August 3, 2011 § 13 Comments

Hot enough to dry the oomph out of a starfish..
Hot enough to turn the pages of a paperback book brown (‘specially if left in the car during the work day)…
Hot enough to say things out loud that you normally wouldn’t, like “whew” and then pluck at your clingy tee shirt…
Hot enough to buy iced coffee rather than the regular temp brew even though you’re oddly not a fan of coffee flavor in cold things…
Hot enough to avoid a hug…(yup, near blasphemy for this little hugger)
Hot enough to avoid retail therapy…(impossible to slide clothes on and off in this weather)
Hot enough to sit in  a darkened room and watch a movie (though it’s at the bottom of you things-to-do list…
Hot enough to influence even your reading choices – beach books win over all  literature…(temporary!)
Hot enough to get shy non-swimming friends into the pool to enjoy some wallowing…
Hot enough to lose your appetite…
Hot enough to imagine snow…

And hot enough to proclaim a timeout in your room, resting and reading some of those beach books, like:
MAINE – Courtney Sullivan  (in process)
BEACHCOMBERS – Nancy Thayer (just finished – get a long laborious “B”)
THREE WOMEN AT THE WATER’S EDGE – Nancy Thayer  (read years ago but nostalgia gives it an “A”)
FORTUNE’S ROCKS – A Shreve  I loved this book; reminded somewhat of something Edith Wharton would write
BEACH HOUSE – Jane Green  not my fave of her works but hey, we’re talking summer reads here and we’re loyal Green readers!


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§ 13 Responses to Hot…

  • litlove says:

    We’ve had a few sultry days over here, too. Not as hot as you’ve got it probably, but enough to make me give up all plans of action and settle down with easy reading novels instead. What’s a girl to do? You can’t beat the weather gods! Hope you are enjoying your time-out.

  • Bella Rum says:

    Hot enough to avoid retail therapy??? That’s HOT!!! LOL

    I’m ready for fall.

    I read Three Women at the Water’s Edge years ago, too. So long ago that I could read it again and it would be new.

    Stay cool.

  • Dale says:

    Hmmm… 101 degrees in Tucson this evening at 5:00 PM…but too hot to hug…never! Just nothing but Cacti to hug at the moment 😉 I enjoy your musings.

  • shoreacres says:

    Of all the things my mother left, I was most ambivalent about her snow shovel. It’s a little one, meant to be carried in a car trunk, “just in case”. I put it in the donate pile, and took it out. I put it in the throw-away pile, and took it out.

    Finally, at Goodwill, I relented and pulled it back out of the stash I’d taken to them. Now, that snow shovel is riding around in the back seat of my car.

    Is there a point? Not really. But every time I look at the danged thing I laugh, which isn’t bad, considering this heat!

  • RL says:

    Hot enough to fry eggs on my driveway. Hot enough to dissipate the cyanuric acid level in my swimming pool. Hot enough to suck down peach slices soaked in chilled chianti!

    Only 4 1/2 months to Christmas!

  • Corri says:

    Even hot enough in London this week to turn on the airconditioning in my hotelroom (I HATE airconditioners!) but we’re back to the rain forecast this weekend 🙂 A friend has offered to send some warmth by suitcase from your part of the world – why is it that half the world is too hot and the other half is too cold? Half the world too dry and the other half too wet… Something’s gone wrong. Love the way you put this!

  • that sounds incredibly hot! It’s been warm here but nothing unbearable and the heat has been tempered with a lot of rain…

  • Typehype says:

    I’ve read about the terrible heat in your area. It’s not so great here on the east coast but nothing close to what’s happening in the middle or at the bottom of the country. Stay cool! Fall is just around the corner, thank God.

  • Becca says:

    It’s hot everywhere! And next week I’m going to Texas to visit my son, and it’s the hottest place in the nation right now. Silly me.

    I just read MAINE, and loved it. Hope you’re enjoying it too.

  • ds says:

    Now that’s hot. Enjoy your time out, your easy reading, and the hope of a breeze…

  • Ruth says:

    You’re right, you do things you might not normally do when it’s hot. Or not do things you normally would.

    We spent the weekend in Chicago. Yesterday our son played in a music festival in Grant Park, and it was over 90 (33C), and sunny. We walked around like slugs. And why oh why did I think it was a good idea to wear bluejeans? The Buckingham fountain looked like it would be delicious to swim in, sans clothes. But the security guards weren’t having it.

    What a summer.

  • oh says:

    Dear LL – I gotta admit, I prefer the hot weather to any other. It would be nice sans humidity but can’t be choosey. The flowers, however, would not agree. As for reading, ah, yes…such luxury as compliment to the finest season of the year…

    Bella R – Yup, too hot to shop. Really. I mean, I don’t even want to deal with the ridiculously hot parking lots! And ya know, you’re right – I too could reread 3 WOMEN AT… and it would seem all new…..or, maybe I’ll drop into J Weiner’s BEST FRIEND…haven’t read that yet…

    Dale – thanks for your note! hugging cacti – hahahaha – yikes!

    Shore – love hearing about that little snow shovel, and its survival. The things we carry, eh? And with your weather extremes, who knows? you might need it. Hard to imagine snow right now though. I have to tell you though that the Midwest is so a/c’d right now, you can freeze sitting in your office or in the movie theatre. Odd, but true!

    RL – only 4.5 month to Xmas? Hadn’t considered that ’til now. egads. Well, bring on the chianti and peaches and let’s enjoy this beach weather next to the pool!

    Corrie – oh those hotel room a/cs! they cannot evenly cool a room. and the noise! too bad there are so many windows anymore that do not open – so many people live every day without getting any real fresh air…phew. (hope that suitcase of “warm” dispels the damp and cool of the rain!)

    CGP- honestly, this weather (whatever extreme it’s presenting) could inspire some poetry. Are you working on a new chapbook by any chance?

    Hi, T – oof, I wouldn’t wish this heat on the Big City – it would make people on the train, alone, go bonkers! I remember days on the RR when the a/c AND the fans didn’t work. I would just get off at a stop to breathe, then get back on, OR take a train that wasn’t direct and zigzag my way home.

    Becca – Hope you’re having a grand time in Texas. And what are you reading now that you’ve finished MAINE?

    DS – uh huh, it’s crazy hot, and it hasn’t relented, not one bit.

    Ruth – very cool that your son was playing in Grant Park – and it is surprising, isn’t it, how hot a pair of jeans can be? I mean, you just don’t think of it, ’til you’re walking around and you can’t bend your knee because the jeans stick to you, sorta, and refuse to move when you do. You’re right – what a summer. Yet it seems to be flying by, too.

  • jeanie says:

    We are having refreshing 60+ degree weather today, and I’m wondering what is wrong with the earth! Even North and South Carolina weren’t as bad as I expected, given the oppressive heat when I left. It was all the things you described here!

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