July 2, 2010 § 4 Comments

“That is not –  I repeat, that is ABSOLUTELY NOT….

“… a flower in my hair, I mean, feathers,” said Owl.

“It’s just a  silly sunflower, growing out of a crack…which the humans should fix and not spend time taking silly photos  of me as I engage in keeping watch.”


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§ 4 Responses to Owlish

  • jeanie says:

    Oh, but sometimes the things that grow out of the cracks are really the most glorious! And a sunflower? Who could tear out a sunflower? Pick it maybe, put it in a tall blue bottle. That’s OK. But tear it out, toss it unceremoniously in the trash bin? I think not!

    We all have our sentinels, don’t we!

    Off to the lake for the holiday and next week — so excited I can’t wait. Leaving shortly. I’ll try to check in from the library unless the great wi-fi fairy came and settled in near the house! Happy Fourth!

  • shoreacres says:

    Volunteers! That’s what that sunflower is, a volunteer.

    Volunteers are good because you didn’t have to pay for the seed or the plant, and yet, if you like it, you can collect the seed for next year and have more of them. Not only that, they’re often surprises – plants that have sprouted without giving you a clue what they’re going to be.

    Volunteers never, ever should be called weeds. Of course, I don’t think dandelions or thistles are weeds, so my view of things is slightly skewed!

  • ds says:

    I think the sunflower is just trying to show the owl a little love…

  • oh says:

    J- enjoying your pics from your stay at the lake! Yup, the sunflower is an escapee from last year’s plantings and the sole survivor following our patio makeover. We had so many seeds to plant, but they will wait. In the meantime, this little sunflower variety, likely “moved” by one of the birds, is a joyous sight, the grumpy owl statue notwithstanding!

    Shore – I love the term “volunteer” for this brave little seedling that became a bloom! (yes, we have even watered it from time to time, to keep it going)!

    DS – you’re right, the way it leans on the owl is an affectionate gesture to an old inanimate that we’ve had for years and which does not scare away a single thing, much less a flower!

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