October 6, 2010 § 10 Comments

So we worked out our relationship.
Me and the library.

I posted some time back about breaking up with the public library because it so often couldn’t dish and deliver the book(s) I was after. And I couldn’t work out the 2-week borrow time. Just not enough time.
And, I wished for a comfortable place there to read and maybe enjoy a coffee.

Well, I caved. I know it takes two to make a relationship, but the onus for this one was all pretty much on me –
that was clear enough. The library was not going to change its 2-week borrowing policy (altho’ renewals are allowed 2 times…only).
It was not going to add a cafe.
And it wasn’t going to add wing chairs and reading lamps among the hard wooden study tables and chairs.

But I am willing to change…for now.
I renew on line.
I have a library card on my keychain and stop in there as I would a bookstore.
It’ s like shopping. I enjoy shopping. That’s all I had to figure out.

Yup, me and the library.
Together again.
For now.

Book recommendations:
MURDER IN MARAIS is an Aimee Leduc mystery, recommended by Jeanie. However, given the above stack and the time limit, I have perused this one and decided that: a) I have to take it out solely, without other books or b) this one deserves a purchase, especially considering there are many more in the series and I adore having series on our bookshelves and then sharing them with the family. So yeah, I expect this one to be good, having read the first 20 pages.

THE ORCHID THIEF…I’ve wanted to read this since I saw the movie ADAPTATION (2002).  An odd, offbeat thing, I was entranced with the whole thing and how it worked, structurally and curious about Susan Orlean’s book. So there it is in the stack. Any good?

BAREFOOT was recommended by a friend. I have begun that one as well. It does not require a lot from me. I can read it for 10 minutes before falling asleep. (except that it’s a heavy book, and prone to make a thwack! should the reader fall asleep holding it.)

I’ve already returned the David Sedaris book, hoping to find it on a bargain shelf for purchase one day.

I haven’t begun but will not yet return the book (also pictured) called SUMMER READING in great part because I adore summer, will not let go of it (not just yet – I love my sandals and flip flops!) and intend to spin through that one which appears to be chick lit. Yes, I enjoy chick lit!

As for AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A WARDROBE, I have something to say about that in the next blog or two….stay tuned.

And if the cool weather keeps up, I’m getting out the winter blankets and curling up on the couch and will try to figure out a way to have the library books delivered.
Really, I do think the library could give a little in this relationship.

Happy reading, and if you’ve read THE ORCHID THIEF, please let me know what you think of it!


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§ 10 Responses to Reconciliation…

  • The saving grace of living in the middle of nowhere is the library gives me 4 weeks to read the books I want haha

  • jeanie says:

    Hooray! A new post! And Double Hooray! You’re reading “Marais!” I’m glad you like it so far! I was very fond of this one, perhaps because the neighborhood was near where I stayed, or who knows!

    I have tickets for David Sedaris’ appearance at the bookstore, but I’m 213 in the signing line, which means I probably will not buy (yet) or be signed. And they won’t let us take pix. But still, I have to go! (November. Plan ahead!)

    Glad you and the PubLib kissed and made up! Cheerio!

  • typehype says:

    I loved the Orchid Thief! I discovered it later on, after all the hooplah of its release — what a great adventure story, full of quirky characters, all of them real, and great writing. Loving orchids enhanced the enjoyment for me. Hated the movie version, “Adaptation” — mostly because of the Nicholas Cage twin thing. So dumb. I couldn’t believe they permed his hair (or his wig — whatever) to create two of him. Yikes.

    I’m glad you’re giving the library another chance. If you take out one book at a time — I know, hard to do because they’re FREE — you will probably read it in the allotted time. It’s like having a deadline, kind of. And if the book’s no good, you just slip it down the return shoot and choose another. I’m intrigued by “Autobiography of a Wardrobe.” I haven’t heard of that book and am curious about it, given the title, and more so because I work across the street from Bergdorf’s. I’ve become a fashion junkie – through my eyes only, unfortunately. Who can afford those prices?

  • Bellezza says:

    Those are good reasons for making peace…it’s nice to see the library evolve into a more considerate place: notifying us via email when our books are due, being willing to hold the cherished book we want assuming they own it. I’ll give a grudging acceptance too, although I’m still draggin my heels a bit.

    LOVE the look of your blog! It’s so very fresh and always appealing.

  • Ruth says:

    I pretty much am beyond grateful that I get a 6 month check-out for my university library. (!) But sometimes I take it for granted, and the books pile up, and I forget about them. But then I get an email notice that one is due, and I renew online, and I have it for another 6 months!

    It took me 1 year to finish The Ambassadors by James. Imagine doing that on your 2-week limit.

    But I quite like how you talked yourself through this for yourself. Enjoy those books!

  • ds says:

    So glad you and the library have made up. I did read The Orchid Thief a while back, and enjoyed it. She has an interesting style. Have fun with the rest of your stack, too!

  • Bellezza says:

    um…came back to say I stole this theme for my own now. 😉

  • shoreacres says:

    I’m glad you and the library made up. And I’m curious about Marais since I spent some time in le bois mauvais marais when I was in Louisiana last time.

    Speaking of shopping, I wish to goodness there was a store where I could buy more time!

  • Bone Daddy says:

    Books are our friends and we love them, blemishes and all. And yes, it is a joy to read a used book and not only “get” the book wisdom, but also to grok a bit of the lives of the readers who touched the tome before you did. Part of the great/little synchronicities in this crazy world that keep us connected despite efforts to chop us into little pieces. Thanks for sharing. You can turn my pages and dog-ear my margins anytime!

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