(while in WDC) Give me freedom…give me paper!

July 18, 2010 § 12 Comments

We found a store in Georgetown (WDC) that was new to me, Little Ms Midwest who knew nothing of it, ’til now. (sigh)
I loved it. 
Did they have any openings? (See, I always fall in love with whatever place I’m in, like Georgetown, and in this case, a store in Georgetown, so I start thinking of ways I could live there.) No, but they had some at the new store they were opening in Chevy Chase. (Me and retail? Ahahahaha.)

That notwithstanding, Paper Source scratched an itch, fulfilled a need, and presented itself in all sorts of cute, kitchy, charming, new look ways.
There is nothing quite so fine as browsing a cool shop unless it’s browsing with someone who also thinks it’s a cool shop – like Nora

Here are some of the “specialty” papers they offer that caught my summer fancy. Paper, like fashion, has a narcotic effect on  me.
I adore these “fish” papers that PS offers.

They are like a salute to the Gulf and its surrounds…
They’re like a Pisces-in-the-summer thing.

Paper Source pulls you in (it’s the siren call of paper and possibility) and does very little to kick you out. (No pictures allowed inside, though.) Of course, they’re on line at paper-source.com.  But the store experience trumps the online “shop.”

Not just for paper lovers…
The store has “gifties” you may not have seen before. And I believe it’s a haven for book lovers as well. Book lovers love paper after all.
Go ahead, ask a book lover. 
After all, a book lover will even include what he/she thinks of the paper the book is printed on when reviewing one.
In retrospect, I’d say the paper has even helped me like certain books, for instance, Elegance of the Hedgehog. I loved its smooth paper, its creaminess, it’s “elegance.”

What if a book was printed on scented paper, taking it a step beyond the tactile, to the next sense? What then? To what effect?


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§ 12 Responses to (while in WDC) Give me freedom…give me paper!

  • batikmania says:

    Like those papers too. The arrangements of the paper, envelope etc seems to be so nice. I think I’ll be “drowning” in the store, searching for beautiful papers and thinking of ideas what can I make from those beautiful pieces 😉 But I like plain paper too, to be written on it. 😉

    • oh says:

      Hello, Batikmania and thanks for stopping by! You’re right, too – plain paper is also wonderful, for writing on.
      I was wondering what kind of thinkg I’d write if I were writing on the fish paper. Would I write between the fishes or just scrawl on top of them, and in what color? Cool stuff, eh?

  • mandy says:

    I really enjoyed that store in Georgetown. So many beautiful examles of various papers and other little odds and ends that one doesn’t usually find (at least not in any store in my small town).

    • oh says:

      Mandy! Wasn’t that store fun? Sometimes you walk in a place and though you may have been in tons of stores, this one looks different – everything looks new. I mean, I was looking at stuff I’d not normally consider – ok, and even bought some things, but off the sale shelf! I got some manila folders with designs on them. The good thing is, I really need them. And then there was that whole table about cupcakes – now, really, do I need cupcake stuff? No, but I loved it all.
      Anyway, again, it was so cool to meet you – go, bloggers!

  • jeanie says:

    You have NO idea how insanely envious — no, worse. Jealous — I am of you going to this incredible store! Amazing. I would fall in and never get out. Ever. You’d find me there next day/week/month/year! Unbelievable!

    • oh says:

      Jeanie – amazing, huh, how many “paper” places there are to explore? so I checked locations on the Paper Source – none near you but here’s the list in case you’re up for a road trip:
      New Jersey
      North Carolina
      Washington d.c.

      IN the meantime, looks like you have plenty of fun stuff to work with – what IS it that draws us into these stores, this “papermania?” I dunno, but it’s fun.

  • julietwilson says:

    lovely papers there, yes i think most booklovers love paper too, looks like a fine shop to browse in!

    Crafty Green Poet

    • oh says:

      Now the only thing they have to sell along with these fine papers and paper things is the “time” in which to work on paper products. Actually, I’m kinda serous. We’re talking about rewarding people at work wtih time off rather than a monetary bonus. (yeah, both would be nice, but people are longing for more vacation.)

  • Diane says:

    This looks like an awesome store. I love ALL things paper…LOL These are gorgeous.

  • Ruth says:

    Ohhh. Yes. We have a paper heaven in Ann Arbor too. I go into a trance there. I buy a few, for wrapping paper for special gifts. And they have beautiful things like journals too. They even have home made papers in the back. And the store itself is lovely and old, with an old wood floor. Think I need to go soon . . .

    Love the fishies, it’s so nice to think about healthy happy fish.

  • Arti says:

    Oh… this is my kind of store. I was visiting WDC some years ago, but didn’t have time to explore Georgetown. These papers here are beautiful. I used to immerse in paper arts and crafts a while back but now is fully into blogging 🙂 No time for much else. And… I really like your new blog design and specifically, your new title. BTW, a day in a month just for museum/gallery hopping sounds great… they should legislate it!

  • Nora says:

    Let’s go to KC for the Paper Source store 🙂 Or do some shopping online!

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