All God’s children got thirst…

June 29, 2010 § 5 Comments

Two weeks ago…
Ooooweeee! Hot, hotti, hotamus, hotamant.  (conjugating the word “hot” in faux Latin.)
 The ground went from sponge green  squishy to dry gulch dust.
The color began bleaching out of the leaves.
The sky was white.
It was too hot to go barefoot, and that was true for all animals.
We were cleaning up outdoors, prepping to take the cover off the pool.

Archie (the squirrel) couldn’t stand it.
He threw aside all conventions of shyness and propriety, and he inched along the pool, and braved the cover (which will reportedly hold an elephant’s weight) to reach a small puddle caused by our hose as we had swept and swooshed things down to allay the heat. 
Archie desperately needed a drink.

Archie sipped at the water, (or maybe he was sucking it down – hard to tell with a squirrel at a distance) and he got some cool relief!

He shot us a look when he was done drinking, flickered his tail and dashed into the backyard woods where he leapt around, going higher and higher among the branches of Squirrel Highway, rattling the dry leaves. Such an actor!

One day ago…

Huck braved the back patio in order to be near us. Finally, his paws got too hot and he headed toward the back door to beg admittance, but hey! what was this? A beautiful bowl, placed at the perfect drinking height? Why, yes, thank you, I’d love a drink, he said and lapped the bowl nearly dry.

Now at closer examination this so called bowl is either bird bath or bird feeder – it’s the former. We load it with fresh water every day for bath and drinks! (Not recommended combo for humans!)

Huck, having had his fill, turned back to join us at the patio table, where he sat underneath in the shade until I scooped him up (it’s a bit difficult to scoop up a senior beagle – you can feel his recalcitrance as soon as his paws leave the earth) and walked him to the pool’s edge, then dipped his feet in the water. 

Nope, he’s neither swimmer nor water lover, but he held still in my arms as I dipped his back paws, then his front ones, which automatically churned slightly in the traditional doggie paddle. He snorted once I set him down, clearly annoyed, but pranced right over to HM, wagging, seemingly proud that at long last he’d gone into the pool. Not too much, paws only, just right.

And suddenly, there was Nora, bringing out lovely tall glasses of water, ice cubes clinking, for all of us at the table. Mmmmm and with slices of lime. 

Summer can be  such a five-star event. But not always, and not everywhere.
Help save the water for those who drink it and those who live in and on it.
Go here, to and help save the Gulf , help save the water, which is ultimately everyone’s water. 

There are dozens and dozens of organizations who make good drinking water a prime focus. Choose carefully. Here are two.
It’s focus is on Haiti, Africa and India, also pointing to the fact one in 8 people in the world do not have clean drinking water.
Focuses on the Caribbean islands, definitely Haiti and the Dominican, as well as Africa and beyond.

And there are plenty of companies who support clean air, clean water through their products, including Aveda (for those who have Aveda (products) hair.

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§ 5 Responses to All God’s children got thirst…

  • jeanie says:

    Does anyone write a post like you? The depth of detail but with simple, spare language — so I am right there with you, feeling that heat on my skin, my feet. Watching with delight as Archie drinks and cheering as Huck gets a dip. Sweet boy. (I’m thinking you need to get one of those cheap floor rugs at the dollar store for Huck to lay on outside! The carpet won’t be quite so hot as the patio floor!)

    Oh, yes — you nailed it. Summer is both divine with its warm sun and colors. But that sun can turn from warm to hot in a heartbeat and then, not so nice. But it sounds like you are celebrating it best as one can when it’s so hot you can barely move.

    Thanks for the links. A good selection. And a timely reminder. Happy Fourth of July, my friend!

  • Veronica says:

    Okay Archie has got to be the most adorable thing I’ve seen all day! I hate the hot weather so I feel for the animals!

    • oh says:

      J- Happy 4th to you and Gyp and Rick and Boyz – Glad you have the cabin opened up – what a wonderful respite to escape to a place on the lake.
      And thanks for the tip; i do have a nicel old cotton dhurrie rug that I’m putting out there for Huck. He doesn’t seem to diffrentiate between shade and sun. (sigh) And, I have a spray bottle of water for misting at least his paws.
      Looks like it’s going to be a rockin’ 4th! Cheers!

      Veronica – so glad to hear from you! As soon as I finish a bit of work this evening, I will be in “vacay” mode with the long weekend and hope to catch up on everyone’s blog…and do it outside on the patio! Such beautiful weather suddenly – much cooler and everyone is loving it. I am wearing a sweater.

      And reading! looking forward to a weekend of reading – how about you?

  • shoreacres says:

    A sweater???? Oh, my. I tend to forget what it’s like elsewhere.

    Actually, we’re happy here because we’re finally getting rain from hurricane Alex. Just rain, nothing bad. There’s been some flooding, but there’s often flooding, so we cope.

    The best part is there are puddles all around. The blackbirds are bathing, the ducks are marching through them and I’m sure there’s a child somewhere splashing in them. I’m happy for all the animals who don’t have a faucet to turn on when they’re thirsty.

    And good for you, for pointing to the importance of clean water. It’s always an issue in some places in the world – a good well can transform the life of a village. We need to be more aware of our own water. We think it’s clean, but the chemical and pharmaceutical residues are worrisome.

    And of course there are people all along the coast now worrying about their own water supplies in view of the blown-out well. (We need to stop calling it a “spill”.) Every bit of attention given to the issue helps – thanks for helping out!

  • Becca says:

    We definitely take water for granted, and I know there are so many people who don’t have this wonderful and necessary resource. Thanks for reminding me in such a wonderfully written and entertaining way 🙂

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