Working the garden…

August 30, 2011 § 13 Comments

The summer here is bleaching the grass and the poolside palms into hibernation and limp lassitude, respectively…and there are insidious caterpillars chowing down on the petunias that have perpetuated since May.
So right about now, a garden can use all the help it can get. 
Enter the tree frog who does not limit himself  to trilling in the trees.
Apparently an avid eater of slugs, grubs, bugs (albeit tiny ones) and etceteras, he is more than welcome.
And hey, how ’bout that froggy smile?

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§ 13 Responses to Working the garden…

  • anno says:

    And hey, how ’bout that froggy smile?

    I, for one, just love it! What a great find! Hope you’re enjoying the transition to cooler weather.

    • oh says:

      Anno – ah, the transition to cooler weather…hmmm….i’m torn. I’m the one in the family who is always cold. I promise to embrace Fall each year thinking of all the wonderful plaids and blazers I grew up with back East.
      Still, I love summer. I love the sweetness of the air and the brilliant green and blue and shiny colors. OK, yeah, I love the seasons.
      As long as there are critters in the backyard to chronicle as we cycle through the seasons (wait! I love winter for the Holidays and for the sheer extreme of it….that is, ’til January…then I’m ready for summer).
      then all is good!

  • Typehype says:

    This picture is soooo cute.You must have earned the trust of all the critters that live in your area because they allow you get so close with your camera. I’m sorry to hear it’s still hot there. The weather here has been absolutely glorious (Irene, aside). Cooler temps had meant lots of time in Central Park at lunch time. Today, the NYC police dept. band assembled on Fifth Ave.around 6:00 p.m. to blow their bagpipes. It was magical.

    • oh says:

      What a setting – Central Park and bagpipes. glorious.
      So do you think you’re out of the high temps now? Ah, you probably are. I believe we’ll continue our heat blast tho’ there’s a breeze today, and the sky is “higher” – you know, that shift that comes somehow in September. Still I have my bathing suit on under my teeshirt and jeans!

  • Kathleen says:

    Fantastic photo!

    • oh says:

      Thanks, Kathleen – and you! how goes the travels? Sounds fabulous. You will certainly have tales to tell when you return. Looking forward to them!

  • shoreacres says:

    How old am I? Old enough to look at Mr. Tree Frog and hear those immortal words: “Plunk your magic twanger, Froggie!”

    Remember? The Buster Brown television show, circa 1950, one of the first to make the move from radio? Froggie lived in a grandfather clock, and was almost as endearing as your frog.

    Now, for bonus points – what was the name of Buster Brown’s dog? 😉

    • oh says:

      Tige! Loved Buster Brown. Having his sticker on the inside of my shoes made shoe shopping worth it as a kid.

      I don’t know “Froggie”, but HM does. And remembers the line. And it’s perfect with this picture.
      Actually, I should have shown scale a bit better. This is a very wee frog!

  • Arti says:

    It’s interesting to find what’s so common (or not so) creatures, great and small, on other people’s blog which I’ll never see in my neck of woods. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen a frog ever here, even by the river. Nice pic, and the little guy sure knows how to pose.

    • oh says:

      Yeah, it makes me wonder what he sees. I was pretty close to him, and there he is, staring back. But what, actually, does he make of a face? Dunno.

  • Corri says:

    What a wonderful chap! We had frogs once but they seem to have disappeared – perhaps it’s too cold this side of the pond!

    • oh says:

      Corri – Actually, I’d never seen this frog species in the northeast where I grew up. The ones back there were always huge, lumpy, a little offputting, as though they knew I wouldn’t mess with them and their rumored slime and unpredictable jumping.

      The little frogs here, very small, seem more tropical and have long fingers and are usually brightly colored. And they “trill” like mad in the eveings. They are quite fairy tales-esque. And far too delicate for colder climes.

  • jeanie says:

    You always shoot the best photos and this one is no exception! May your slugs disappear and your tree frog stay forever!

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