California Parking…

July 12, 2011 § 6 Comments

I went out early this morning in casual attire (read that as seersucker “sleep” pants, long cotton tee, bare feet) to check out the parking.  There is opposite-side of the street parking here 2 days a week to allow for the street sweeper. 

I went through the front gate and started into the street to read the sign on the other side. The sign is in font size 8 and I wasn’t wearing my glasses.

But coming down the street was an unsmiling hippy man and skating down the middle of the street, in full business dress and helmet, was another gent, doing ballet twirls and looking at the sky, “pinching” the traffic copters that were massing the sky during rush hour, with a squinted eye as though angry with them, then doing more sweeps and gestures and twirls, then back to gazing skyward and pinching more.

I looked back at hippy gent drawing closer on the sidewalk and then at the skater who now saw me and began in my direction. Concerned with being ‘pinched’ and with being seen as inappropriately dressed moreover in terms of hippy man’s proximity, I went directly back through the gate and into the house.

7 a.m. on a street in Venice Beach
and all is normal.

Coming soon: CARMAGEDDON
                             Be there for the party at Santa Monica pier starting Friday evening into Saturday:  get a tee shirt, celebrate the closure, rock out to the music and embrace the “silence” resulting from that many 1000s of cars not roaring along  405.

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§ 6 Responses to California Parking…

  • typehype says:

    This is fun reading about L.A. I admit I do miss that CA nuttiness, just a little bit. You saysd you’re staying in a cottage in Venice Beach?? How great is that? Say hi to the roller skating electric guitar player! Is he still there??

  • oh says:

    OMG, yes, he’s here! I see him everyday!

  • mandy says:

    That is fantastic! Oh to live in a place that has that much character. Hope you’re enjoying your time there.

  • jeanie says:

    Vous maison c’est tres bon! (Probably murdered that grammar!) And I’m thinking seersucker and a t is perfect Venice attire! We’ve heard lots about Carmageddon — anxious for more!

    Sounds divine, my friend — and well deserved!

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