not cool…but there’s humor in here somewhere

October 21, 2010 § 9 Comments

Following my “cool” trend over the last few blogs, I now direct my attention to “uncool.”
Herein, a few definitions of “totally not cool”  :
   Dragging your job around with you, after the workday has ended.
   Eating standing up at the kitchen counter. When you just come in the door from work. Without even changing clothes first.
   Your old and beloved dog can’t wag his tail cuz his little old arthritic hips hurt.
   Going through the files looking for an account number. Too bad filing has gone untouched for awhile. Like, for weeks.
   Wondering exactly what it is that you forgot to do today. Something…? Maybe not.
   Wanting to write. Something. Having the attention span, however, of a flea.
   Turning on the TV. Turning it off.

maybe not cool but certainly not totally uncool…
   Turning on FM and dancing to ’80s tunes, like Devo, J Giles Band and Madonna, yes, Madonna (La Isla Bonita).

Sometimes a girl just has to get her “cool” back.


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§ 9 Responses to not cool…but there’s humor in here somewhere

  • mandy says:

    My heart hurts a little when I read the sentence about your dog. Some days you just have to find the cool in unexpected places. I’m convinced a good dance party just might have the potential to solve all sorts of problems. I had one in my cube earlier this afternoon to Journey’s Dont Stop Believing.

    • oh says:

      Dear M – Huck is now able to do a tip-tip-tip of a wag with his tail. We suspect he’s feeling better and have witnessed him “skipping” so whatever muscle was hanging him up seems to be in better shape!

      And yes, the dancing works. i don’t know why we don’t all dance more (other than the fact that many of us aren’t “good” or “studied” dancers, but heck, that doesn’t matter.

  • My not cool:

    – The fact that I haven’t really properly cleaned my condo in like months. My parents are comign to stay with me in early november so I WILL clean it by then… I think…
    – I have barely read lately. I think I will have maybe read one book in October. I usually read 3-5/month.

    • oh says:

      Lisa – Seems that just when we master one “cool,” another one that needs tending pops up on our radar. It’s great to have an external reason for cleaning, otherwise, it seems so…boring? unnecessary? Sometimes I invent a party just so we’ll clean, though lately there has been some talk of hiring someone to clean and I am not going to discourage such talk!

      As for reading, what is UP with not having time lately? Me, too, usually several in a month (nothing heavy, mind you, but important and entertaining all the same!)

      Here’s to cleaning and reading and not necessarily in that order!

  • aubrey says:

    I was cooking dinner for myself and Boyfriend, listening to some klezmer music on the radio. I was dancing to it.

    Cool, or uncool?

  • oh says:

    Aubrey – dancing and cooking – TOTALLY cool! And klezmer music was originated in part for dancing, right?
    Yup, you are on the cool-o-meter for sure!

  • Ruth says:

    Filing? We’re supposed to file?

    I feel that by posting this post of un-cool things you show how cool you are. And I REALLY like this template, the fonts, all of your presentation.

    • oh says:

      Hi, Ruth! Glad you like the template. I’ve settled down now in my search for one and will try to stick with it for more than a month!!!
      As for filing, um, well, yeah, I try to keep certain files – seems family is always asking for this and that and I like having it easily available. On the other hand, however, I have four huge bags of old stuff and documents that wants shredding or burning. Drat. This kind of stuff just gets layered. Maybe just shoving it in desk drawers was a better plan!

  • jeanie says:

    I am SO uncool… Everything you listed (except dancing to Madonna) is part of my daily whirl. Oh, and the dog, since the Gyp is a cat. But everything else…

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