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December 6, 2011 § 7 Comments

At last, to catch up with a workable holiday theme, to bring a little of this, a little of that to the holiday buffet of favorite things!

Herein, a journal. It’s a tiny little gipper, brought to me by dear friend Linda of Haute Loire, when she took a cooking tour in Tuscany. This is actually a little journal, about 4×5″ and with a long thin leather strap to wrap it all ’round. Nope, this one remains untouched to date. And it doesn’t play well on the shelf (due to its leather string.) But it’s the real ‘ting, all lovely paper inside begging beggging begging for some written words – no matter what they are, to dress it up and make in sing (which it would likely do with a marvelous Italian accent!)

Why so compelled to journal?
It’s an old art, if not an ancient one. The history of the practice will zip you right back to 10th century Japan (ah, those ladies of the royal court…who wrote).
Journaling endures. Not just because people have time on their hands (like the Bennett sisters) but are, moreover, driven by a need to record things, about the world, about themselves, about what they see and don’t see…about fiction. 
It’s notable in the two different  journaling classes I attend that the attendees are always asking what they should write in a journal, in fact, what IS a journal? Others don’t say anything. They might read what they’ve written…or not. They might ask questions and have done no writing. They might come clutching a notebook of some sort and hope for….other people to talk with about writing? I don’t know. I go to for inspiration. I am fascinated by the teachers and their very disparate approaches. I am fascinated by those who attend. And such stories come out!
 Sometimes I write while I’m there. (This is allowed and accepted.)

I would say a journal, frightening or not in its blank blanc-ness, is the ultimate gift, to be explored, to draw the adventures out and onto the page for the writer to then re-enjoy.

The gift that keeps on giving.

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§ 7 Responses to favorite things…

  • shoreacres says:

    This one is beautiful – and its size makes it even more desirable. Looking at it, I just was thinking – wouldn’t it be fun to write one page per day, with only – one word! And then a little sentence or two about why “that” word.

    Such fun you’ll have with your treasure – thanks for sharing it!

    • oh says:

      Linda – Perfect! I’m gonna do it – follow your idea on the one-word-per-page and maybe, just maybe include the “why” of it, too! Great purpose for this little portable! I was kinda wondering what to do with it, thanks!

  • litlove says:

    Gorgeous little book! I want to do more journalling. I kept one earlier this year and I’d like to go back to it. The present moment is always so full, yet looking back at it, it tends to be dominated by one thought, one event. Keeping a journal helps to maintain a richness to my memory that is otherwise lost. It can be hard to find the time in the day needed to do a journal justice, though. But still, we do find time for the things we love doing!

    • oh says:

      Oh, LL! how true that we find time to do the things we love doing. (Um, that applies at work, too, non?) But the blog captures so many of the rich threads in the daily tapestry so indeed you are keeping a journal already. And look at all the daily tales you throw in there with your references and quotes from Mr Litlove and Young Litlove.
      We learn to have a camera’s eye…and more as we go along!

      Hope you’re all very merry there. sheesh, I love the Holidays!

  • jeanie says:

    I love Linda’s idea about a word a day, and a few words on that word! I do love journals. SHould write in them more, but oh, such treasures. Some of my past ones — those overly angsty ones I’d be embarrassed to have ‘out there’ I’ve destroyed (actually, a basement flood took care of that for me, for the most part). But a few, I save. I savor.

    • oh says:

      Hi, Jeanie,

      I have a box of journals, just found, in the basement as I worked through the Christmas decorations. I have no desire to read those, of yore, yet I find the journals I keep now are “useful.” I put notes and story ideas on the left side of the page OR I dogear the page where there’s something I might return to.
      The journal is a funny mercurial thing to keep. And, as you say, savor.
      You may have just saved the box of very old ones I found!

  • Typehype says:

    Lovely, resonant post. A good reminder to get back into it. I have a leather-bound journal I received as a gift, too. I just love it. I pick it up now and again just to admire it, but the handmade paper has always seemed too precious to defile with words. Dumb, I know. Usually, it’s the old b/w school notebook for me. But I also love shoreacres idea about writing a word a day and an added clarifier. I think I’ll start doing that today, in the little leather book. Great suggestion!

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