July 17, 2010 § 8 Comments

Sometimes the smallest change has the largest impact.

Thus I have renamed my blog.
No new site, overall.
No new address.
No new look (yet, but you know I get restless.)
Just a new title to give myself some direction.
Saying “writer” helps aspire to it. 
Might make more sense of the blog going forward as well.

(OK, now stop singing the David Bowie song that this entry title may have brought to mind. Ugh. I’ve got it stuck in my head now, too.)


§ 8 Responses to Ch…Ch…Ch…Ch…Changes

  • shoreacres says:

    I like especially that you chose THIS writing life, rather than THE writing life.

    Particularity is one of the keys to good writing – being grounded in “this” life rather than “life-in-general”. It’s very much related to using “one” rather than “I”. Of course I prefer I!

    The only change I’ve made, really is my tagline – at the one year point I changed from “a new writer’s search for just the right word” to “a writer’s on-going search”, etc.
    I was supposed to have my sidebar rearranged by this weekend, but I’m still working on that!

    The title does set the scene, though – I like the change!

    • oh says:

      Thanks, Linda! You’re right, about “particularity being a key to good writing! Funny how certain little “adjustments” (aka “edits”, I suppose) can give better perspective, or focus or image or detail when writing.
      So, hou’re re-arranging your sidebar? Well, I’m hopping on over there later this evening to see what’s happening!

  • ds says:

    You have always been a writer,whether you gave yourself the title or not. Glad you have, though, because you’re right: everything is story-able. Story able. I like that!

    • Ruth says:

      May you write long, and prosper. Ok that’s bad, almost like not getting ch-ch-changes out of my head. But I mean it, this writing life is the best, isn’t it? It keeps me from getting depressed.

      • oh says:

        Ruth! glad to hear you agree on things being story-able. I have a journalism friend who does not buy into that at all. I suppose for her news-y job, it might not resonate. Isn’t it great we have the freedom to write whatever, finding stories in flowers, old barns, a bare foot, a stone rabbit?
        Yes, this writing life is the best, you’re right and keeps us from falling off the edge and always looking looking looking and recording it somehow.

  • Bellezza says:

    I like the name! And, changes are good…you’ll never get complaints from me with little tweaks (or big ones) to one’s template. Now, mess with my chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for my birthday and that’s a different story…

    • oh says:

      Dear B – LOL, on the b’day cake comment! Certainly that is the recipe for complete success – chocolate on chocolate – and no, nobody better mess with that!

  • jeanie says:

    Yikes! Gotta get in there and change my blog listing for you! But you’re always Oh to me! The name fits, though! Like it lots!

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