Beginning with thanks…

November 25, 2010 § 11 Comments

The Holiday begins with Thanksgiving. Not purposely.
But really, it’s the eve of eves.
It’s the holiday of holidays, with feasting and remembering, thanking and praising.
I love it. I love Thanksgiving more and more, more than I remember from last year and the year before that:
   the creativity of being in the kitchen after days and days and days in corporate settings and deadlines
   the family around, hooting and laughing and reminiscing and tasting things and trying things on the stack of  platters that translate from pantry to pieces of art stacked with food on the table (and I wish everyone could come to share in it)
   the dogs so polite, staying close but remembering what “back up” and “go!” mean
   the ease of cooking, in fact the enjoyment of it when one has time
   looking at HM across the room and silent affirmation of thanks for being able to put on a Thanksgiving production
   having Christmas music on the sounds system and holiday movies (sometimes on mute) playing on the TV
   calling friends and family and going long on the conversations and making plans
   emailing e-cards even tho’ yeah, we’ll be doing the hand-written ones, but this is the first blush of the holiday season and it’s silly not to effervesce
   Skype-ing with friends and family and getting a video tour thus of my brother’s house
   unplugged, not thinking (in a pressured way) about decorations or shopping or anything. Just putting out piles of things, like celery sticks and sliced cukes with Ranch dip and stuffed dates, three kinds of olives, and cheese & prosciutto roll ups and slices of cinnamon cake and wait, what? egg nog? oh, yes please, pour me some, thanks, the turkey isn’t ready yet, but all the other things are done and clapping in their pots, waiting….

Scenes from Lochcrest today.
Happy Thanksgiving to all. Thank you for every single thing and for all of you.

(photo using the “backlit” filter)
Always first up on the stove top T’Day morning – the fresh cranberries, boiling and bursting and gorgeously red

Steamy in the kitchen, freezing outside.

hmmmm…snow trumps outdoor hors d’oeuvres…

(photo using the “sketch” filter)
the dining room, getting set for the feast

Snarl, showing the Ancient Beagle some love

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§ 11 Responses to Beginning with thanks…

  • litlove says:

    What a lovely post! A very very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, oh. It sounds like you had the perfect time together.

  • anno says:

    So beautiful! And just as I had imagined it from your comment… a lovely, lovely Thanksgiving.

  • ds says:

    Ah, lovely.May your entire weekend be filled with such joys, my friend (egads, we had snow, too!).

  • mandy says:

    Hope that you had a fantastic Thanksgiving. It sounds as if it was full of many wonderful moments. I always love the family, the friends, the talking, the playing of board games (Blokus is the current favorite), and just soaking up every single moment.

  • oh says:

    LL – Honestly, to have these lovely unscheduled days together…such bliss! Thankfully the holidays free us all from our perception of our schedules.
    I have in the past two days become rather fond of cooking. And I’m eyeing a recipe to make a Christmas pudding – tasty? I dunno but they always delightful in the movies (A Christmas Carol, for one).

    Mandy – Day 2 of Thanksgiving and I’ve just eaten another plate that overall imitated yesterday’s. Blokus? Really? Completely new to me but you can be sure I’m looking up this game! We LOVE games and this is the imte of year for them, non?

    DS – thanks for your lovely wishes and funny to see that snow thing showing up – but then, it’s time, right? We were getting used to the temperate weather and then – bingo! we were getting sleet that turned to a lovely fluffy snow. What wonderful timeing as we prepared Thanksgiving dinner and the windows became steamy with the contradictory temps on either side of the glass panes!

    Anno – Great to hear from you!

  • jeanie says:

    How do I love this post — let me count the ways.

    I love how it wraps me up in warmth and love, fragrance and color, and takes me a place of joy.

    I love how your words make me “see” your world, even before I view the photos.

    I love the sketch filter and need to figure out how to do that.

    I love that photo of Snarl and the Beagle, which is a real treasure.

    I love how I can step into your world and feel joyful.

    I love how how it reminds me so very much of why I just love your friendship and the pleasure visiting you brings me.

    I’m glad you Thanksgiving was “just right” — and I send you belated wishes!

  • Arti says:

    What a beautiful and heartwarming post… I’m a couple days late to arrive here to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. From your post here, I know you must have had a wonderful family time. Love all your pics but especially the sketch. Guess by now you would have gone through your ‘Black Friday’ shopping which is on the news even here.

  • Becca says:

    This was just beautiful! I felt as if I’d been at your house 🙂

    I’m glad you had such a memorable day.

  • Bella Rum says:

    Thank you, thank you. I just loved this post. What a wonderful description of your Thanksgiving. It was positively joyful, and I’m so glad you had such day. A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  • Becky says:

    I’m late to the game but I hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving!

  • oh says:


    Arti- ah, yes, Black Friday! My daughter Nor and I have a tradition of getting up and going out there. We rarely have a list or reason; we just enjoy being out early and looking around and feeling quite the opposite of stressed or hurried. And then we go to breakfast together and make lists. Following breakfast this year, we went to the home center; we needed new Xmas trees and I was intent on getting them. We did. Two 7.5 foot trees. And it was only when we got to the partking lot that we realized the size of our trees vs the size of my 2-door Honda civic. There was a great deal of laughing, the kind where you laugh so hard you can’t do anything else. And people were coming over to offer us assistance. It was hilarious and everyone was so nice and of course those trees fit into the car and off we went, still laughing! There’s something special about Black Friday but it has little to do with buying electronics on sale!

    Becca- I’ve been meaning to tell you that this is the first year we don’t have Xmas tickets to the Cathedral. Our beloved director has decamped to Philly (?) and he was so much a part of it. We are now going about looking for holiday musical events. I hope you are playing somewhere – it’s such an integral part of the holiday, well, of life, actually, right?

    BellaRum- Thanks for your good wishes. This is day 4 of Thanksgiving “break” (back to work tomorrow) but wow, how delightful to take my time in the kitchen AND have time to step in and out of blogworld at will! What a treat.

    Becky – thanks for stopping by! I just bopped over to your place where I have greatly admired the pictures and your thoughts on holidays and family, and greater faith and less stress. Happy Holidays!

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