Pears and pens…

January 31, 2011 § 19 Comments

It’s the thick of winter and the thin of my immunity to the colds and flus running rampant through the office in which I work.
Crazy as it sounds, it seems to be going after the “strong” among us rather than those who might typically be considered wan or fragile.
Go figure.
I have written pages and pages, wedged under the comforter with journal atop. Awkard but necessary.
Pages and pages…of nilth.
Which means “nothing” but has more substance to it than actual “nothing” does while having no relationship to filth with which it rhymes. I think HM made up the word. I’ll check later.

I can’t believe I’d like some fresh fruit.
And our Christmas pears are long gone and eaten.
Ah, my kingdom for a pear!

Don’t stop writing, even if you don’t look at the page and you’re just moving your hand across the paper. This will create interesting loops or runes. And maybe you can use it for wrapping paper or something.

Eiyiyi be careful what you read when you don’t feel well. The writing changes shapes and shading and can rise up like a nightmare or fade or in some cases, seem exquisitely wonderful. Maybe because one reads more slowly when head is full of things that Mucinex should ameliorate. That being said, I recommend, though I haven’t finished it: ANYWHERE I HANG MY HAT by Susan Isaacs.
I haven’t read her in ages but remember slicking through several of her novels including SHINING THROUGH, LILY WHITE, AND two others…
This novel, Anywhere I Hang My Hat,  is funny, sad, richly written and yeah, kinda New Yorky and Connecticutt-y but it’s above any chick lit kinda thing. Isaacs has an amazing expanse in her writing and even if you don’t love the main character (at least not yet), her inclusion of the world at that time, is wonderful, entertaining and just good reading.

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§ 19 Responses to Pears and pens…

  • Maybe the flu is tired of the weak and looking for a challenge? I hardly ever get sick and yet I am coughing even as I type this.

    Don’t stop writing is solid advice. The entire reason I created a blog to serve as the framework of a writing schedule.

    Enjoyed your thoughts,

  • Richard says:

    Such a tough winter this is. Only end January and already almost interminable! And more snow on the horizon, it seems. Well, you know what the bard said: “if Winter is here, can spring be far off?” Or some such thing, me thinks. Enjoy them antibiotics. Yummy!

  • litlove says:

    Poor you! Feel better soon….

  • Bella Rum says:

    Do you recall the H1N1 scare a few years ago? I remember hearing about the 1918 flu pandemic at that time. Between 50 and 100 million people died – according to Wikipedia. The virus killed by causing an overreaction of the body’s immune system. It only attacked very healthy immune systems. Most of the people who died were young adults. I know – too much information.

    I like Susan Isaacs. Thanks for the tip. Feel better soon.

    • oh says:

      I DO recall that one…flu is strange stuff, the way it morphs.
      Glad this virus let me read. Looks like it’s back to work today!

  • shoreacres says:

    I’ve got a banana and a tangerine. Would they help?

    I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well – but at least you’ve got overlapping illness and blizzard, so even more reason to take your ease. I hope everyone’s figured out how to telecommute or something – it doesn’t sound good.

    Here you go – a little get-well verse!

    When dear Oh! desired a pear
    she found that it just wasn’t there.
    “Not”, “Nada” and “Nil”
    made her even more ill
    though she never was tempted to swear.

    Get better!

  • Care says:

    I know I just saw a cool quote by Collette that would describe your frustration and should make you feel better as a ‘writer’. I would look it up for you but I think you might enjoy the hunt… (If you don’t find it or feel like looking for it, I think I know where it was. *wink*)
    Ah! My kingdom for a pear! I love the pear. It is what inspired me to make pie and got my started on my pie craze.

    • oh says:

      Well, you know I’m hunting down that quote… or, trying to…!

      and I love pie. Cherry pie. Key lime pie. A really fine apple pie. Is there a pear pie, then? Haven’t had one. And your favorite…have one?

  • typehype says:

    So many authors, so little time, right? The last Isaacs book I read was “Shining Through,” which I loved. Thanks for reminding me about her. Another enjoyable book to read in bed might be “I Remember Nothing” by Nora Ephron. I’m reading it now. I love Ephron’s stuff. It’s so entertaining. Feel better!

    • oh says:

      T- That’s Ephron’s newest one, right? I WILL read it! What is it about her writing? Maybe in part because she’s done so many different genres/types. But without being silly, she makes me laugh.
      Thanks, feeling better.

  • aubrey says:

    This reminds me of a scene in “The Godfather”, when Vito Corleone – a young husband still living in a tenement – stood expectantly before his pretty wife and laid before her a pear…with as much pride and care as if it were a shimmering, diamond necklace.

    Clear your mind…SEE your topic in front of you: your imagination will respond.

  • Ruth says:

    Oh you of the Christmas pears. How just very lovely that is. But not the cruddy cold. Maybe it pass, may it pass.

    So good to see you again.

    I see snow outside, it will snow for a day. Going nowhere, staying put.

    • oh says:

      Feeling better. Just in time to battle post-snowstormy commute!
      That’s ok.

      I don’t write poetry but that is little matter. Inspired by your poetry and reading poets, I now have 3 books of poetry on my writing table: Howard Nemerov, Mary Oliver and Dylan Thomas. The stack is partly iconic, partly inspiration, partly writing “support.”

  • jeanie says:

    Hey you, sending wishes and hopes that by now you have recovered and the nilth produces a nugget or two of something useful someday!

    Tea, hot cocoa, snuggles with someone(thing) who won’t catch it and hopefully you’re back to normal in no time!

  • Arti says:

    Take good care of yourself oh by curling up in bed with a good book… of course, Vitamin C would help too. And, those pears are just wonderful… light box effect?

  • ds says:

    Love the pears!(would a pear-y version of Tarte Tatin do?) Love “nilth.” Bet you will find some diamonds among the runes and not have to make wrapping paper once you are back to full strength. Which I hope is soon. Also hope that you and yours made it through that nasty storm warmly and safely.

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