Back on the bean…

February 17, 2011 § 18 Comments

 I’d given up coffee for 8 months. Didn’t touch it. Went cold turkey.
But no one knew what a real winter we would have. And while away for a weekend a while back, I tasted the stuff, just a sip, for warmth. And comfort. And the next day, a half cup. And before I knew it, I was back on the bean. Drinking a full cup. And having a second one.

Sure, sure, they sing the virtues of a cup of coffee as part of daily intake, how it’s good for you, along with stats they excavate to prove its beneficial properties.

Well, all that aside, I drink it because it’s a luxury, a wake-up, a dessert, a treat, a friend on my desk, and represents one of those little “things” that gets you happily along your way during the day.
However, running late for work often trumps having time to get any coffee. And my mind goes to work on how I can get some of the gorgeous stuff so that when the lunch bell rings, there I am at Starbucks.

I’d like to break the habit again. Have a little more jingle in my pocket; a little less buzz pumping the blood pressure. Not gonna be easy. Not sure I will start with it this morning, either, tho’ already running behind my planned schedule.

I’m thinking of getting us a rooster, whose lovely raucous crow will wake us up and sets  us on our feet each morning. So lovely and natural, its crow will resonate throughout  the live long day, the startle of it keeping us awake and pleasant. And no caffeine.

Of course you can’t keep a rooster in a cup on your desk or sip it during a conference call or keep it in the cupholder in your car, not to mention coffee’s positive effects on writing!

Yes, two quite disparate the things, the rooster and the coffee.
Still, it’s under consideration. 

(This rooster is not real (anymore). He’s stuffed. No, I did not do it. This photo was snapped at the Missouri Botanical Garden display during the holiday.)

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§ 18 Responses to Back on the bean…

  • mandy says:

    I think once you quit coffee, you have a better appreciation for it when you start drinking it again. At least thats what happened for me. Over the holidays my family bought a Keurig, which led to a large assortment of coffees, and resulted in me savoring a cup every single morning. Its sort of glorious though.

    • oh says:

      Mandy – I am charmed by the Keurig. I love the contraption itself and then the coffee it produces,though we don’t own one. I wonder if HM and I could get along brewing one cup at a time? It’s very tempting, very very tempting and I’m glad to hear it’s glorious. Hmmmm….

  • jeanie says:

    First of all, that rooster photo is absolutely perfect, amazing, sharp, expressive wonderful!

    I am glad I never had the coffee habit — and especially the fancy coffee habit. That said, I’m a Tab drinker, and I’m not so sure that’s the best thing in the world — research would indicate otherwise. But how I love my little pink cans of carbonated tartness each morning!

    • oh says:

      We all have our morning drinks – and it’s not just the taste of the drink or anything to do with actual thirst, really. It’s the “experience,” right? I love the Tab cans. I’ll confide a bit here: I actually did give up soda, of all kinds. And every morning, in the office next to mine, I hear the consultant popping open his Pepsi, just the sound of the tabl and the “pop” and my mouth waters….it’s a memory thing. How I adored my Cokes. Alas, I gave it up and coffee, too, but look at which one has sneaked back onto the morning menu!

  • Arti says:

    Not to discourage you from trying again, oh, but if you find a replacement for tea and coffee, just as aromatic, offering such feel good sensations, as warm and comforting, do let me know so I can join you. But in the mean time, I’ll settle for the second best.

    • oh says:

      Arti – Truly I will let you know. You’re right – it’s the sensations and the comfort and also, in part, the ritual, whether its the drive thru and chatting with fave barristas OR standing in the kitchen, brewing a French press pot of coffee that requires several steps and some attention….ah, well, that’s all part of the coffee/tea/fave drink ritual.

  • ds says:

    Don’t think Maxwell House ever thought of “put a rooster in your cup…” Have tried to give up the bean many times, to no avail, so am very impressed by your 8 months’ willpower. There is something about that aroma, first thing in the morning. Very seductive. And then tea for the afternoon/evening when there is time for steeping…
    Your photo would make a great poster–“WAAAAKE UP!!!!”

    • oh says:

      DS – do you remember the “think drink” coffee campaign? (You are likely too young.) They promoted coffee as the think drink. I loved that idea. Guess I still cling to it in some silly way. Yes, “seductive” is the word – le mot juste!
      Funny thing: the original title of this blog entry was “Wake up!” just as you mention as a photo title!!!!

  • anno says:

    hmmmm… our local rooster has a habit of crowing at 4 a.m., before the sun has even begun to appear. Also, if my experience with our ducks is any indication, the costs for feed & housing might offset any savings from Starbucks. So, as attractive as the rooster you’ve found appears to be, I’d probably stick to my daily dose of presspot french roast. Good luck!

    • oh says:

      Anno – And what if my rooster didn’t crow? As a working pet, he’d be fine. But silent, he’d be useless. Thanks for the duck-comparison reality here, too. You have given me leave/permission to continue my Starbucks treks!

  • Becky says:

    I don’t drink “real” coffee, but I looove me some Starbucks frappuchinos! And considering my husband now works for Starbucks I don’t see the habit being broken anytime soon! 🙂

    • oh says:

      Ah! really? You have an “in” at Starbucks! Egads, no need to break the habit. Enjoy. Enjoy!
      Hey, and welcome back. I must get over to your blog place and read about your trip. I’ve become rather sporadic at blogging. Seems I’m reading a book or getting around in blog world. Can one not do both?

  • Nora says:

    I think that you should open up a coffee shop called Back on the Bean. Or just On the Bean. And serve your soup there too 🙂

  • Jeannine says:

    It’s the small indulgences that make life worth living, and coffee is right up there. Long live the bean! And I think Nora’s idea is brilliant!

  • I too, think that getting that rooster in your cup wouldn’t quite have the same effect 🙂

    I have my perfect cappuccino each morning while I write in my journal and another between 3 and 4 pm.

    Being at home to make it (most of the time) makes it a pretty cheap indulgence. Actually, even better than that is the fact that 99% of the time it’s my husband that makes it.

    We don’t have a rooster but we have three chickens and they make me laugh every day. They don’t do the whole rooster morning call, but they definitely have lots to say, especially when they’re working out their three eggs a day.

    When we let them out for a little free ranging time, they run and follow us wherever we go in the yard. It cracks me up (egg-related pun intended).

    Thanks for getting me thinking about coffee and chickens!

  • oh says:

    Nor – I AM lately thinking about having that coffee shop. And some books, gently worn ones. No, doesn’t sound like a money making endeavor but there are two things we all love: 1) coffee and 2) stories, either told aloud or done well on paper. Yup, thinking…

    J – And you will have a gift card (free coffee) to use at the coffee shop we set up. Hmmm….perhaps we could set some of your Far East treasures, too….?!

    Colleen – Very civilized, your coffee “schedule.” Wonderful. It’s funny what a “thing” it becomes to look forwqard to. And you have chickens!!!? How funny to imagine them following you around. And what a treat to have fresh eggs.
    I wonder what our neighborhood rules are in terms of keeping chickens. I’d love to give it a whirl (and yes, enjoyed your pun!)

  • […] I have a thing for roosters (including TRUE GRIT’s Codburn) lately (see post, a few posts back) and for fooling around with changing my photos, too. This is one of my newest nutcrackers (yeah, […]

  • Bree says:

    wow I can’t image giving up hot tea (my version of everyone else’s coffee) for 8 months. Just chop my arm off instead. It’d be less painful.

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