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November 14, 2010 § 11 Comments

Book on Snarl’s coffee table.

Writing accomplished this week:
1)  Several emails to HM while we were both at work because on some weekday mornings, we pass one another like ships in the night, juice in hand, a quick sticky kiss and out the door ’til home for dinner.
2)  Several pages in my journal just prior to class, to “catch up,” to say I wrote something.
3)  A marketing flyer, assisting on a  re-write at work, along with dozens of pages of tech reports (you realize of course that these do not count)
4) The menu for our Thanksgiving dinner
5)  Labels on file folders as I (slowly) work my way through cleaning up our file drawers (yes, this has been going on for several weeks)
6)  My name on a sign up sheet at class.
7) Two entries in the checkbook
8)  Notes in the margin of the pages as I read CREATIVE JOURNALING by Stephanie Dowrick (my copy so scribbling within is OK)

Egads, I think that’s it.

We did a road trip to University to visit Snarl yesterday (Saturday).  Such trips are (too) rare and always spontaneous, including whatever we do when we get there. He had cleaned his apartment. We brought coffee and (healthy) muffins. (Snarl is a healthy eater and works fitness into his daily routine. No point bringing him drive-through breakfasts.) Chit chat, a walk around his neighborhood where he can tell you bits and pieces on people he knows (really, too bad he doesn’t want to stick with journalism; he has an eye and ear for it. But to his point, journalism has gone “off,” reporting for a days on a cruise ship fire when indeed many other things are likely newsworthy. I digress.)

We then got on campus, only minutes from his door, and the place was swarming with students and fanatics since his U is heady with football success this year and likely will be for several years to come. Everyone was in black and gold; it was all great fun and the air was filled with the smells of tailgate bbqs.  I wonder sometimes why I didn’t opt for a major university myself.

We ducked into the campus bookstore; HM stayed outside, the motor running since I would only be inside a minute – I was on a mission to pick up a Christmas present.  And found it easily. Oh yes, the Christmas season is well underway, certainly in mood and demeanor if not in decor.

Snarl knows everyone in the town. I do not exaggerate. We parked and walked about looking at shops and found a warm spot in a cafe bakery that was also filled with the artwork of one of his friends. I snapped pictures of it and concurrently made some people nervous. No, I’m only photographing the art on the wall, I explained, smiling. Snarl gets major points for routing some of the coolest places to eat and browse, which we did more of later after eating and talking. I had forgotten how good Boursin tastes on a REAL baguette.

Gaffe…don’t have the artist’s full name; it’s BEN _____?!  I will find and return to fix here.

In search of gloves, oh yes it was cold now, thank you very much oh blustery west wind, we found some and still perambulating, Snarl got a call from a colleague who needed “models” for a phoot shoot for the university magazine. Sure, we’ll do it, he assured said colleague. An hour later, HM, Snarl and I walked into a professor’s home and sat at the dining room table with a fourth model in order that a “different sort of Thanksgiving, one that included all kinds of international foods” could be  photographed. We all warmed to our roles (and rolls!) and at the end of an hour, became quite a good little faux family, toasting one another with glasses of water, eating with chopsticks, Snarl surprising us with his Walmart roast chicken carving abilities, HM emceeing the hilarity and ensuring everyone had a fortune cookie and there was much rumination on how the cactus on its platter might actually be grilled and eaten along with the giant sugared fruits from the Mexican store on Broadway. We left sometime after sunset, wishing all a fine holiday to come.

No, there was not a whole lot of writing going on this week. Perhaps more “doing” than  writing.
Fodder, eh? 
I hope so. I’m bursting to get something on the page.

Scene from Snarl’s bookshelf…


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§ 11 Responses to what writing …

  • shoreacres says:

    I’m laughing with delight – couldn’t hold down your internal editor, could you? I’m laughing, too, at the addition of #s 7 and 8. Amazing, how many and various kinds of writing we do in the course of a day.

    You know, I actually have a little “favorites” file called “Blog Fodder”. I just went and peeked, since I haven’t been there for a while. I was amazed how much I’d forgotten – and was delighted at the discoveries.

    I’ve been delighted by your description of your day, too, which is why I’ve been back a couple of times – to soak it all in. It sounds so blessedly normal, perfectly ordinary – a day available for going this way or that as you pleased.

    And such a gentle reminder that as we move toward the holiday season we need to be open to “faux families” as well as our “real” families. After all, there are lots of people with no family, and faux families can give love, too!

    • oh says:

      Linda! and now you have me laughing, having caught me!!!! yup, couldn’t hold out on “going back” altho’ it’s against blog rules (that someone or other has put to paper.)

      I must confess that I get so caught up in family tradition that I forget how cool it is to go beyond it. We “almost” had three ‘new’ guests for T Day dinner this year and I was pretty excited about it. But one got sent back to Africa (more on that later) and the other two just found out that they would be able to entertain family after all (a good thing!)

      If we actually make it into the student magazine, I’ll share. It will be most amusing.

      Hope all is well…big hugs, O

  • jeanie says:

    Well, my dear — you may have tons of fodder, but I think what you had most of was wonderful memories, spending time with a son who wanted to spend it with you, seeing his world, participating with his friends and visiting his places. That is so unbelievably wonderful, it just makes me smile all over. I can tell that this was a special, lovely weekend — and really, isn’t that all we want with our kids? A special time, filled with love and adventure and new things?

    So don’t worry about not spending hours doing YOUR writing (vs. tech reports and rewrites and sign-in sheets). And I don’t think you are — I’d tell you to celebrate every minute on your weekend with Snarl — except I can also tell you already are!

  • oh says:

    Deat J, how right you are! wonderful to spend the weekend outta here yet “en famille.” A treat overall for everyone. And kind of a “soft” kickoff to the holidays!

  • litlove says:

    This all sounds delightful! What an adventure to end up ‘models’ at a strange dining table and to turn it into an impromptu party. There’s a short story in there, I have no doubt! Impressed by your list of writing – I forget that words not put to service of an ms are still words and worth counting!

  • mandy says:

    I haven’t done as much actual writing as I hoped to accomplish lately either. Seems like it took a back seat to spending lots of time with a cousin recovering from surgery, reading others words, and catching up on some much needed sleep.

    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend with your son. What fun memories of a Thanksgiving shoot, a big college town, and creating new memories with your family.

  • RL says:

    Having children is the holy grail of a loving marriage. Your Snarl sounds like one together young man and a blessing to be sure. Would be interesting to hear you tell how your husband/Snarl’s Dad took to the Day In Snarl’s World event. Keep writing. I bet you fill up many notebooks. How lucky they are to have your attention.

  • Jeannine says:

    LOL . . . two entries in the check book!
    Love, love, love your description of your time with snarl – such love and pride in your son, how happy he makes you.
    You really have two great kids oh, and they both adore you. What a wonderful Mom you have been.

  • rosaria says:

    I’ve taken a side step and landed on your door-step to be welcomed by chirping sounds and a cornucopia of delightful information. Thank you for the open door.

  • rosaria says:

    i might have left before posting my remark. just a note to say how delighted i was to find myself here. R.

  • Becca says:

    I really enjoyed the description of your day – felt as if I were tagging along with you! The “faux” Thanksgiving dinner is a priceless experience. I bet you can’t wait to see the photos.

    It sounds like your son is making the absolute most of his college days – which is as it should be 🙂

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