Summer…setting the table for a no-bug banquet

July 5, 2011 § 6 Comments

part of the picnic table prior to party

Getting choosey about beach reads.
Which beachie books should one borrow, which to buy, which to “Nook?”

MAINE, tho’ it intrigues me, will have to be a library book. Decision made after reading the first 5 pages while at B&N.

FLY AWAY HOME and BEST FRIENDS FOREVER by Jennifer Weiner might be on Nor’s shelf. Will have to email and ask her. I can’t believe I haven’t gobbled these up already. Used to be I read her books as soon as they hit the shelf! Looking to borrow, then, not buy.

LAST NIGHT AT CHATEAU MARMONT by Laura Weisbergen might, just might, be a summer-read winner and I think it might be worth spending $$$ for the Nook download. (No, she’s not tiptop in the writing groove but I like her settings and the NYC whirl she creates or emulates. Trite, eh? but true.)

THREE JUNES by Julia Glass. Here we go wtih the “look” thing. This one “looks” like something I’d enjoy.

THE BRIGHTEST STAR IN THE SKY by Marian Keyes  is likely a Nook winner. Yup, I’m a Keyes kid.

Chime in if you have a summer fave OR a yay/nay on the above possibilities; I’m taking suggestions and edging closer to vacay time!



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§ 6 Responses to Summer…setting the table for a no-bug banquet

  • RL says:

    On these long summer days and starry nights, my reading stretches between Shakespeare’s sonnets, Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles and Sherlock Holmes. Dreamy, obvious yet mysterious, eternal and boggling……Lazy crazy summer many song snippets echo over the airways…..All so good. And a part of me, just a small part, longs back to my endless summers of youth- hitch hikes to the ocean beaches, steaming subways to Yankee Stadium and the urban parks, hanging with my posse on street corners, stealing a ciggy from my dad’s dresser top….I will stop now…..Back to work for me. Love the summer for so many reasons! Thanks for sharing…..

    • oh says:

      you’re so poetic. and your sentences resonate with the nostalgia i recall from summer nights in my hometown when I’d head to the front porch with a stack of books and for some reason, no one ever bothered me, interrupted, tried to converse. whew. maybe the family was glad I was being quiet (for a change!)

  • jeanie says:

    You might want to add “Saving Cee Cee Hunnicutt” by Beth Bingham — great read, summer or anytime!

    At the lake and reading — finished another Aimee Leduc and now into folksinger Christine Lavin’s “mem-wah.” Well titled!

    How was the celebrations? Love the colors in this photo!

  • oh says:

    Aha! I still have an Aimee Leduc to read!!! yay, maybe that will be the vacay book!

    The celebration was awesome; I should write about it. Where to begin?
    Will email you. I sitll owe you some pictures!

  • How about “The Art of Racing in the Rain”? It’s a heavy book, but a geat one.

    I feel like I haven’t read many lighter, fun reads this year. Not that that is a bad thing, I guess it is just the way it’s going. Nor and I are reading “Major Pettigrews Last Stand” for book club and it’s supposed to be really good!

    Have a fab vacation!!!

  • You will really like Jennifer Weiner’s latest book, Then Came You, which came out today. I read it in one sitting and reviewed it on my blog, and thought it was way better than her last 2 books.

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