Sun on March snow…see how it cascades from the tree?

March 27, 2011 § 13 Comments

In like a lion,out like a lamb…that is often our beloved month of March however you can reverse the “lion” and “lamb” part this year. 
Last night the lion aspect roared snow all over us.
I am not amused.

HM and I were going to walk through the Botanical Gardens today, admiring STL’s version of cherry blossoms, that is, the flowering dogwoods and redbuds.
HM says it will be snowing again by midnight.
I’m not talking to  him.

I am taking my coffee and headed to my desk until someone shovels the driveway.
Spring, wherefore art thou?

N.B. This is NOT a complaint entry. I realize there are disasters going on globally and this is not even a mere drop in the bucket, this spring snow, compared to those realities.

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§ 13 Responses to Sun on March snow…see how it cascades from the tree?

  • qugrainne says:

    I KNOW your pain! It snowed a bit again yesterday, but it is gone today. My daffs are up, for heaven’s sake! Mother Nature just refuses to follow the time table – I guess she can show us who is boss!!!
    You’ve not been blogging much, so I assume you are writing much? What’s the latest?
    Well, it’s almost April, and it never snows in April, right?

  • Argh… I hope the snow doesn’t start before Nor gets home! Stupid snow!! It’s depressing getting it so late in March. We got a dumping last week and now the temps just refuse to warm up. Le sigh.

    Eventually spring has got to come, right?

  • anno says:

    I saw banks of daffodils this weekend, in southern Indiana, dogwood flowering, tulip trees nearly ready to bloom. Hard to leave when the visit was ended. Hope it arrives here soon.

  • mandy says:

    Oh no! That means the snow is likely headed our way. We had a few glorious warm days, but today the high was 34. A cup of coffee and a bit of “hiding” sounds wonderful, I may just do that.

    Hope that Spring arrives soon!

    • oh says:

      Q – I am writing, as much as possible, trying to blow through some writing exercises and meet my short-story-per-week quota. Sheesh. Really looking forward to June 10 weekend!

      Lisa – yes, Spring is nearly here, putting a blush on the bushes and playing with us, showing fair skies, then cloudy, then fair, then cloudy with almost-no-winter-coat jackets! About to read Murder in the Marais!

      Anno – Hope you got pictures of the daffodils you saw. I am amazed at how hardy they are and yet, how quickly they come and go…they must find it worth it though, to be one of the first heralds of spring!

      Mandy – Hope you didn’t get “our” snow. Weird, huh, how March gets so darn tricky…But I’ve de-sweatered my closet so despite the temp, I’m not wearing my winter-season-bulky knits. And won’t it be great to go barefoot outdoors soon?

  • shoreacres says:

    Oh, my. The joke in Iowa always was the boys’ basketball tournament blizzard. And I can remember Easter snows, where the white stuff came up to the very bottom of the tulip blossoms. Sigh.

    But the nice thing is that these spring snows don’t linger. We’re awash in wisteria and such, and they’re saying the big “fallout” of songbirds will be taking place this coming weekend, as they make their way across the Gulf of Mexico. Spring is coming, for sure!

  • ds says:

    I’ve seen robins, the bulbs are making a valiant effort to appear, but the temps are still in the thirties. Anything goes!

    Soon we’ll be complaining about the heat 😉

  • typehype says:

    Freezing here, too. Hate it! We’re all in shock at the turnaround in the weather. But there’s so much good just around the corner…

  • litlove says:

    Poor you! I think it’s only polite of the seasons to move on when they are supposed to be done – otherwise they outstay their welcome! Do hope you have now had a good thaw.

    • oh says:

      Dear Shore – ah, wisteria. I love the word as well as its floral aspect…I am wistful for gardens full of wild color! OK, and about feeding the bluejays some pecans – do you buy them at the feed store or are we talking pecans from the grocery store? I’m intrigued and notice that there are several jays hanging around the feeder lately…

      DS – heat? complaining about the heat? You’re absolutely right. But really, I won’t complain – I’ll be so darn glad to wear one layer rather than three…wonder what you’re working on of late…must drop by and see…

      Dear urban T – you will have Spring slamming around the corners, ‘specially down there by the Battery…and in the meantime, watch out for that little cobra! OK, it’s not funny, really, but it is, kinda.

      Litlove – You said the magic word – “thaw!” And it’s happpened – everything melted and dripped and dropped and streamed away. Now, with a few hours spent on the lawn, it would/could look rather green and sprightly. If we get a warm(er) weekend, I’ll rake and aerate. Or, should I read? hmmmmm….!

  • jeanie says:

    Go ahead and complain. No one will think you are estimating the power of rumbling earth and super-waves. At least not if they live in the north!

  • Progress always involves risks. You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first. ~Frederick B. Wilcox

    Winter? What winter? It is finally opening day for Cardinal Nation! Winter has been vanquished from the heartlands. The field is green and wide and warm. The game is long and timeless. Something new happens every time. Winter? What winter? Let’s play two!

  • aubrey says:

    Ah, how soft and warm the air is today!

    Oops…did I say that out loud? Sorry – I will pay for my outburst, never fear, when Summer comes and the heat will make me want to melt into an agonized puddle.

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