rooster, but not codburn…

March 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

Seem I have a thing for roosters (including TRUE GRIT’s Codburn) lately (see post, a few posts back) and for fooling around with changing my photos, too. This is one of my newest nutcrackers (yeah, well, nutcrackers are NOT just a Christmas, are they?) and this one has the rooster atop , while a pig, cow and dog circle him at his feet.  It’s a lovely little treatment. 

Otherwise mute in the midst of a coporate project this evening, I’m dropping this gentleman soldier here on the page for fun, just a way to say “hi” and going back to work.

It’s ok to write in bed if you can find a comfortable position. Those lap desks do help. In fact, it leans against the night stand and is an actually aesthetic reminder that yeah, maybe tired, but really, wouldn’t it be possible to eek out a few words?
Writing is about freedom.
Freedom is for everyone.
So then, is writing for everyone?
(Yes, she whispered.)

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