Barbie and Midge, amok in St. Louis

August 17, 2010 § 8 Comments

Sue at Typehype mentioned Ken (of the incomparable Barbie&Ken duo not totally unlike that TV pairing, “Hart to Hart”).
I mentioned Midge and seek to clarify Barbie’s young friend for Sue, who wasn’t sure she remembered her. 
Midge, a ’60s creation sans psychedalia shares the giant shiny black Barbie case in the back of my closet with my original patent-pending Barbie doll.  

Opening the case to find them was like opening  a book into my past and finding shoes, Barbie BBQ accessories, miniscule purses, Barbie’s nurse outfit, all kinds of things, brought back memories of the store in which I shopped to get Barbie clothes, saving allowances, and even once getting my parents to indulge in Barbie’s dream house. Egads.

I didn’t enjoy dolls per se as much as I did the fashion. Picking up on this, my grandmothers, mother and aunt all pitched in and knit some fabulous outfits, which I still also have.

Anyway, I promised Sue that I would picture Midge and so here are my oops-the-sun-is-setting-and-I-don’t-have-a-lot-of-light pictures snapped for old times sake.

“Creepy,” said HM. “The pictures, I mean. OK, interesting.”
No, he meant creepy.
Though I didnt’ intend them to be.
I”ll try again in the full summer light.

This is Midge in an official Barbie trademark dress, but geez, it’s awfully “Talbots”-y.

And here’s my bubblecut Barbie. You could have the ponytail or “bubblecut” Barbie back then. I didn’t care a lick for ponytails. Bubblecut was all the fashion rage. Note that Barbie’s ensemble is a simple floral sheath that smacks, somewhat, of a Holiday Inn lounge get up. There is also a matching bolero jacket (not shown), purse and matching blue shoes (high heels, bien sur.)

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§ 8 Responses to Barbie and Midge, amok in St. Louis

  • Damyanti says:

    Definitely creepy in a mystery-story kind of way. These pics would make great writing prompts!

    • oh says:

      D – yeah, they’re definitely creepy. I just didn’t know how to photograph them and for some reason, took them outdoors. Well, clearly, Barbie and friends weren’t the outdoor type! Anyway, yes, maybe good for a writing prompt…

  • Sue Z says:

    Thanks for digging out your Midge and Barbie just for me, Oh! I love these photos– very surreal — and your hilarious descriptions of their outfits. “Holiday Inn lounge” — that cracked me up. A great way to start the day, with a much-needed laugh.

    Back in the 80’s, I was lucky enough to view a private screening of an art film about The Carpenters (singing duo) — starring Barbie and Ken! Your shots, with the owl and the tree, remind me of that strange and funny film. Their great. I didn’t know about Barbie’s bubble cut. Love it.

    • oh says:

      T – Really? an art film with the Carpenters and the dolls? that’s an odd pairing – intriguing. And who would have thought?

      Yeah, these are crazy pics, here, but now it’s got me thinking of a photo story…not sure I can pul it off, but maybe worth a try. Too bad I gave away the dream house lo these many years ago. But how much stuff can you save?

      Hope your art is going well and that work can take a backseat to it. It would also be nice if there were more hours in the day…!

  • mandy says:

    I used to play with my mom and aunts Barbies from their childhood. A few of them had hairstyles like your dolls. Thanks for bringing back some fun memories. I still have some of the collectible Barbies that I leave displayed.

    • oh says:

      Hey, Mandy! I loved the collectible Barbies. We used to get one for Nor every Xmas for awhile. Hey, I wonder if she has them stashed somewhere? Not sure, because along came so little cousins and I think they were allowed to play with everything….hmmm….

  • jeanie says:

    I was a little old for Midge. But oh, I loved my bubble cut Barbie. I had pony-tail Barbie first, but a redheaded bubble cut was my fave! We’d build furniture by stacking the encyclopedias and it was such fun!

    These are a tad creepy. They remind me of a full-bodied sexier version of Jane Rosemont’s Secret Keeper photos of weird dolls. (When she moved to Santa Fe, I bought one of her prints… I have NO idea where to put it…)

    • oh says:

      Jeanie – These pictures really are “odd”, (creepy!), you’re right! But I think doll pictures are kinda weird overall.

      I’m trying to adjust to using my “real” camera since my point-and-shoot bit the dust a few weeks ago. I really must read the book/manual.

      Loved your dish and antique shop pictures…all little stories in and of themselves.

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