How many purple martins make a home?

June 26, 2010 § 20 Comments

This gives new meaning to urban living in a pastoral setting.

(photo taken last Sunday (Father’s Day!) at Schorr Lake Winery, Waterloo, Illinois)


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§ 20 Responses to How many purple martins make a home?

  • We have a Purple Martin house that my husband never put up. I think I’ll be sending him this blog.

    • oh says:

      So glad you stopped by, Choc! I meant to write a dialogue that went along with the bird pictures, including what they were saying or singing or gossiping about.
      Might do it with the next animal pic I post! Please come again!

  • That’s awesome!

    My parents have become increasingly fond of bird watching as they age. We have this big bird feeder at our lake cabin but we jut can not seem to outsmart the squirrels and then they steal all the food from the birds. It’s somewhat humorous to me because my parents have really, really tried to outsmart them. A couple of weeks ago, my dad hung the feeder with fishline and then put this contraption on it that was supposed to make it tough for the squirrels to jump onto the feeder. They sat and watched the squirrels try to figure it out but the squirrels couldn’t. So they were like – yea, success! 2 weeks later, they were down at the cabin and the squirrels had figured it out. My dad was not happy!!

    Happy Saturday!

    • oh says:

      Lisa, I think that squirrels are the original engineers! they can figure stuff out, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had pencils and paper and worked in the moonlight to figure out maps to food supplies ’til they were successful. They are amazing at that (if not annoying). And we all keep trying to feed the birds – but inevitably, we end up feeding all the critters.

  • ds says:

    I haven’t seen a martin house since I was a kid. Thanks for the memory!

    • oh says:

      This one was between the vineyards and expansive cornfields, a rather high traffic zone for bugs and bits that martins might like!

  • Ruth says:

    Hi, Oh. I haven’t stopped by in so long. I’m sorry. But I always see what you post at Google Reader. 🙂

    I think Purple Martins are elegant. We often talk about building a house for them, I would love to see them swoop around the farm.

    • oh says:

      Ruth, I’ve been a bit of a shirker in terms of blogging but summer brings inspiration and with longer days, more time, it seems to blog (hmmm…)

      I’ve seen tons of purple martin houses, but nary a bird in or on them. This one was busy! Location, location, location! (at the edge of vineyards and a corn field.)

  • typehype says:

    What a great shot. It put a smile on my face.

  • qugrainne says:

    My mom gave me a rock for the garden with the inscription “bird sanctuary”….. unfortunately the cardinals took me at my word, and built a nest next to the pond this spring. Mama and papa took turns feeding and keeping an eye on their one, baby boy. Last week, I walked out in the morning to find poor baby on the path, never to fly again. I would rather blame the cat next door than my pups, but……
    These purple martins are beautiful. Love their condo, too!

  • oh says:

    Sorry to hear about the little cardinal’s demise. Drat. I don’t like it when we actually see the downside (by human interpretation) of nature being natural. Surely the doggies are innocent…?!

    How’s the garden going?

  • Bellezza says:

    That’s the kind of community living I like! Each with its own level, yet each able to enjoy the other’s company. What a shot you captured! (I’ve never been to Waterloo, IL, although I live in the darn state! 🙂

  • oh says:

    Dolce ! I keep forgetting we’re “neighbors!” We should at some point choose a meeting place for a day!

  • jeanie says:

    Wow — very impressed! I don’t think I know what a purple martin looks like. Gyp would have a field day!

    • oh says:

      Wouldn’t Gyp just love to sit and watch? This birdhouse was on a 20-foot pole. So everyone would be safe. Though I suspect Gyp would be swishing that tail around, perplexed and/or delighted!

  • Arti says:

    Wonderful photo, oh! It’s interesting that they all come out and visit at the same time. You’ve caught them in just the right moment!

    • oh says:

      Arti, I’ve never seen such a crowd of them – kinda like an NYC apartment building with all the tenants gabbing away, enjoying the weather and some conversation.

  • oh what a lovely sight!

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