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March 13, 2011 § 13 Comments

Haven’t opened laptop in 36 hours. (kinda nice)

Herein, some unncessary updates (I know some people find blog life updates or “gone fishing” postings silly or irrelevant, BUT…it’s all I’ve got today ’til I upload some pictures…)

Short-Story-a-Week Challenge:
Still going, tho’ now three stories “in arrears.” That’s ok; formidable projects (taxes, production at work, general merriment) have come up and stolen time. Will catch up a bit today.

(Lent commitment) to A Writing-Exercise-a-Day is a tad behind.
Also picking up steam there today.

                                                                                 (this is journal about-to-be finished)

Have chosen new journal because now on the last dozen pages of present one.
(ah, this journal appears normal, perhaps mundane, but no! It will get painted, annotated, ribboned, decorated…”owned,” you’ll see!)

Have chosen “exercise” book: OLD FRIEND FROM FAR AWAY because I only got 1/3 way through it last Lent. And have two more to follow that: FRUIT FLESH (recommended by Becca, I believe, more than a year ago!)and CREATIVE JOURNALING (which I’ve owned for nearly 10 months but not had occasion to work with.)

Indeed, this leaves NOT a lot of time for blogging but will continue with the occasional photo and writing lessons learned during this exercise-intense stint.)  (I gave up chocolate and ice cream, too; perhaps not a good time to combine that with writing intense 40 days. Ah, well…)

Writing Lesson:
Ssshhhh!!!!! Sit down and write. Something. Anything. A bit of a goal will help: “I will write a poem; I will write a paragraph about green jello; I will write a thank you note.”  Something!  As you relax intot the (longhand) writing, some bit of story or some fine little anecdote will rise to the top, like cream. Mmmmmmmm. And who doesn’t love cream?

Pictured in prior posts over time, perhaps,  here are the books in my writing exercise “book” challenges to whittle away at (at least) ’til Easter.


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§ 13 Responses to the writing part…

  • jeanie says:

    You have been BUSY! Your journals are absolutely stunning! Talk about working with the good stuff — those book bases aren’t inexpensive! Good for you tearing into them with abandon, confidence and oh — with such beautiful bits! I love your journal, and I’m so happy you’re playing in the paint and glue.

    How you have time is another matter, given all that is on your plate. I’m amazed you have time to write a bit about jello, much less a short story challenge and yes, that little thing called a job.

    Your Lenten challenge is a good one. I decided that for Lent I would give up being so hard on myself — which sounds like being self-serving but actually i s more of a challenge than it seems! I wanted to take on art-every-day but failed at that within the first four days…

    I was thinking of you at Ruth’s synchronizing blog today. She has a wonderful post on writing. Here’s the link. Oops. WordPress won’t let me put it in. OK — go to my blog and on the blogs I visit spot click on synchronizing (Ruth) — I think you’d find it interesting. She’s one of the writers I read regularly.

    And now I really need that shower and clean hair!

    • oh says:

      Jeanie – I haven’t really sat down to focus on one thing – seems more like I’m running around, touching only the tip of the iceberg on many things.
      (That project at work continues, taking far longer than anyone anticipated but got a big chunk of it done today!)

      Thanks for your lovely comments. Really, I wish there were some kind of job/living to be made in this journal thing – I am crazy for it. Good thing I’m not your neighbor; I’d be driving you nuts for tips and tricks and such.

      And…I DID go over to Ruth’s as you suggested and enjoyed it thoroughly.

  • inktuition says:

    You have given me journal envy. And I share your guilt about Lenten challenges. I also promised I wouldn’t be so hard on myself, but it seems my inner critic is more persistent than I believed. However, I am now inspired to customise a journal of my own.

    • oh says:

      thanks for stopping by, Ink – so glad to know you’re out there and enjoyed a peak (or is it “peek?” geez, long day) at your blog and will return again. It’s a writing thing.

  • Bella Rum says:

    Taxes? Oh, don’t worry about those pesky, old things. I hear the IRS is a laid-back institution and quite forgiving of procrastinators. They could even be described as Zen-like, but maybe you should check that with snopes just to make sure.

    I like your journal and can’t wait to see it beribboned and such.

    • oh says:

      Dear BR, ah, you made me laugh. That ole IRS. But I got the brunt of it organized and dropped it off with the CPA who can now wrestle with it.
      Huge burden now off my shoulders.

      And now – datadada! I get some journal time.
      BTY, don’t be tricked by any warm-ish weather – we woke up to snow and ice. Hope the forsythia is not gobsmacked.

  • ds says:

    What are taxes–or a job–compared to writing? 😉 Especially with journals as beautiful as yours (love those spiral bindings; they’re the kind that lie flat too. Oooh!)
    Love the bit about green jello. MIL had a roommate in college who wrote a poem on green jello…became rather famous in a different genre. So, you never know. Just keep going!

    • oh says:

      Dear DS, Sitting here waiting for dinner to finish up (thought I’d make something grand – baked mastacioli – but, daughter out with her boyfriend and husband on the lower level with his band…so, it’s me and my laptop…and my journal!!!!! and some really good leftovers tomorrow apparently!

      Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

  • Ruth says:

    I have a spiral journal so like yours! It was the only one I could find when I drove over to Saugatuck one day and forgot to take my journal along. I found it in the drug store, and it was for girls. The cover is 3D! I just love it. And now I know how much I like a spiral notebook for journaling. Don’t you love it when you learn something really great from a “mistake”?

    Green jello sounds like a great prompt!

    • oh says:

      I had to chuckle, thinking of you discovering that you had no journal with you and off you went to get a new one! Isn’t it the strangest thing, our “paper” passion, our desire to write things down? And thank goodness for drug stores who carry far more than aspirin.

      Yes, excellent “mistake!”

      Speaking of prompts, off I go. It’s easier to stay here and read-around-the-world, but I’d better grab this odd little down time to get something on paper.

  • shoreacres says:

    I actually wrote a bit about jello once – a bit that’s languishing in my files. Jello was my introduction to the scientific method. Remember the grade school “put your fingerprints on jello and watch it grow moldy” business?
    Petri dishes in the bedroom closet – wonderful.

    I must say – chocolate AND ice cream? Why don’t we give up jobs and taxes instead (with no job, no need for taxes, you see) and just ride our horses into the sunset? 😉

    I may have made a mistake. I took my Lenten discipline public on my blog. If I fail now, I’ll have to turn it into an exploration of the power of negative example!

  • oh says:

    Dear Shore,
    Ah, the Lenten discipline. I dunno, something about going public with one’s Lenten “give-up” helps one actually “stay the course.”
    As for your Jello experiment, oh yeah, you need to write about that one! I didn’t have that experiment in school…?

  • mandy says:

    You’ve inspired me to find a new journal and make it my own! Yours is beautiful. I hope that you’re being inspired to create beautiful things and that Spring brings you much happiness.

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