It’s Friday…jump!

February 18, 2011 § 8 Comments

Archie ushers in Friday, leaping around with his mouth full of sunflower seeds. He thinks he’s purloining, when in fact HM purposely puts seed on the ground just for him. It’s a madhouse of Disney-esque animals in the backyard this morning.

Hasn’t it been the longest of weeks?
Happy Friday – may there be a lightness in your step as well.

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§ 8 Responses to It’s Friday…jump!

  • Nora says:

    Too adorable! I stopped in the neighborhood several times on my way out this morning for what looked like very new (perhaps toddler?) squirrels. Happy Friday!

  • Bella Rum says:

    So cute. They are the most persistent critters. Hope your Friday is fab.

  • Becky says:

    Happy Friday indeed!

  • The animals/birds/ near my house have been hungry and bounding and fluttering about all week. Like us, enjoying not freezing for a few days. Like us, still sensing/dreading winter’s imminent sloppy return…

    I, too, put out feed for the little furry and feathers….you must be a compassionate gal, for sure!

    Looking forward to weekending as much as possible…y’all do the same, ya’ hear?

  • shoreacres says:

    I lovelovelove that you feed the squirrels. My favorite trick always was the corncob on the tree – such fun to see them sitting and gnawing away like their human friends with sweet corn!

    Warm here at last – foggy now, and damp, and we may have more coolth coming. But at least it’s possible to walk outdoors without feeling like you need to inventory layers. And I saw narcissus today!

  • jeanie says:

    Hi, Archie! Bushy (Archie’s Michigan Cousin) took the entire bird bell of seed. I don’t know how he managed to haul it off, but gone it is, and he’s done it before. I really don’t mind — means he’ll leave the seed alone and still get filled.

    A lovely day here — sunny and snowless, thanks to our past few days of warm weather. I picked fresh thyme that had been buried under the snow yesterday. Our weather will be short-lived, but it is heartening and a promise that no matter what happens next week or the week after, spring will come.

    Narcissus. I love thm…

  • oh says:

    Nor – there’s so much outside those back doors and windows – we’re always running around and rarely get to see their lifestyles — and perhaps when we do, that’s why they seem so cute. (I did see the crow and woodpecker fighting over the suet the other day, tho’!)

    Bella – omg, turned out that Friday was horrendous at work. I will blame it on the full moon. Things were completely out of whack. I was happy to run out of there at 6 and it would have been sooner except for discussions with the president. But HM took me out for dinner and we lingered and distanced ourselves from the brohaha of commerce.
    And look, it’s Saturday! and I have coffee and the household stirring. Ah.

    Becky – I’d like to start every day with posting a blog, but yikes, that means getting up early…every day! Hope all is well in DC!

    Richard – haha. You know what we’re all doing for the weekend! And you gotta admit: there’s much joy to be had in feeding the critters and watching them at length to see what they’re up to in their kingdoms!

    Shore – you bring hope – the hope of first glimpses of flowers!!!!! yes, we should have some in a few weeks. I love narcissus, though, and had a wonderful batch of them two summers ago ’til they were attacked by some blight/mite. I should read up on protecting them adn try again – their color is what the word “gorgeous” is for. And lucky you – to forsake layers! Geez, we can barely move even in the car what with the scarf, the vest, sweater and coat. Ah, well, there it is – Spring, just around the corner!

    Jeanie – What? You found thyme? I MUST get outside and see the little miracles I have been missing because we’ve had some “warm,” too!

  • oh how adorable, a gymnastic squirrel!

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