May 8, 2011 § 16 Comments

(mmmmmm….chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast! Thanks, HM)

Wishing all of you  the inherent sweetness of motherhood!
And whoever ordered up the sunshine and birdsong for today – THANK YOU! It’s gorgeous.


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§ 16 Responses to HMD!

  • Chocolate for breakfast is an amazing way to start your day! That Michael Corleone sure is a thoughtful guy!!

    Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy your day!!

    • oh says:

      Yay for chocolate any time of day! Will have a more than sufficient stash of it next time you’re here – and that can’t be too soon! Hope all is well, including exam cram!

  • anno says:

    Perfect way to start a perfect Mother’s Day! Enjoy the warmth and sunshine, every flower in bloom: a day made just for you!

    • oh says:

      How quickly the mother’s day weekend went! egads, where are those lazy moments of lolling in the park, having a picnic? How on EARTH did our weeks become so frantic? Ah, well, heading upstairs with a book and some downtime while the washer and dryer spin madly! Hope all is well on your gorgeous land!

  • mandy says:

    What a great way to start the day. Happy Mother’s Day!

    • oh says:

      Thanks, Mandy! and kudos to you and your mom for doing the QVC bash together – what a GREAT time to spend together. Now, can we get you two to do a roadtrip out here?

  • ds says:

    Mmmmm…Any day that begins with chocolate and strawberries just has to be great! Trust it got better and better as it went along.

    • oh says:

      Dear DS – Yes, it was a fine day – and spun along so quickly. Hope you were enjoying yours as well. It is really that perfect time of year when we’re poised on the brink of summer without its heat press – and the flowers are so darn fresh, they’re about to burst into color flames. Wonder what you’re reading…?

  • shoreacres says:

    Mothers’ Day is long gone, but I hope you’re still tasting the sweetness!

    • oh says:

      Linda! oh, it was a grand mother’s day, something akin to “George in the Park,” and then on Monday (duh duh duh), off to a dental appt. But got through that and am sitting here now, blanket-wrapped at the table, prepping to start an essay that’s due (who knew? how can deadlines co-exist with winsome weekends?)

      Bet you’re very busy on the boat circuit right now – i can nearly hear the water lapping. Say hello to the sea for me!

  • litlove says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to you and congratulations on your daughter’s engagement! (I’m catching up here). How very exciting indeed!

    • oh says:

      LL – thank you for the very kind wishes! Yes, we’re quite excited here – I had no idea it felt like this to be mother-of-the-bride (much less “future” mother-in-law!) I haven’t sat still to read through one book nor write one complete piece in nearly two weeks. Hmmm…guess I’d better get to it. Hope you and yours are approaching summer holidays, esp. free from school!

  • RL says:

    I always prefer white dishes! Don’t you? One of the most sensuous foods on the planet- chocolate covered strawberries, at least when done right!

    HMD to you and yours, a day late……

  • jeanie says:

    Gorgeous in every way! I’m sure you had a spectacular Mothers Day — how could it be otherwise when it began like this?

    • oh says:

      So yummy – and to think I hadn’t had a chocolate covered strawberry ’til about 2 years ago. Egads, I could skip several meals for one of these beauties.
      Haven’t I been the worst communicator? I’m shaking my head. Very bad. I declare, I will check the railroad timetable tomorrow (wed) and get back to you on arrival time. Nothing for it but to take the whole day off, right? It will be like a holiday.
      And this month (May) is going to fly, I just know it!
      more later!

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