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December 4, 2010 § 16 Comments

There is still a great deal of decorating to be done, mostly because the household loves Christmas, loves living in the midst of it, the green, the gold, the red, the reindeer, the Christmas trees, the angels, the creche, the fire in the hearth.

But tonight, having written a few cards and strung lights on the balcony and enjoyed a long lunch at a cantina after a week of full tilt corporate projects and really early mornings alone in the kitchen, writing, writing, writing ’til the freelance piece was handed in yesterday, tonight I’m recharging, writing notes to old friends and just saying “hey” out there in Blogworld.

Book Recommend:
One of the bookshelves in my office just fell apart as I tried to move it just a little to center it under a painting. Fell. Completely. Apart.
Annoyed I have sworn not to ever buy one of those DIY things again. It’s already out back by the garbage can. And every book on it is stacked in one of three giant stacks agains the wall where the shelf was.  What’s my point? I can’t think of a book at the moment. I can’t think of one that should join this stack. Surely by morning, my bookshelf-failure-and-concomitant-mess- annoyance will have dissipated. I am somewhat concerned that this is a sign that I shouldn’t have anymore books. Til I’ve read all the ones I have.  That can’t be, can it?
OK, ok, who are we kidding here? But I’m going to go a little off track and rather than a book, mention a magazine.
Martha Stewart’s LIVING December 2010 issue.
Just got it yesterday to celebrate being out at lunch with a writer friend.
Will I do any of the recipes within?
Will I set the table just so, copying the pages?
Maybe, maybe not.
But a holiday magazine is a powerful indulgence and I recommend it, whether you’re an Art, a Lifestyle, a Crafts, a Lit or a Hollywood magazine lover, this is the month to have one; they’re all glitzy and decked out.

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§ 16 Responses to holiday warm…

  • Ruth says:

    I see your cloved orange, and I remember my mother, who made them and placed them around the house at Christmas. I realize more each year that when I pull out Christmas, it is my mother I pull out.

    Thank you.

  • jeanie says:

    I can just smell your kitchen or table with that orange and all the sweet love!

    I have that Martha mag — and I probably won’t have time to do much if any of it (I’m having trouble finding time to finish reading it!) but that easier bouef bourg. looked pretty tasty!

    Happy weekend! (Don’t you want a new bookcase? I do! Maybe it was giving you a hint!)

    • oh says:

      Dear Ruth, In fact, on Thanksgiving, as she wanted to do something to help, it was my Mom who did this cloved orange.
      Here’s to mothers and daughters, holidays and traditions old and new. Happy Christmas, Ruth, to you and yours!

      Jeanie – Oh boy, we’ll be back in the kitchen soon enough cooking up Christmas! In the meantime, all that “other” stuff to do. BTW, our Rotary did not do the baskets this year; thus, I didn’t commission anything from the Gypsy! (hope you’ll have a year-end sale, though!) Yes, hoping for a new real non-DIY bookcase!

  • mandy says:

    Our house is all decorated for the holidays and now I’m making lists of cookies to bake, gifts to buy, and fun things I want to do in the next month or so. Of course I’ll lose the lists but its actually being in the moment that counts.

    Hope you’re having a great month!

  • Richard says:

    Love the gold star candle- looks artisan-made.Did I see you at a recent wreath-making class? I was the one with the old lady….Happy spirit of the season.

    • oh says:

      Mandy, Happy Holidays to you. You made me LOL when you mention losing the lists. But they are good organizers, even if they disappear. Lists have a way of making us know (or feel like we know!) what we’re doing. And speaking of lists, must work in doing a few today!

      Richard, The gold star candle is very special. Wreath-making? Yup, we go every year! Great fun, eh?

  • shoreacres says:

    I haven’t thought for years of the snowball candles we used to make, or the ones where you pour the wax into milk cartons filled with ice – they were so beautiful, and so much fun!

    As for those piles of books – I’d leave them right where they are in three stacks of varying heights and put bookish decorations atop each stack. Makes it look intentional that they’re where they are, and you don’t have to mess with them until after Christmas.

    (Now, that’s creativity! Or laziness…)

  • Nora says:

    Wait, there are recipes in that Martha Stewart mag!? I may have to look at them 🙂

    • oh says:

      Shore – Me, too – I had forgotten all about those snowball candles! I don’t even see them anywhere anymore – suppose they have been outlawed for being somehow unsafe? I’m about to dig out more decorations and some of them will be “old” as in …from grade school! We look at them, sometimes tuck them into the tree, sometimes tuck them back in the box. Special stuff and rich with memories. Will have to write more on that later. Hope all is well and warm where you are!

      Nora – would love to share my Martha mag with you. Don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before, esp with you being the baker in the family!

  • I have to laugh that your book shelf collapsed… Sounds like something that would happen to me! My tiny condo is over-flowing w/ books. Well, not the condo itself because that would scream ‘hoarder’, but the bookshelves are over-flowing… so I have really cut back this year and have tried to use the library more… which I have a love/hate relationship with…

    Sounds like your house is looking very festive these days, especially w/ your newly created wreaths!!

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! I actually have not been to that Shakespeare store – must check it out this trip! And I will be sure to report on the Paris fashion. You know that all the women will be dressed to the nines, wearing the cutest scarves, tied in the most unique and baffling (for me) ways! There is a computer in my apt so I will be blogging from Paris! 🙂 So excited for my trip!!!

    • oh says:

      Lisa – Ah, the library thing. You worded it perfectly: a “love-hate relationship.” I completely get it. Yes, yes, blog about Paris while there AS LONG AS it doesn’t subtract from your visit in any way. And yeah, what’s up with those French scarves, their jauntiness and haute-ness?

  • aubrey says:

    Warning…MS’s recipes are HARD!

    I just completed my cookie list/list of ingredients last night. The only thing more delicious than that chore is the actual eating of the finished product.

    I get my tree next weekend, and then all the home/tree decorations go up – some are 40-60 years old.

  • Bella Rum says:

    Great image! A little of this and a little of that. I bet the cloved orange smells delicious.

    I do love me some Martha. No, I do not make the decorations or recipes. Like you, I enjoy turning the pages and feasting my eyes on those lovely photos and reading about how I could do it… if I only wanted to.

  • Kathleen says:

    I always read magazines between books. It gives me a nice break and helps me focus on what book I want to read next.

  • ds says:

    Funny thing, memory. Your table takes me not forward to Christmas, but backward to Thanksgiving, when the same combo of nuts you have in that bowl, along with orange-evergreen gourds lived in the cornucopia at the center of the table. I think my mom still has the same nutcracker! And the cloved orange? It floated in the hot cider, because there was always cider at Thanksgiving and it was my small thrill to clove the orange. Thank you for bringing that all back.
    As for the piles of books, I smile…

  • jeanie says:

    I love her December issue — I save them (but then, I save everything… that’s the subject of another story!)

    I envy that your cards are done. Mine are close. You’ll get two — the one I addressed and then the one I found in AZ, which I forgot I had when I addressed the other! I need a transplant. Or people.

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