok to schedule play time.
It ensures that it occurs.

And so Nora took over (the first floor of ) our house on Saturday for a party.
A “game” party.

Now, everyone knows that the great thing about a party is that it gets your house in order (if it isn’t already and no, ours isn’t already.)
So, it was a plus to host it. A no brainer.
It was fun. (Yes, I said that!)
Floors were scrubbed, everything – even horizontal things like window sashes, baseboards, grillwork, everything – got vacuumed. And polished.
And the strange gluey  transparent stuff that comes from dog noses when they press said appendage against the patio doors and windows to look out was also clean, scrubbed and wiped into non-existence. (I know there’s “gorilla glue” but I’m thinking that whatever’s in a dog nose would also make for some remarkable glue or grip – yeah, call it “doggie grip.”)

The front porch was swept and flowers tweaked and pinched to perfection and watered, and all the rugs were shaken out and the back patio area was broomed and arranged, and while the sun was accommodating, making it a sunny high energy day, someone forgot to adjust it’s “impact” and the thermometer pushed up past 100 degrees.

Little matter. We were indoors. 
Nor demonstrated the teamwork between Netflix and Wii – a Brand About Town event (nope, I am not paid to mention them or talk about the event in any way, shape or form), and we all got to snack on catered yummies from Jason’s Deli, chow down without guilt on fresh popped popcorn, drink pink lemonade and play! 
(And Nor’s friends are so cool, they didn’t give a wink about the fact that we are still in the throes of renovating.)

Eight people, several of whom did not know one another, spent nearly two hours, talking, laughing and playing a chariot game with silly characters and soaring effects and also a game show that was a cross between trivia, “millionaire,” and jeopardy. Oh, the things we don’t know, and DO know!

I was perhaps most surprised at everyone’s willingness to take a game controller and jump into the game fray.
Fluently. Guests stepped up to the funny little game challenges, and on their way out, each rec’d a gift card with points to redeem games for Nintendo’s DSi or Wii.

I do know this:  It is important to know how the techno world works, about  it’s interplay, it’s apps and buttons and abilities, whether it’s about gathering info or taking a time out for entertainment. I may not own all the “smart” stuff (just give me a pencil and paper, no, really!) but you gotta know the techno stuff exists and maybe how to plug it all in together.

We forget to play.
We need to play.
We are good at it.
We learned it early.
It’s a survival skill.
Playing is like a social version of  yoga – it exercises us in glorious ways.
OK, stop reading this and go outside and play.

Fine. If you want to read, you know I’m not going to stop you. After all, reading is a version of playing, too, isn’t it? Just say yes.


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§ 6 Responses to Play … (real life)

  • jeanie says:

    Yes it is! But games are great! We often gather for game parties (though haven’t in a bit!) but I fear ours are more staid — no technology, just good old fashioned boards!

    There is something so tactile about the board game — setting it out, getting everything properly in place, doling out the money or the cards or the dice and playing tokens. When we were kids, we’d take the monopoly money and neatly stash it part way under the board, like a cash register drawer. Of course, there would always be some crafty soul who would surrepticiously (sp) slip a hundred or two or five UNDER the board, just for an emergency! Life and Careers and Scrabble and Monopoly — those were my faves.

    Now it’s Scrabble that gets me most and backgammon with Rick (not my game, but it’s a game!) I suspect the body could do with a little Wii!

    Sounds like a wonderful evening with terrific people — and aren’t you lucky they come around? This post so makes me smile! All that, and a spic and span house!

    • oh says:

      OK, when we get together, because we will, we need to try this Wii chariot game, just for laughs, although talking and walking will probably take precedence.

      BTW, is it in the rules (from our day) that the money gets tucked halfway under the board? I’m wondering because…our family did (and does) the same thing!!!!

  • Heather says:

    My friends and I have a game night every month. It’s sooo much fun.l We do old fashion games like Pictionary, Yazee adn Trivial Pursuit. Lots of laughter1

    • oh says:

      I love Pictionary. It gives me permission to be ridiculous because I canNOT draw! Oh, and you might want to try the game APPLES TO APPLES. It’s easy and simple, yet funny and conversation provoking and playing it with friends is sure to make it better, because you think you know them, but…It’s light and lively fun. Check it out.

  • Nora says:

    Love the new look! I think the next party I/we host should be a traditional board game night! Or some sort of Wii tournament; loser has to jump in the pool with their clothes on or something crazy 🙂

    • oh says:

      Excellent idea! we have all kinds of space-and-place for gaming! (or writers’ retreat – hahahah – silly inside joke) AND I would happily handle the kitchen aspect, treats and drinks – let me know! I’d probably be the first in the pool…just because.

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