deep down, it’s always books…

January 19, 2011 § 17 Comments

Some days, there is no writing.
You want it, you want to write and you have everything you need, including a little time.
And yet, there’s nothing for it.
Theres’ ink in the pen but  it just isn’t happening.
You don’t panic. It’s not “block.” It just isn’t anything. That’s ok.

So, hooked on the book thing nonetheless, you retire to the “studio” to try out the camera on its manual setting. Maybe in this muse-bereft moment you can forsake the camera’s “auto” setting and try something new. Shake things up a little.

(photo taken of book “Santa Diaries” in basement using special lightbox from HM)

Writing Lesson:

Even when you don’t write, at least hang around the book barnyard.

Recommended Read:
Very Valentine by Adriana Trigiani.
Truth? I haven’t read this book yet. I’m finishing a mystery I’ll tell you about later. But Nor is reading, say it’s a combo of SATC and the movie “Moonstruck” but more emphasis on Moonstruck, and she loves it. Good enough for me! I seem to be in a read-for-entertainment-mode lately.


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§ 17 Responses to deep down, it’s always books…

  • mandy says:

    Those moments where I have the desire and the time to write but then get nothing are so frustrating. But I don’t believe in forcing the words to come so I usually wander off to find some other sort of inspiration as well.

    • oh says:

      Mandy – tonight, I picked up the pen and spent two pages talking about what I did today!!!! (yuck. Ugh. but, oh, well!) And then I made myself write a very very short story that I had in mind. Well, the story stinks, but I filled 6 pages and met my personal challenge of having a story this week! And so it goes. I hope you’re talking on a page with a pen right now!
      Ever onward!

  • Andi says:

    What a beautiful photo of words that came out of your time without them. Thanks for this.

    • oh says:

      Thanks, Andi. I have been thinking of you lately with the Golden Globe awards having just finished and as we stand on the brink of the Academy Awards. I must get over to your blog and see what’s going on…and, I have seen almost NOTHING in regard to what will be up for awards in February.

  • jeanie says:

    What’s SATC?

    I get that same thing going with the art — time, supplies, all at the ready. Idea or motivation — a “no go.” This, too, will pass. I keep saying that.

    Meanwhile, the photo is lovely!

    • oh says:

      Jeanie – I can picture your work table, all set and ready. it would be like a dream come true, as I see it. (Yes, take pictures and post them! I LOVE seeing work spaces.) Anyway, on we go. As for SATC, that’s “Sex and the City”…one of the few tv series I ever got hooked on. Oh, and Boston Legal, too. Love that one. Looking for a new favorite…any recommendations?

  • shoreacres says:

    What a beautifully done photo, with Santa peeking out of his diary!

    I imagine you peeking out at us from your book, your “diary”. Wouldn’t that be fun? Would it be “Oh’s Diary”, or something else?

    Hmmmm… people say they “have a book trapped inside”. What about an author who’s trapped inside a book and has to write her way out? Good gosh – that could be great!

    • oh says:

      Linda – that IS a great idea! (kinda scary in a way, but great!) Could even be a movie! Nah. Book is better.

      Looking at snow, must dry hair, go to office. Will email you later today.

  • litlove says:

    Lovely photo! When I have days like that, I know that I have nothing to give out, and need to put more back in. Then I set aside several days for big reading – reading lots of different books, letting myself wander exactly where I please. I find this really helpful – it’s like filling the tank back up with words and ideas and images and that gets me going again. But each to their own – it’s whatever works, isn’t it?

    • oh says:

      Litlove – You are so right. Wander around in varied reading. And so – I have a stack of magazines, several books started and a few hours “open” on the weekend – guess what I’ll be doing? Following your solution – reading and “filling the tank.”

      PS I wrote a just-awful piece last night, just to write something.

  • Words don’t always come. Sometimes there is non-verbal thought, sensory feathering that takes place, like warm smoke, swamp steam, gauzy impressions, like a leaf print in dried mud. Still, though tough to firmly grab, these are communications, concepts, vaguely shapely, yet impossible to describe. I relish in the gauzy side of consciousness. Words will always come, and words built upon the deep water gauzy part of our brain, work all the time. Words will always come……

  • qugrainne says:

    I have the frustration of time time time. Can’t seem to figure out what to cut, so that there is more time to write. Where is the balance? grrrrrrrrrrrr Writing seems at the end of the list, at the moment.
    But the photo of the book is just lovely – the light of it is beautiful. I would like to dive right in and peek out. I do like Linda’s idea of being the writer trapped inside and needing to write it to get out. Maybe that’s what I have to do!!
    And I am so impressed with your story a week. wow!!!!!

  • Becca says:

    Your photo there is just perfect- a modern day “illuminated” text! Beautiful…

    And you’re smart to hang around the book barnyard for inspiration…it’s sure to come!

  • Arti says:

    Do some book crafts or watch a movie might help. Your photo reminds me of those beautiful book art crafts. I’m curious about the special lightbox. I’ve trouble taking indoor photos of books, esp. with their covers reflecting the glare of the light… any advice?

  • typehype says:

    Still, you followed your instinct and wrote!

    As Hemmingway said in “A Moveable Feast”: You have always written before and you will write now. All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.”

    You’ve done that.

  • aubrey says:

    With its spots and tears and stains, this is a vision of a stunning book. Every quality commends it to me.

    When I write, and I’ve stalled for 20 minutes on one sentence, I generally clear my mind and wait for a word or two to appear out of the blankness. This will guide me out of the rut. I usually can’t sleep unless I’ve ended on a sentence that has earned my approval.

  • Bella Rum says:

    I’ve been in this mood for a week or so. I sit down and nothing comes. Last night I just wrote a silly, little post. I wanted to write something.

    What a lovely photo.

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