First Saturday in March…

March 5, 2011 § 11 Comments

It looks like this…okay but not this snowy; it’s  more of a bleary, very cold, very wet “thing,” of which I do NOT have a picture yet this morning, but you get the idea…

(photo in the backyard, one week ago)

but it feels like this… a certain “lightness,”  and desire to recreate the nest,  and return to living more outdoors… 

(photo in the backyard…last Spring!)

MARCH is so much fun, so full of contradictions:
contradictions in weather:  wind, rain, and a sweetness to its occasional warmth, with sporadic blasts of cold and flurries

contradictions  in holidays and fetes: St. Patrick’s Day (green “everything”), Mardi Gras (hell bent partying), Lent (serious, meditative), Spring Break (more partying for the school set) and lots of birthdays (cake, cake, cake!)

contradictions in diligence: from tax preparation to seasonal wardrobe changes (the former will take a few hours; the latter, 15 minutes!)

There is so much of the lion and the lamb about March.
Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Book Recommendations:
I have none because I’m still reading LOVING FRANK, which I’m enjoying but notably, my mom did not. We must discuss!
Next on my list, tho’ is that HAPPINESS PROJECT. Worth it? Feel free to chime in and let me know. (It’s a library book, so I don’t feel married to it…)

Writing Lesson:
OK,, you can’t write just anywhere. I’m sorry. I should say that you should be able to write, no matter where you are. But it’s not true. I cannot write at my husband’s office. I cannot write in the car. I cannot write in front of the TV.
OK, these are too many “cannots” to affiliate with writing.

So let’s just say that you could/should have one or two places, at least, for your sanity, where you can write. Maybe it’s more of “quiet” vs “not quiet,”  thing, (but honestly, that’s not it for me. I was trained as a writer in a newspaper office…those aren’t quiet. I find it’s an aesthetic, this “where-to-write” thing.)

In a nutshell: Don’t confine yourself to just one place wherein you can write. Too constricting.


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§ 11 Responses to First Saturday in March…

  • It looks the same here, just add maybe 2 feet of snow to the ground? But it’s sunny and 24 today which is lovely. I am focusing on the sunshine coming through my windows and blocking out what the weatherman is saying (more snow to come next week – ahh!)

    March really is a month of contradictions – I never thought of that!

    I am anxious to hear what you think of Loving Frank when you finished. I loved the book. I think that while FLW is a genius, he is also a total *ss. And warning – don’t read the end of the book in public. Especially in an airport, when waiting to board a flight. I cried. Big time. Eeks. And it’s rare for me to cry when reading a book. Anyways, that book really sparked my interest in FLW, though, so I toured his home/studio in Oak Park, IL when I was in Chicago a couple of Septembers ago. If you haven’t done that, you should. In fact, if you haven’t done that, I propose that you, Nor, and I meet up there sometime!! It’s a short flight for me. 🙂 That whole area is just so charming and it was cool to see his house/studio after reading about it in the book…

    This comment is going to be epically long, by the way.

    I felt sort of ‘meh’ about The Happiness Project. It was ok, but not like earth shattering like some people have said. there were some themes I took away, but it’s def a library rental book, so I am glad you didn’t buy it!

    Now, about Sarah’s Key! I really, really liked that book. I thought maybe my love for it was swayed by the fact that much of it is set in Paris, but I have recommended it to others who are not obsessed w/ France and they also enjoyed it. I think the author does a great job of weaving the 2 stories today (one set during WWII, one is present day).

    Alright, back to studying! Happy Saturday!

  • ds says:

    Fickle, ever-contradictory March. You’ve caught it so well. (That first photo chilled me to the bone.) Hope you are currently safe from storm activity…
    I have a couple of places where i try to “write” but funnily enough it’s always the last place i think of that produces anything.
    Fickle, ever-contrary Muse…

  • anno says:

    This morning, we had rain, mud, and flooded roads; all the precipitation started turning to snow just after noon, though, and now we’ve got two to three inches of the stuff on the ground. Plenty of retreat and advance going on around here.

    Will be interested in hearing what you think of Loving Frank when you’re finished. I liked the book; thought FLW was a class A jerk, but definitely an interesting one. If you like Loving Frank, you might also enjoy T. C. Boyle’s The Women, which is about Wright’s four wives … told from the perspective of one of his much put-upon interns. Enjoy your weekend!

  • Kathleen says:

    You are so right about March being full of contradictions. And I like what you say about writing. I can’t write in front of the TV either but I don’t need quiet. I write a lot for my work and I’m in a nosy cubicle environment in Silicon Valley. I have learned to tune out most distractions.

  • I love the contradictions of March too! For the last couple of days here it has really felt like Spring….

    I like to write in a comfy chair, though i can also write at my computer desk or in bed or when out walking (though I only make notes then!)

  • Arti says:

    For us, March came in like a lion with minus 20’s C. temp. and probably will stay the same for most of it. As to your wonderful pics, how did you take the first one? Did you do some editing? As for writing places, there just aren’t too many since it’s more a habit-forming activity, or isn’t it? Can’t do much notes jotting on napkins in restaurants or cafes like some people do.

  • jeanie says:

    Our Sunday — not unlike your Saturday. Cold, wet (not as wet as yesterday,) but all that, plus last night’s snow meant for a tenuous moment as I approached a stop sign on the way to the store this morning. I kept wondering if I was headed for that stop sign post all for the sake of a bottle of hot sauce.

    I enjoyed “Loving Frank” a great deal and have “The Women,” which Anno mentioned — it’s first on my biography list — my pile gets larger every day. Looking forward to comparing and contrasting with a little time between the readings. No doubt, though, he was a genius.

    March — my own personal love-hate relationship with a month! Interesting — most months have an emotion connected with me. I might have to explore that!

  • Richard says:

    Minute by minute marching to spring, this month can overlay two seasons on our sensibilities- a cold winter gust beneath a warming spring sun, a snow flurry on blooming ground level forsythia, a robin and a junco side by side on the sunflower seed sodden earth beneath my feeder….play ball vs. snow ball. Transition to the extreme…love the month of March here in middle America….Keep the pen mighty!

  • shoreacres says:

    The Happiness Project? I went and looked. Ahh….ok. Personally, I’ve come to believe happiness is a byproduct, not a goal in itself. But that’s just me.

    March is actually one of our more tender months. There can be a lagging front, like we had yesterday, but the freezes are 99.9% over, and the days are becoming enough longer that trees begin to leaf. The southern-facing tulip trees and redbud are out now, and there’s pollen on the cars. These are days to enjoy, not push, because we know what’s going to show up around July. 😉

    I think everywhere and jot notes everywhere, but write only at my desk, because that’s where the computer is. Now that I’ve gotten a USB mouse, the laptop is more user-friendly and I can use it if I have to, but having “a writing space” is nice.

  • oh says:

    Lisa – Loved all your comment and we’ll have to find another place to get into LOVING FRANK…it’s still resonating. I finished it yesterday and THANK YOU for the warning on not reading the conclusion in public cuz I had planned to take it to the bowling alley while HM bowled. Instead, I finished it at my desk and yup, my jaw dropped and I sat there stunned and disbelieving. I knew nothng of FLW really other than the obvious and certainly nothign of Taliesin. Geez.
    And thanks for the heads up on the HAPPINESS thing…I may scan it but then back it goes to la bibliotheque!

    Still need to get caught up on your France trip.

    And hope your snow is melting today! We have sun, but I don’t want to shout that from the treetops, you know how shy the sun is at this time of year!

    Dear DS – ah,your word for March is perfect: “fickle.” and I chuckled to think of you cruising around looking for your writing spot. It’s true, though, there are far more of them then we might realize; don’t know a good writing spot sometimes ’til you plop down in it and go “ah!”

    Anno – I do have a copy of TC Boyle’s THE WOMEN but honestly, I may hold back on it for awhile, OR should I just shotgun the whole topic and immerse myself in his story? I dunno. I’m ready for chick lit having finished LF. True, FLW was a No. 1 jerk and if only we all knew ahead of time who were the brilliant forerunners in art, etc., perhaps some relationships could be spared, but I dunno…I can only imagine the book clubs went nuts with this book, and am sure that’s true of the one that my mom is in. And she is harder on Mameh B than on Frank. geez. I must engage her in more conversation on this book, if she’s willing, though is suspect the door has closed on that one.

    In the meantime, I’ve picked up DV about Diana Vreeland that Care (see bloglist) has just sent me and I’m fooling around with reading ecoscience about birds…just trying something different…

    Kathleen – Working in a noisy cubicle is such excellent training for being able to work in many places. And oddly, some places are too quiet…it can be tricky, finding one’s “spot.” But maybe that’s just one of my excuses for putting off getting something written.
    You are in a wonderful part of the country, that’s for sure!

    Crafty! I have just tripped through many of your blogs; I was so far behind. Love hearing about the water of Leith. And so, you have a bit of spring afoot, eh? A comfy chair for writing? perfect.

    Arti – Yeah, you live in bbbbrrrrrr country right now. I called our Calgary office last thursday and they told me how cold it was – wow!
    About that first photo, with the chairs and the snow. I took my camera off its “auto” setting a few weeks ago when one of my son’s friends was here. He’s a pro photographer and is trying to “teach” me more about my camera. (I don’t learn well from the manual.) So, two things about that cold, blue-ish picture: It was twilight, which really affect the lighting AND I had the “whiteness” set for outdoors and the ISO at 800. Bottom line: anything I get is sheer luck. But it’s more intriguing than leaving it on “auto” all the time.

    Jeanie – Funny how I had no idea whatsoever about what goes in the book LF prior to reading it. I knew everyone was talking about it, knew it was about FLW in some way, but no idea how it would go. Strange when people take fact and blend it with fiction ( a lot of it) and I remember when I read RAGTIME by EL Doctorow years ago that I was amazed that he would do that – wasn’t it “tinkering with real history?” Anyway, I’m glad i read LF but will likely wait on reading Boyle’s book.
    IN the meantime, Spring is just wiggling in its chair, waiting to jump up and show itself – and I’m ready! Is it ok to just dump these winter clothes in a garbage bag and give ’em away? I’ve had enough of them!!!! (OK, can’t really afford to do that, but it’s tempting!)

    Richard – ah, you have some lovely “contradictions of March” here, too! I hadn’t thought of snowball vs baseball, since the teams are heavy into spring training! Won’t it be grand to sit in the stadium, sipping a cold beer and chatting with the people in the seats next to us about the game and the players, etc.? Looking forward to it!

    Shore – Yeah, the HAPPINESS book is…um…redundant. Not to be unkind. Great idea for the author to put it together and do it and get it sold. I paged through the first few chapters. It’s stuff you know. It just has “labels.” That’s how I always felt about psychology and in fact business stuff, too. It’s all stuff we know; it’s just that it’s categorized and labeled different ways. OK, enough of that.

    Just pass me some of those flowering trees and bushes, but hold the pollen. Oh boy, it’s just grand to at least have the sun today! I imagine the color of the water looks different, though, with the onset of spring, yes?

  • The writing in The Happiness Project is very accessible and enjoyable. I’m not sure how helpful it is (personal opinion) but it’s definitely fun. I follow the author’s blog, which has a mix of fluffy and significant material.

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