on the road for a weekend family wedding

August 10, 2011 § 8 Comments

Roadtrips….mmmm….love ’em.

Me and HM, running down the road, no outside noise can get into the car unless we invite in tunes, text or t mobile.
Between here (the Gateway) and Chicago (the Big Windy), there is all the flatness you can imagine, Big Flat that’s full of corn and poles and windmills (those elegant greeners) and tiny old buildings heaped upon themselves, mere dots in the midst of  lowgrowing green.

Expansive.  There are crow’s miles out there. Who’s gonna run out for some milk? Maybe underage drivers at the wheel of big red rusty trucks hauling across the open fields, rooster tails of dust blowing behind them, their moms in the kitchen looking out proudly after them.

I dunno, but it’s beautiful in a non-impactful way, in an open space vs  urban decay way, beautiful like thoughts one has during rest, meditation, prayer…a prairie prayer…


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§ 8 Responses to on the road for a weekend family wedding

  • Bellezza says:

    There’s something so peaceful about driving through the country. The remote places of this world are my favorite. I wouldn’t invite any of those t words in if i were you. 😉

    Have a blessed time at your wedding; the Windy City has finally let up on the heat we’ve been enduring since mid-July. Just in time, I’d say, as you have a party and I have a classroom to set up.

  • litlove says:

    What a lovely post! I often wonder about those big old expanses of space in America, particularly given my recent interest in Willa Cather. I do hope you have a wonderful break away.

  • Beautiful! Reminds me of my home state of North Dakota which I really don’t appreciate very much… but I should because it is simple and beautiful!

    I loved the pics from Nor’s blog! That one of you & Nor is awesome! Hope you and Mr. Corleone are having a great summer!

  • ds says:

    Beautiful “prairie prayer.” Love those sunflowers. You do have such a way with description…Have a wonderful time at the wedding!!

  • anno says:

    Beautiful, oh … and love the idea of these vignettes as a “prairie prayer.” The recent cooling is a blessing — hope you get to enjoy it. Hope you enjoy every minute of your road trip, and a safe return!

  • shoreacres says:

    Heaven is a road trip, says me. And there in the midwest, at least back in the day, Sunday afternoon meant going for a drive. We’d admire the corn, admire the soybeans, check out the new silo and then – a rootbeer float!

    Whatever you find, may it be an answer to that prairie prayer!

  • Arti says:

    Hey, cool resemblance! Color’s the same albeit not sunflowers but rapeseeds. I’ve some photos taken while driving through the open country too… but I must say, a bit more pristine with the absence of wind turbines. 🙂

  • jeanie says:

    Beautiful in every single way! I always take road photos — most turn out badly, but I always have to try. There is such feeling in that landscape.

    Nor’s wedding? Not yet?!

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