August 21, 2011 § 14 Comments


Attended mini writers’ conference. (I know, I know. I need to be writing…but no… in fact, have been stalling, by reading!)
Just finished two books. Both chick lit.
     THE ART OF FRENCH KISSING by…forgot. (yes, I really did read it. Awful. From the bargain shelf.)
     BEST FRIENDS FOREVER by J Weiner. (No big whoop. She’s kind of like comfort food reading at this point.)
I am now swearing off chick lit/beach reads. 
Movies with HM to see THE HELP. Yes,  I liked it. Loved the book. Like the movie.
Signed up for Journaling class for fall “semester” with Mom and her friends.
Cleaning home office.
Thinking about blogging.
Laundry. Lots of it in the summer time.
Thinking about freelance assignments.
Studying manuals on using my camera.
Trip to MoBot…(yes I will be subjecting you to pictures -see below as teaser.)
More thinking about where this blog is going.
Mowing lawn. (that was last week. It’s time again).
Off to mow before I start tooling here too long. Though I’d love to stay.

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  • Dale says:

    Nice photos. Reminds me…I need to go work in the HBG today! New camera?

  • shoreacres says:

    Just saw The Help yesterday. Really enjoyed it, and was a bit surprised by it. I knew nothing of the book or plot before I went, and lo! and behold – it was as much about writing as race relations.

    But now I must ask. You do know about that other sweet gal from Jackson, Mississippi, right? Jill Connor Brown, the very first Sweet Potato Queen? I ran into her through her book, The Sweet Potato Queen’s Big-Ass Cookbook & Financial Planner, which I pulled off a sale table at Half-Price Books. I laughed for weeks.

    Then, I met a woman from Jackson who said, “Oh, honey. We just love Miss Jill because so many tight-***ed ladies hate her.” LOL

    Anyhow, here she be. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have this hankering for a big ol’ glass of sweet tea.

  • Richard says:

    Such a diverse and rich life you lead. And you have a strong desire to do good and share positivism and the sunny side with others.

    Bless you!

  • ds says:

    Gorgeous photos. Can’t wait to see more results of your camera manual study… Glad you signed up to take the journalling class again.
    Laundry calls (always more in the summer, says you–how true)…

  • Busy week for you! I am done with chicklit, too. I try avoid if like the plauge, honestly. I always feel like throwing the book across the room or groaning when I read it. Like the book I read last month, “The last time I saw Paris.” Why did I waste precious reading time reading it? Oh, that’s right, it was set in France. So it wasn’t a total loss. 😉

    This was another busy week for me, too. I had visitors on 3 different nights (so fun!), one of which was an overnight visit (my cousin who is 11 months younger than me, we had a blast). I also assembled a couch from ikea. And I am in the midst of assembling a dining set. 4 chairs down, 2 chairs and a table to go.

    Phew. I keep thinking life will slow down, but I think i jus tneed to accept that this is the pace I’ll live at for awhile – and that is ok because it’s mostly fun stuff. Except for the furniture assembly.

  • oh says:

    Thanks, Dale – nope, not a new camera. Just one that I have not “learned” for all it can do/has to offer.

    Ah, Linda – you find stuff!!!! and enjoy how southerners put “miss” in front of women’s names. Now I am intrigued by Connor’s book that is cookbook AND financial planner – no wonder it has/had you laughing. Will report back on this one!

    Richard – always grand to know that you read me/get me!

    DS – thanks for checking in and for the photo kudos which I have to flip rigth back at ya in terms of your writing. Geez, it’s rich. You got me with that piece to pair with the Hopper painting.

    Lisa! You ARE busy! and ain’t it grand?
    Made me laugh commenting on Last Time I saw Paris. OK, so I”m not gonna read that one.
    But I AM gonnna read Murder in the Marais. I think. REad the first few pages this a.m., after mowing.
    And what? you’re building furniture. Egads. Geez, IKEA is remarkable, non?

  • Arti says:

    Chic lit as comfort food… so true, and I can add chic flicks too. 🙂
    And yes, don’t we all think about where we’re heading with our blogging endeavor. It’s constantly on my mind… But, I sure love to drop in here just to see how things are, look at some nice pics, hear some rambling, or just for a casual chat… like, exactly, comfort food.

  • mandy says:

    You’ve been busy! Lately I’ve been wondering where the summer has gone to as well. I’ve sort of been avoiding blogging, both reading and writing, in favor of things like reading books, playing uno and other games with friends/family on the deck, sleeping in and just generally enjoying life. I must get back to blogging though, I do miss it. Glad that you are well!

  • kerrylee says:

    Oh, so much to do, NEVER enough time. I have had so many moments of being overwhelmed this summer, that I have just frozen up! (Especially the writing hand.)
    Well, get the laundry done, the lawn mowed, the chick lit tossed, the office cleaned, and……. oh dear, it’s time to go to bed. Yikes!!
    Well, the journaling class will be tres fun!
    A happy last few days of summer to you.

  • jeanie says:

    Yes, DO read Murder in the Marais. And then consider Sarah’s Key if you haven’t gone to it already — it ties in rather well, period wise (and by the way, the movie of Sarah’s Key with Kristen Scott THomas — and in French — is supposedly out on video. Like I have time to go to the video store.)

    I’m reading The Paris Wife now, and The Postmistress next and hoping summer never gets over and knowing that it practically is. I try to produce art like a crazy lady on the weeknd, because I know when it hits, that dreadful autumn with its rigors and changes, I’ll not be able to find solace, only frustration in it. And I finally can read blogs again, and while still quite distressed (read depressed) am able to at least be a little more cheery.

    Life is hitting hard right now, at full speed, when I want summer slow. This, too, will pass…

  • litlove says:

    I always imagine summers as quiet, lazy time, but it never is like that, is it? Still, you have a wonderful balance of activities here, between planning and doing, and thinking and experiencing. Just align yourself with your natural energy and inclinations, Oh, and everything else will fall just right.

  • Typehype says:

    beautiful photo. what color!

  • Bree says:

    Ooooh I want to take a journaling class. What fun! I had no desire to read The Help even though my friend raved about it but when the previews for the movie came out, I was like Oh, I want to see that. Friend says I need to read book first then see movie but I’m thinking I want to enjoy movie without comparing it to the book. What do you think?

  • oh says:

    Bree, in this case, I’d say go see the movie. Be free of the book. I loved the movie but I think part of me was comparing it to the book all along. It would be nice to be “free” of that and just enjoy the film. Go for it, and let us know what you think!

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