Tuesday…Blushing doggerel

August 24, 2010 § 13 Comments

Penless, I rap-tap-slapped some morning doggerel after snapping pics with steam on the lens ( because it’s still jungle-esque here
and things made of glass just can’t take it).

Song of the early a.m. M Glories
We curl.
We unfurl.
We are truly
all girl.
In fact, if we weren’t on this vine,
 we would twirl.
And we’re urban, not  rur’l.

Baby Bloom
Slow waker, shy faker, high stake-r, magic maker…
‘Tis not the bantam that  makes rise this flower
but the morning light, creeping, creeping, creeping to the bower.


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§ 13 Responses to Tuesday…Blushing doggerel

  • shoreacres says:

    Oh, that second photo is wondrous! And along with your words, I think of:

    …the force that through the green fuse drives the flower
    drives my green age….

    Can’t you just see the force, starting to unfurl it?

    • oh says:

      Shore – Lovely! the “…green fuse drives the flower…” Yup, kinda wish I sat there and watched the unfurling. Poetry has us believe that we would see it…would be a fine way to spend some time, yes?

  • typehype says:

    Oh, you have the soul of a poet. Keep writing!

    • oh says:

      Thanks, T. I’m still convinced poets see things that we don’t all see. And they (the poets) push us to be better writers. sigh. Hey! hope you like Mary Oliver – let me know!

      • typehype says:

        I will definitely order one of Oliver’s books. And speaking of poets and poetry, last night I downloaded “Bright Star” from Netflix. It’s Jane Campion’s film (wrote, directed) about John Keats. It’s superb! Visually stunning, his poetry recited throughout, heart-rending acting. I highly recommend it. An escape into beauty.

  • mandy says:

    Such great poetry and beautiful pictures.

    • oh says:

      You are so sweet – hope your writing is going well, too!
      Look forward to your stories after this weekend’s excellent adventure!!!

  • jeanie says:

    You’ve been reading your Mary Oliver, haven’t you! I love this poem and these photos — morning glories are a favorite.

    I had that steam thing going on in Myrtle Beach. Possibly one of my favorite pix is from that experience — it’s Rick and he looks like a Monet painting!

    • oh says:

      Jeanie – That “fog” on the lens makes for a great special effect though I was primarily annoyed with it (always afraid it will wreck my camera somehow…) Sounds like your picture of Rick was a wonderful “fogged lens” accident, too!

  • Richard says:

    I love GrandPa Ott morning glories. Grow as perennials here in east central MO. And hummingbirds love to drill into the dusky pollen. Nice catch! Hope to meet you one day if you are ever in St. Louey…..

    • oh says:

      Richard – Grandpa Ott! what a great name for these little beauties which I would have thought were “Purple furls” or “Hollyhat glories.” This changes things a bit. Should try writing another piece, knowing the flower’s true name!

  • ds says:

    “the morning light creeping, creeping, creeping through the bower.” Love it!
    Never knew morning glories had attitude 😉

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