Saturday…just like that

October 15, 2011 § 6 Comments

(pictures from the patio)
I know, I know. More flower pictures.  But these are (nearly) the last of the morning glories as the reality of Frost edges closer on the calendar. These little beauties who sing with light are such a send-off in the morning as I click-click-click in my heels to the car, clutching keys and purse and there they are, going intesely about the business of beauty and stopping me in my 8-5 tracks. They are such shouting welcomers when we get home – yes, they stay open because the light isn’t nearly so intense and they cover the brick wall at the back end of the driveway, waiting all day to cheer our return. They are Fall weather thrivers.

I haven’t been writing nearly as much; just notes and nonsense and silly sketches in my  journal.  As though in preparation for something bigger to write.  I walk and wander with my camera in my free time (ahahaha – please define free time!) and you are my patient friends stuck, for now, with flowers.

One of my favorite editors has left her job. Having seen changes in the publisher and publication, she has opted instead to throw herself into the freelance world. We have worked together for years. Without her at that magazine’s helm, I have lost interest in pursuing feature writing there. I might have made that decision soon anyway; it’s time to write without deadlines, but write nonetheless. (See LitLove’s entry on deadlines.)

This is a gorgeously noisy yet tranquil world, with glimpses of stories everywhere, of things to capture and cook up and tell while sitting around the fire, later, in the warm dark of the evening.


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§ 6 Responses to Saturday…just like that

  • Richard says:

    Your photo captures the universe inside a single morning glory, a generating light emitting with the power of a sun. With what light do we see such light? Very reverent indeed. Thanks for making my Saturday holier! Keep it coming.

  • jeanie says:

    You beat me to the punch on the morning glories (though I’ll probably still post mine soon! Not so pretty as yours, I think, yet interesting with their star shape. I love them and next year will grow some myself I think — I seem to have a few that have popped up, so next year, I will make certain!

    I have felt so overwhelmed, yet listless in my down time. When I stopped freelance writing, I felt liberated. I love deadlines, work best with them. But when there are too many, I get overwhelmed. I realized i could write or create what I wanted, not what someone wanted me to do, and that feels good. Of course most of my creating is on the art table, but that will do!

    Oh, dear, talk about deadlines — I don’t know how the November art show crept up on me. So “done” at the end of the day and totally wasted yesterday in the creative department. I should just take what I have and say “this is it for this year.” Maybe. And in Kansas City for four days next week. One day at a time! Wish St. L was closer!

  • oh says:

    R – It’s true about the “light” in those flowers. They would shine like that whether the sun was out or not. Some kind of floral universe dwells within. Let’s see if I can next capture the Moon flowers. Which means heading out there at night and hoping high speed works.

    Jeanie – I can’t believe you’ll be in KC, only 4.5 hours away instead of twice that! drat. But you’ll have a glorious time there. Hope we get to see more of your craft creations on your blog – I am working on “making” a journal and it would have you laughing as I work through it. Showed it to HM last night; he didn’t know what to make of it and so pronounced it “nice.” I think we need to arrange and art weekend. Just read about one in Somerset MINGLE magazine. More on that later!

  • litlove says:

    Nature is such an inspiration. There are seasons for growth and seasons to lie fallow, a season to reap and one to sow, and the cycle continues on and on, regardless. Writing is like that, I find, much as I wish I could reap all the time, it doesn’t happen. And sometimes taking a bit of pressure off (byebye deadlines!) can be a release. I’m really sorry you’ve lost a professional friend (they are such a delight), but on the other hand, she may well turn up somewhere else, just when you need her. I’m cheering you on, from the virtual sidelines, whatever you do.

  • Cin says:

    Beautiful shots. I love how its coming out of the little light. 🙂

  • Bella Rum says:

    I’ve always loved morning glories. My husband grew up on a farm and thinks of them as weeds. How sad for him.

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