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December 3, 2011 § 12 Comments

It’s reading season. It’s writing season.
This is the next journal (above)…having just finished filling a custom-rendered beauty that Jeanie made for me (below).

Yet, if one were to gage journaling success on pages filled from Dec 1 to now, ah, well, then, I’ve a ways to go. And that includes travel time and you know very well that a great deal of inner thoughts can be accomplished on a plane. But I did not write. I read a bit, wrapped my scarf like an Englishman because the piped air wouldn’t respond to the “off” position, and I smiled, not insanely, just enough so people would know I was pleasant although I did not want to talk. (I’m not a plane talker.)

Yet the most writing accomplished in these three December days is lists!  Xmas gift lists. Then I forget where I put them. I write them again. I switch purses, bags, wallets. I write lists yet again. I jot lists in journals. Which one? the one I always always carry? (tiny, and from Etsy) or the ‘overall’ one (the likes of which are pictured above)?

While I may have intended to get someone on the list a collection of Billy Collins poetry, that person might now, in the list’s fifth or sixth or senventh incarnation, be relegated to getting a souvenir album of the Cardinals World Series win. And yet I have forsworn getting all nervous and jumpy about the gift part.

So as I write and sip at the dawn of this weekend morning and gaze at the boxes of Christmas lights that will somehow spring to order and stage themselves for outdoor and indoor decor, and wonder about getting out there into the holiday fray, a great deal of which I really do enjoy, but moments in Blogland are  holiday-precious and full of friends and friends-that-would-be if actually here. 

So, as a writing “dabble,” the following notes from holiday wanderings during lunch yesterday and then last evening with HM:
1) It is possible to read HUGO CABRET while sipping coffee at B&N. Then…plan to see the movie which is compelling simply because of Scorcese’s work and personal take on it.
2) The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree available at various stores (this is not an ad!)  is really rather charming and not too in-your-face to have sitting on your desk at work. (Needs batteries; the ones supplied didn’t work. I will therefore guess the song it plays is the one from the Peanuts TV special of yore.)
3) Stray cats this time of year are to be fed and watered,  not shooed away. Same with the rotund bluejays and redheaded woodpeckers who suddenly prefer the black oil sunflower seed to the lovely suet that HM bought for them and their big old beaks.
4) Coffee gets a makeover every year during the holiday season with scents and flavors and creams and bits of things like peppermint and salt and pumpking and sprinkles. I think the barristas are a tad disappointed when I ask for a mere “tall coffee.”
5) Is anyone else getting all kinds of decorating ideas and then wondering when and how said ideas will actually be accomplished?  I have an idea for a garland that does not involve going out to chop down or shop for live branches….hmmmmm….more to follow!

Happy Day 3 of Advent!


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§ 12 Responses to holiday writing non-whirl…

  • I see all sorts of decorating ideas, but they never come to fruition in my home… mostly because I lack the execution of creative ideas gene! I don’t even like to decorate my own tree – I usually have my friend Brooke do it for me!

    We def need to talk Paris-at-Christmas! I have seen some blog posts and oh my word, what a beautiful city to visit during the holidays!

    • oh says:

      I cannot find my pictures of Paris (which date back, believe me) but I can still write about it and just might do so…this evening? If I get the lights on the tree?

  • jeanie says:

    Good morning, this lovely Sunday. I’m having an odd holiday this year. Everything seems cattywumpus. Usually by the end of TG weekend, I’ve power decorated, by now I’m printing out the holiday letter and getting the envelopes addressed, contemplating which cookies to make, to give and who must be shopped for early because their gifts must be in the amil.

    Rick and I can’t even figure out what to put on a letter that doesn’t sound depressing! I’m slowly bringing up trees that have their lights on already but can’t seem to bring up decorations. Yesterday I found myself sticking dead (well, dried) hydrangeas from a vase into the tree because it easier than digging up the ornaments. (It actually looks not-bad!). The house probably looks more decorated than most — yet I wonder, will the big tree get up, the lights on? Probably. But there’s a lot less mojo behind it. Just want to snug with the Gyp, watch sappy Hallmark movies I’ve seen multiple times (and yes, I can see exactly how they manipulate me and maybe next year I’ll try to write one), It’ll happen. I just wonder when.

    • oh says:

      Jeanie – This is very likley the year that you create new traditions for yourself – the hydrangeas in the tree sound lovely – no need to go nuts doing things the way we’ve always done them, right? As for your Xmas card letter, why not print out one of your favorite blog entries and put that in each card? No writing or pictures needed – they’re already in there!
      You have the magic – enjoy!

      • jeanie says:

        Interesting idea! I did finally get the letter written — Rick is proofing, editing. Of course, when the cards get done? Perhaps New Year’s — and that’s nice, too!

        As for the blog entry — I’m remembering that one!

  • litlove says:

    I just love the new journal you have – what a gorgeous cover! I’m being very unproductive right now, but then i think December, with so much Christmas preparation to be done, and such short days, is not very conducive to creativity. At least, that’s my excuse! I pretty much always take December off, and start again in January, which feels more spacious and certainly needs cheering up as a month.

    I used to adore Peanuts when younger and can’t imagine a Charlie Brown tree – but it sounds like fun!

    • oh says:

      LL – can you believe I don’t have a picture of the charlie brown tree? Honestly, I’ve been running out the door these says sans camera and sans journal! egads.

      And it’s suddenly quite cold….and damp here. You need gloves, scarf AND hat (besides bungly coat). Take December off? Lovely idea.

  • Becca says:

    Ah, love the writing journals. I’m getting better about using them – I used to save the pretty ones and write in spiral notebooks! Now I write in everything. Life is short, enjoy the small pleasures wherever ye may!

    • oh says:

      You’re so right! And made me laugh with your “Now I write in everything” line. So smart. Good idea. Here’s to the small pleasures!

  • shoreacres says:

    I can see your airplane smile! I know that smile! I use it too, now and then. It’s to real smiles as Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Wave is to real waves! It’s a Cheshire cat kind of smile – totally inscrutable.

    Love the journals – so pretty. And decorating ideas? I had one! I was so excited! I even have it accomplished already. I brought back some dogwood branches from Minnesota and plunked them in a stone jar. This is different dogwood that I’ve never seen, with smooth red bark.

    I had some tiny silver and gold balls with glittered designs. I hung them on the bare branches. It looks like this . I am now officially “with it” as far as Christmas goes. 😉

  • shoreacres says:

    I’m turning into such a doofus. Let’s try this.

  • oh says:

    Linda – Got it!
    Your tree (as pictured!) is modern, but warm.
    Spare but rich.
    Different yet accessible.
    And it could actually could go beyond the holiday.

    Hit the “like” button.

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