mmmm, Friday…

March 3, 2011 § 10 Comments

get out of that chair
get out of that position
get out of that situation
get out of that office
get out of that mindset
get out of that kitchen
get out of that car
get out of that rut
it’s Friday

Here’s Friday, in sketched pictures…

women on Miami Beach (photo Jan2011)

smart kitty, chillin’ and fake sleeping  (photo taken at Vizcaya, Jan2011)


Pause….  (Archie on the pool cover, approaching water puddle)
…and refresh!  (Archie braves the sway of the cover and drinks mightily!)

Happy Friday!


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§ 10 Responses to mmmm, Friday…

  • aubrey says:

    No creature does Friday like a cat.

    • oh says:

      A- I don’t have a cat, only dogs, but I admire those felines for their grace. And tolerance of all things not cat! Eating at an outdoor cafe, we “met” several cats who prowled and sat politely, seemingly begging for a little food. What could I do but give them a little crust from my quiche – on a fork!!! and how delicately they took it.I’m enamored from afar (being allergic), but enamored nonetheless!

      • jeanie says:

        Good to know about the allergy — I’ll double helmac before our meet-up! Gyp is a noted “begging” cat — makes Dr. Anne giggle!

  • shoreacres says:

    Get out and smile
    get out and sing
    get out and dance
    get out and look
    get out and question
    get out and love
    get out and write!

    Happy Friday!

    • oh says:

      great second “verse” to my little friday lingo. As spontaneity would have it, I took a day offsite and did some software training and was DELIGHTTED with the doors that opened up and artsy, graphic things I learned. What a great day! And many cool info bits to take back to the office. I signed up for three more classes!

  • qugrainne says:

    Get out and drink some coffee!!
    It’s Saturday morning 🙂

  • oh says:

    Aha! You are SO right! I am here at the table finishing up a “recalcitrant” article, have some French press at my side AND will be heading out to the cafe at the botanical garden later. In spite of the wind-whipping drear that is sitting its lovely arse upon our town this morning, we’re going to walk the gardens a bit (seems like a British-y thing to do, non?)

    Yes, got your email. Yes, still planning on that weekend. And yes, the venue you found looks perfect! Will reply via email this weekend…more later

  • anno says:

    Love love LOVE these sketches — what gorgeous lines! — hope we get to see more in the future!

  • jeanie says:

    These are terrific and I have to know — are these your own drawing sketches or are you using some way-cool technique — because I love every single one of these. (Being partial, of course, to all things cat.)

  • Carrie says:

    Did you do these yourself?!? Do tell….

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